” Fashion is an art and you are the canvas.”

Does your favourite regular fit jeans look no good with winter boots? A lost button and tight shoe can really drive us crazy, but with the right knowledge, you can fix them easily at home. Here we are sharing some fail-safe fashion hacks to save your wardrobe from spoiling. Read on to make your life easier.

1. Fix your button from falling with clear nail paint

It is such a pain when you can’t wear your favourite shirt because of the lost button. To avoid getting into such situation, simply apply a coat of clear nail paint on top of the button to seal the stitch effortlessly. Easy- peasy simple hack can make your buttons stay for a longer period of time.

2. Make your tights new again with the help of razor

Use a not-so-sharp razor to de-pill or shave the pills off of your tights or any other cloth. It works best and makes your clothes better to wear again. (Be cautious, not to ruin or distress your tights while doing this hack.)

3. Pair perfectly your old non-skinny jeans with boots 

Fold your regular fit, pull up your socks and put up your high ankle winter boots. Woah!! Nobody can tell that you are not wearing a non-skinny fit jeans. Plus if you have shoes that are little loose from the calf, this hack can fill the gap quickly. Fill two needs with one deed.

4. The No Show Bra Hack

Paper pin to the rescue!! Tank top looks so smart and casual and superb for summers, but the bra straps can make the whole look little dull. If you are a fashionista as well as a perfectionist, you are probably going to love this super cool trick. Grab a paper clip and hide your bra straps inside your tank top.

5. DIY Distressed Jeans

We all love distressed jeans and want to have more than one or more. What if you can revamp your old jeans into personalised distressed jeans by yourself. All you need is

  • A pair of jeans.
  • A hand grater.
  • A foot scrubber.
  • Tweezer or Cuticle remover tool.

Simply use the hand grater and foot scrub to scrap off the top layer of your jeans. With the help of tweezer or cuticle remover tool take some of the threads out. Voila!! Rock your look by wearing your own ripped jeans.

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