6. Iron Shirt using Hair Straightener

Iron the collar of your shirt with the help of your hair straightener flawlessly. Ironing your shirt between the buttons is much easier than the regular iron.

7. Baby Wipes to Remove Deodorant Stain

Ah! We all hate those white marks on our favourite shirt. Use baby wipes to clean these stubborn marks off of your shirt in less than 1 minute. Isn’t that so easily done?

8. Cover up Scuff on shoes using Nail Polish

Pointed shoes look so chic and classy and completely change the overall look. The pointed section tends to lose its colour because of bumps we face while walking. Fix the scuff using a similar nail paint and prevent it from damaging.

9. Upcycle your Old Sweater 

One sweater and three cosy winter accessories. Wow, isn’t it fabulous!! Use the sleeves of your old sweater as leg warmer and the other part to assemble into mittens and hat. Make them cuter by adding laces to it.

10. Make Shoes Comfortable to Wear

If your shoes are little uncomfortable while walking, pull up a thick pair of socks, wear your shoes and turn on the hair dryer on full heat mode. It will help in reshaping your shoes according to your feet. Do it once or twice and you are good to go.

Give it a try by yourself to make your life much easier. If you try any of these or know any other fashion hack please let us know in the comment section below.
Keep Rocking!!

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