Welcome to India!  Woman of a middle class family in India is always in the chance to get permission once from her mother,  being it the making of eyebrows or staying at friend’s house at night.  TRUE…??  We always get to listen “abi tumhari age nhi hui”.

Well, we can’t get over our parents. While these things might not be the big wheel anywhere else in the world but here we do have these big milestones.

So, here are some of the milestones that we women have finally achieved once we reach ‘that’ age.


1. There’s always a jolly feeling when mother allows you to stay the night at friend’s homeAlthough staying whole day together in school, tuition, we friends still want to stay together and chit- chat the whole night.


2.Another big milestone is to get your eyebrows and upper lips done first time for the school farewell. Thank God, its a farewell else mother’s would have made us grown more hairs for two more years.




3.   Finally getting to buy your own bra but it’s quite uncomfortable. This one is what we silently wanted to have but finds uncomfortable till we get used to it.



4. And then convincing your mother to let you get waxed after many attempts. Very difficult the first time, actually every another time but then we feel always very pleased.



5.From our mother’s makeup kit, the most liked cosmetic of our’s were the lip colors from the very childhood. Since you’re 20 now, you can finally use something that’s not kajal…and that’s lipstick.


6.Now you go for shopping very excited for it’s time to buy your first  matching lingerie because you can.


7.It’s really a task  to get permission to go on a trip. Begging on your knees and finally getting permission for that long pending trip is always amazing.


8.After years of shopping with your mom, you finally get to buy yourself  some ‘not-so sanskari’ kapde. You can go for the fashionable and decent clothes.


9.College is finally happening and you now have the permission to go all out with your long locks and explore the new world on your own.


10.And when you finally have the courage to introduce your boyfriend to your parents. You really have no idea about what their reaction would be.


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