Having a daughter is a true blessing for parents, here are ten reasons why:

1) She is a lifetime friend:

Sons usually tend to recede from us as they surpass boyhood. You may not get to cuddle or kiss them but daughters aren’t like that, they would always be little munchkins. Even after stepping into married life, she still would be there, by fondling and dangling on her dad’s / mom’s shoulder.

2) She will look up to you:


She’s still a little girl, so she believes that I hung the moon. She takes my word solely because it is mine. She still comes to my defense when the world tells me I’m not good enough, important enough or smart enough. She believes in me and I hope she always will.

3) She will take care of you when you are old:

She will be the one to wipe food from my chin when my hands will faulty. She’ll be the one to take me to doctor’s appointments and push my wheelchair. She’ll be the one to care for me when i can no longer care for myself.

4) She will make you express your feelings:

Having a daughter kind of allowed me to “soften” and express my feelings. If you are not very “demonstrative” you will become one, of your feelings towards your family, friends etc.

 5) She is caring:

True enough. She will be the knot, which ties the family together. No matter where they are and whom they are with, they have a sense of care and responsibility for their family members.

6) She is always your little helper:

She will want to sweep with your broom. Dust with your cloth, do the laundry, even arranging the DVD’S. Sometimes when you are tired you will get a great head massage and even the imaginary tea.

7) She will make you a better person:

Having a girl makes you want to do well. You suddely have the urge to serve others because you want her to learn how to serve. You suddenly want to make her laugh because you want her to be happy. You suddenly want to not criticize your self-image because you want her to know she is beautiful. You suddenly want to spend more time in the kitchen because you want her to learn how to cook. You suddenly want to put your phone away, turn off the computer and slow time down because you realize with just a blink of an eye she will be grown.

8) She will make you fall more in the love with your man:

Babies change your marriage – it is true. (You can read more about that here) But I never knew I could fall more in love with my husband, until I saw him become a dad. A daddy LOVES his daughter. There is a special connection they have. To hear our girl say, “DAD!” and run to him, might be my favorite thing… EVER. She dances on his toes, he tickles her to make her giggle.

9) She will make you realize all women are precious:

Holding your precious little girl you will realize all women are someone’ baby girl. Each woman are someone’s baby girl. So all women are sacred and worthy of protection and bing valued by all men. All women are precious like my baby girl.

10) She inspires self-confidence in you:

Wanting my daughter to grow up confident in herself and her body has caused me to really examine some of the negative self-talk I have been guilty of in the past. I’ve learned that if I want her to love herself, I have to first be the reference point by loving myself as well.

Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between the parents and daughter.



A fulltime mother to a super active 5 year old daughter, married to a mariner ( husband works in merchant navy as a chief engineer), lives in Chandigarh. I have been sailing with my husband to different countries and have visited wonderful places like brazil, Australia, Singapore etc.. I love travelling, likes to cook a lot and always trying new dishes, keen interest in fashion and likes reading.

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