Every Indian millennial has definitely heard the phrase ‘Log kya kahenge?’ at least once in her life. There are so many things that are out of our reach because we get too worried about what people will think. Honestly, it shouldn’t matter. It’s your life and you have every right to live it your way. Here are some instances when you should show these ‘log’ the door and not let them stop you from doing things that make you who you are.


1. While making a career choice

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with picking a career of your choice. There are hundreds of options and you should not limit yourself. Pursue what makes you happy, without worrying about what people may think.



2. And if you’re looking to fall in love…again!


You have every right to be happy. Give yourself the chance to find someone who loves you and if it happens on a dating app, there’s no harm in it. Download the Woo app to meet new people who have similar interests as you. You can also swipe back on someone you accidentally swiped left on. Make calls without revealing your number and much more! Super cool and convenient, isn’t it?


3. For working late


Working late or staying in should be your choice. You are a grown-up with the ability to pay your own bills and you don’t need anyone telling you what to do.


4. For being with someone of the same gender

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Being gay or straight is who you are. If you love someone, don’t be sorry about it. You are what you are and that’s what makes you unique.




5. For not getting married at all!


All that matters is how happy you are in your life. You should not get married to someone because society wants you to. You should get hitched because your partner makes you happy or if you feel you’re ready for it. End of story!


6. For not wanting to have kids

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Wanting to have kids when you are 25 or 35 is your decision. Not having kids at all is also your decision. You want to be a single mom or adopt a child? Again, your decision and no one else’s!



7. For drinking or ‘chilling’

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Like to drink or smoke? If you are considering giving it up, do it because it is not good for your health and not because you’re scared of what people will think.


8. For choosing to have sex before marriage


Your love life is no one’s business. If you choose to be intimate with someone, don’t stop yourself fearing how people will react. If you don’t want, again, that’s entirely up to you.


9. For your sartorial choices

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Wearing short clothes does not make you ‘unsanskari’ and wearing a suit does not make you a good person. Let’s leave it at that.




10. For living life on your own terms


It’s your life. The society will not come to your rescue when you’re down. So, ladies, live your life on your own terms. Let them gasp. Let them talk and let them not affect you. Look up, darling. Your crown is falling!


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