Women are spectacular creatures,  but behind every curtain lies some secrets, well-kept at that. We’re talking about some pretty standard habits of woman’s routine which are quite weird. Here is the list of habits made by women for women and thus speaks directly to the woman’s heart and sense of humor.

Popping out pimples

Popping pimples and squeezing out blackheads gives a satisfying feeling to a woman. They feel so proud and clean by doing this weird thing.

Eating from the floor

Eating from the floor is completely okay in our own home where we feel safe and we can do trust our floor. Women feel that germs are not the bad thing and wasting food is, especially chocolate and cheese.

Making faces while applying makeup

We always apply mascara with an open mouth and, if we ever attempt to shut it up, we always mess up and get that mascara stain.

Carry extra stuff

When we go on a 3-day trip, usually, pack over 7 outfits, just in case we will hesitate about what to wear.

Afraid from the insects

We are not afraid of husbands that are afraid of bugs, spiders, and mouse.

Never throw useless stuff

We never throw out our stuff because we always think that one day we might need it right here and that day unfortunately never comes.

Always have nothing to wear

We always have nothing to wear, even if our closet is overloaded with stuff.

Disposing used tampoom in her bag

Smuggling out a used tampon or floater wrapped in loo roll in your clutch because there were only one loo and no bin at the job interview / your new boyfriend’s parents’ house.

Eat without getting fat

Every girl’s true dream is to eat and don’t get fat. Now that we have already established that we love eating, it’s our dream to stay in shape.

Wasting time on checking shopping websites

Scroll down online shopping websites for hours and end up with buying nothing.

Really, women are a fascinating creatures and we can easily connect such habits to ourselves. And even after that man can’t go without a woman, this is what our beauty is.


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