A woman’s status is measured by a couple of things including her status in the
society, the level of education, looks, intellect, etc… but one of the keynotes of her status
also, includes her level of happiness in her marriage isn’t?

The level of efforts a couple put in making a marriage successful does not depend solely on one gender in fact it is worked as a team.

We always have been reading about unsuccessful marriages, hurdles, tortures and what not, but let’s curiously explore the things which make marriage life a heaven for girls.

Support: Just like every human beings cling onto the support. A husband acts as a
moral fibre for her from boosting her morale to making a stronger person
emotionally and physically. In helping to fight her demons not alone but as a

Expression of love: In finding tenderness from one heartbreak to another, she finally
feels rejoiced and mends her heart from loving the one person she can have for
her entire life and can love her with all her heart without the fear of losing him

Chain of relations: She goes through a series of different relations she gets
accepted through, that helps her in practising the importance of raising a family
just like her mother did and turns it into a happy blooming family.

Love of her life: She learns the prospects of sharing her love with her own
bloodline, who is more precious more than her life. She learns the essence of being a mother
from being a bubbly person to a strong, firm and an idealistic figure to her child.

Marriages are not made in heaven, into the are created heavenly relationship with consistent efforts, love & care and an understanding factor between the partners. As it’s said “Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other, and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together”


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