For some woman, make-up is a rocket science, but honestly, for a woman, there is no such natural thing like makeup.  A woman is always known to keep her elegance, beauty and style intact and makeup has brought it to a long way.  So, here we will discuss five amazing makeup hacks that you must know to keep your elegance and beauty unwashed, all day long.

1. The secret lies in moisturiser:

From daily makeup to heavy Friday night makeup, one formula that can make your makeup stay longer is your moisturiser. Though moisturiser depends on skin tone, it’s essential to use a no-oil to medium oil moisturiser on your clean face before applying any makeup. It makes your makeup last longer.

2. Lipstick can be your blush:

Blushes are costly, isn’t it? But you can make your blush inexpensive by applying lipstick onto your cheeks. Either or not you invest n blush, you will buy a lipstick. Hence, dab a little lipstick colour onto your cheeks and blend it with a makeup blender to get the creamy blush texture.

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