Hi, I would like to shares some amazing makeup hacks for all the makeup junkies and makeup lovers.

How to make your eyeshadow look pigmented on eyes?

1. Eyeshadow

Eye makeup, eyeshadow plays a very important role sums to give a nice dimension and to give emphasize look to your eyes
I would like to share an amazing hack while applying eyeshadow many times you have noticed when you apply eyeshadow, pigmentation of the eye makeup doesn’t look that pigmented ,when applied as compared to be seen in eyeshadow palette.
So for your eye shadows to look pigmented. When applied on eyes,i have amazing hack,would like to share with you all. Use a makeup fixer on to your eyeshadow brush and dip into the eyeshadow, which ever you like and place exactly on your eyes,where you want your eyeshadow to look pigmented.By doing so, your eyeshadow will look as pigmented as seen in the eye shadow palette and will look beautiful when applied do try and give your feedback.

How to apply perfect winged eyeliner using scotch tape?

2. Eyeliner

I am sure we must have tried our best and applying that perfect winged liner but with lots of practice and still be end up not being perfect, when applying for a perfect wing liner .
I know we all have tried and search different YouTube videos to try easy tips and hacks to apply eyeliner still we couldn’t get winged eyeliner, as seen by the makeup artist.
I would like to share with you a very simple and easy hack to apply winged eyeliner liner without much hustle.
For which,you need to take a scotch tape and place right across the edge of your eye to the eyebrow End. Now just above the edge of your eyes in the end. Use angled brush into the gel pot liner or for a beginner start off with eye pencil and just draw a straight line just above your eyelashes starting from centre of the eyes to the end of edge of your eyes and than move to start of your eyes,later ,remove the tape and that’s how your eyeliner is done.

How to make your lipshade sustain for long time using help of translucent powder?

3. Lipstick

We all face problems while applying the lipstick, that whenever we eat something or drink our lipstick fades away, and each time we have to redo it. For this some amazing hack, I have for you makeup lovers. Before applying lipstick, apply some foundation, on top of it apply lipstick and place tissue paper in between your lips, and dust on some translucent powder on to lips, press your lips in between the tissue paper and remove tissue paper, to sustain the lip shade, for a longer time and nontransferable.

How to make Foundation at home?

4. Foundation

So for all the makeup lovers and the beginners who don’t have Foundation or don’t want to invest in the foundation in starting. How can you make a foundation at your home?
It’s very simple to take some quantity of your moisturizer to mix it with your BB cream mix well together and apply on your face and that’s how your simple homemade Tinted Foundation is ready to apply.

How to make home made makeup fixer?

5. Makeup Fixer

Makeup fixer is really important when it comes to keeping your makeup for a long time.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a makeup fixer at home. No need to worry. Use Rose Water + Aloe vera gel mix well in a spray bottle, keep it in your fridge to keep it cool.
Apply on to your face, to give it a refreshing and cooling effect and to fix up your makeup.

Here were some, my favorite makeup hacks and tips, I use in my makeup routine.
I hope you all like it and, do share if you have some makeup hacks and tips, you use, and share it up.

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