Do we all eat bananas ??  Okay, some of us do because they’ve many benefits. Bananas are not just tasty, but they reduce stress and treat problems like diarrhea and eye problem.

Similarly, banana peel is also extremely beneficial.

Surprised ? Oh well, I know it’s surprising but yes, banana peel should not be thrown in trashcan. It’s because banana peels are as important as bananas.

Here are some ways of using banana peel instead of throwing it away.

1.  Whiten Teeth

The very first one is the whitening of teeth. You just need to rub the peel on your teeth and leave it for about 10 minutes. Make sure that you apply it thoroughly on your teeth. Later, brush your teeth and remove the coated layer.

2. Shoes Polishing

Yes, this is also one way of using banana peel. All you need to do is, rub the peel on your shoes and then wipe it with a clean cloth. All the small dirt will be removed.


3. Prevent Blemish

What is Blemish ? Blemish is a small mark or flaw on the body or surface which spoils the appearance of something. To prevent it, keep the inside of the peel on your skin (wherever the mark is) and stick it there with a tape. Leave it overnight and remove it in the morning and notice the change.


4. Treat Wrinkles

Especially girls hate wrinkles, right ? It’s easy to make them disappear now. Just put the banana peel on wrinkles to reduce the lines. Isn’t it interesting ?  It is, right ??


5. Prevent Acne

Another girls problem which goes with our daily life. Here’s an interesting and simple remedy. You’ve to place the peel on the pimple and rub it thoroughly. Leave it for few minutes and you can wash your face.



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