Have you ever tried bikini wax? Of course, you must have if you are someone who is very particular about certain things like hygiene and cleanliness. Often we have waxed our body parts like legs, hands, underarms and even back and shoulder but many of us have still not experienced something that these 5 women have experienced. YEs! bikini area waxing it is. So, here is what they said about their first experience.


#1  – I kicked the waxing lady:

It was my first time in the salon that I asked for a bikini wax service. I was already embarrassed about asking for a bikini wax. But that wasn’t the end of my embarrassment. When the waxing lady came near my clitoris with a waxing strip, I was so scared that I  kicked her off.


#2 – I jumped out of the waxing bed:

When the salon lady spread the wax on my clitoris, I literally jumped out of the waxing bed and fell off the ground. I was actually scared of someone touching my clitoris. And to my surprise, the lady was laughing out of horror and told me, “It happens in the first time. You will gradually get used to it”.

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