Getting married is every girl’s dream. The bridal attire, pretty makeup, beautiful jewelry and lots of attention makes you feel like a real life princess.  In fact, you are treated like one; all pampered and taken care off. However, once you are married and your honeymoon period is over, you would experience the things to change. In fact, you may feel yourself changing.

Yes, change is an ever going phenomenon and it happens to every girl once she is married. Here are 5 changes that most of the girls feel in them once they are married:

1.You become responsible

No doubt you were one responsible self before the marriage but as you get more and more into the marriage bond you feel the weight of many relationships and thus become more responsible.

2.You keep others over you

It is one trait of Indian women. They are always ready to compromise when it comes to treating others. You soon take up this quality and see yourself in your mother’s shoes.

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