Putting up away from your parents in a different city with your friends during your school or college time is the best to create memories for a lifetime. Staying in a Hostel gives you can altogether different experience as it makes you independent, confident and helps you tackle any situation in your life.  Go through some of the memories you also must have created in your college time and cherish them.

Common things that girls usually do in their hostel

Movie time

When you get into a hostel, your sleeping time completely changes and you actually love to be awake at night and watch movies or favourite episodes on your laptop. First of all, you need to collect the videos from different friends by visiting their room asking for movies to transfer in your Pendrive. During all this time you turn up to do something funny or fishy that you definitely create beautiful memories.

Midnight Craving

While watching those movies, you suddenly get a hunger attack. This is the time when you want to grab some tasty stuff but you certainly have no option with you except everyone’s favourite MAGGIE. From movie time it actually becomes your Maggie time and grabbing somebody’s last bite makes you happier than eating a bowl of maggie.


Switching on your JBL and playing the perfect dancing songs. To toast your feet with sexy dancing moves while standing on your beds. When you are in a no mood to study during your study hours, dancing is the favourite time pass but when you get caught by your warden. That’s time you feel why are you here in this stupid hostel.


Late night gossip is the most amazing thing ever can happen in a hostel. Gossiping a night is so memorable that you turn out to see a little different side of your friend. late night is the time when you actually share your secrets with someone.

Stocking Boys

When you actually have nothing to do, this could be your perfect time pass. Stocking boys on a social media and laughing at their older pictures or showing the perfect guy you like to your friends.

Hostel life is a perfect time but when you are in a hostel actually don’t realize it’s worth and when you’ll move out of this hostel you are going to miss it every damn day. You are actually going to miss even the scolding by your warden. So don’t waste more time and create some more capturable memories.


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