A good hairstyle can make any women more confidant but when you have to rush to a meeting, a class or a flight in no time and clock is ticking against you, doing complicated hair style could weigh you down.

Here is the solution to your problem, a list of five quick hairstyle to rock your ventures:


1.Messy Bun

Source – Pinterest

Yes, you read it right, messy is new cool these days and on the top of my list. You need a hair band and few hair pins. Just twist your hair and fix them up at back of your head with hair stick and pins.




2.Puffed Pony tail 

Deepika Padukone with puff and ponytail hairstyle

Source – Pinterest

A pony tail with a little puff at the crown fixed with pins gives an oomph to your look. Just tease your hair at the crown and fix them with pin and tie in a pony tail.



3.One side braid

For this style you can sprinkle a good hair spray to add volume to your hair and bring them to one side and build a braid ending with a hair tie.



4.Half clutched hair

Deepika Padukone with half up half down hairstyle

Just use a clutcher, depending upon the thickness of hair and tag half of your hair leaving rest open. In no time it gives best outdoor look.



5.Little waves


Make a tight braid of damp hair at night and wake up to beautiful light waves. Just use a little hair spray to make them stay longer.


So, ladies just don’t panic, use these hairstyles and conquer the world.



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