Age is the length of time for which someone exists. Age is a period of life measured in terms of years which involves physical as well as mental development of a person.  Women are believed to hide or lie about their age in public or in front of people not aware of their age. The main reason behind this is a society which does not encourage age factor as a natural phenomenon. And that’s why it is considered rude to ask a woman about her age. Women should understand that one needs to feel young to look young.

Here are some reasons why women hide their age:

  1. Women want to look young– Irrespective of the need, a lady always prefer to look young no matter whatever her age is. According to women, “Attention” is the most important thing and that comes when one is pretty enough.
  2. Every man prefers a girl younger to him for marriage– This is one of the actual reasons why women hide their age. Men are always attracted towards younger and beautiful girls.

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