“The wings to fly and the fresh air to breathe, the irony is when nothing comes right! “

The age old rant of feminism somehow has again made the headlines because of the anti- feminist campaign and females rampantly discouraging the feminist ideology. Such, anti- feminist campaigns stir the innocent feminist which resides in me. People have harbored the myths about the feminism. The biggest myth which people have under their veins about feminism which needs to be busted right now is:

  1. Feminists do not HATE men:

Yes! The biggest and most common of all myth is that all feminists are anti- men. That is not the true story, feminists support the idea of equal rights for women and not they hate men. Every feminist happens to be a daughter, wife, sister, and a friend that clearly emphasize that feminism is not about hating men, it is just about de- moralizing the patriarchy.

2. The actual essence of feminism:

The ideal picture of feminism as portrayed by the mislead society is about the notions of women who hate men and who supports the idea of skimpy – clothes and clubbing culture. But, what people fail to understand is that feminism is about “getting equal rights for women” and in the process to achieve the same feminists are not trying to demolish the position of men but are just trying to create the situation for females.

3. Feminists do not adhere to vigil and march frequently:

Not every time feminists come down to streets to celebrate the womanhood and their rights. Feminism is a way of life and an ideology fundamentally which needs to be pursued in actions. So, no we feminists do not believe on marching every time for our rights.

4. WE (feminists)  DO NOT hate the concept of marriage and kids:

The widely mistaken fact is that feminists do not get married and support the same. Feminist do welcome the idea of marriage and love to adorn the motherhood. Feminist women like normal women love to cook and have kids.

5. Support for feminism is not only from females:

Feminism is not a practice preached by females only; any men too vehemently can be a feminist. Anyone who just perceives the idea of feminism in the most RIGHT senses can be a feminist, and it isn’t certainly gender restricted.

Thus, the whole though the process of feminism penetrates down to the only ideology that feminism doesn’t sustain the idea or culture it just resorts to the favorable atmosphere for women to be in their garb and to attain the freedom which male counter- parts seek.


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