It’s a funny how difficult men find to understand women. Women associate emotions with work, work with love, love with society, society with money, money with work, work with family and list goes on. Here is a list of five things men don’t understand about women.


Why Girls like bad boys

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If you rephrase it: girls end up being with bad boy in a want of good boy. Shy good boys can’t express their love and expect us to get a signal from universe about it. Why can’t good boys be straight forward while approaching, rightly dominating, romantic and funny like bad boys.


Why it takes forever for girls to get ready

being a girl can be a tough gig... but oh how i LOVE it. <3

We are not always camera ready. Going out for a purpose requires dressing up. You must have adored your girlfriend’s beautiful dress, beautiful hair, glowing face!!! Well, she didn’t wake up like this, it requires time.


Why girls Gossip

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Most of girls indulge in gossips for sharing of information, entertainment stuff and stories. Gossiping is beneficial too, in building trust between friends, knowing them better and as stress buster. I think reason for gossiping is subjective. Wait, did I hear boys gossiping too!!


Why girls have to remember everything

Men forget everything; women remember everything. - John Wayne


Studies have shown that women are excellent in remembering things and it comes from handling dual responsibilities at work and home, estrogen level and brain structure.


Why they love to watch sentimental romantic comedies

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Women are emotional. Research has found that people relate to these movies in context of desired relationships. Well there is no harm in believing and visualizing a beautiful relationship through these movies, it may actualize someday!!!!



What’s with a handbag full of things

A survey has found 34.5 per cent of Aastralian women spend 81 days over their lifetime searching for things in their handbags (stock image)

Well, we as planners and care takers we like to be equipped always. Keeping things in our handbag is a part of pre-planning for emergencies.




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