We certainly feel uncomfortable talking about vagina, sex, bleeding, wombs and any other thing that is directly related to the posterior part of our body reason being the hype that has been created around all these feminine issues. Especially in a country like India, these things matter a lot. But do you know, in 2016, 5000 women have detected with gynecological cancers and the reason for this epidemic was a lack of information. Today we would like to educate you on this overlooked issue and make you care about your body in the right way. Here are some things you must know about gynecological cancers:

1.Gynecological Cancer has Five Different Types

Cancer attacks five different part of your lower body that includes; Ovarian, Vulval, womb, Vaginal & cervical

2. Do Not Overlook The Bleeding

If you bleed anytime except your periods, take it as an alarm. This can be a sign of any four types of cancers except Vulva cancer. Do not let it go just like that and meet a gyne asap.

3. Constant Bloating Might Be Ovarian Cancer

If you complain about bloating always even on the days you do not have much of water, you might be exposed to ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is hard to detect and is only traceable when it is spread all over the ovary including outsiders. Bloated tummy is a symptom of ovarian cancer hence you must consult your doctor if you experience fluffy tummy more than 3 weeks.

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