We all go through rough patches in life and heartbreak tops the list!
If you are a teenager or an adult, I am sure you will relate to it. The idea of dating and love has been changed since past few years and if you still believe in old school romance then you are sure to face a heartbreak if you haven’t found the partner same as your views. When we get into a relationship, we start expecting too much and completely forget to love ourselves. Don’t forget that you are yours before you are someone else’s. Accept that you have to move on and be true to yourself that it might take some time but it will be okay, YOU will be okay!
Let’s explore a few ways to overcome the baggage of your past relationship, go on and read!

1. Let go of the feelings

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Well this might sound impossible right now but trust me, that’s the only sign of you moving on! You need to let go of the feelings and memories. Acceptance is the key. If you feel like letting those feelings out by crying, do that; but make sure you never cry twice over the same thing. You experience a lot of emotions while coming out from your past; anger, grief, regret, disappointment, hate, hope etc. Don’t bottle them up, Let go.

2. Explore yourself


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There is nobody on this earth without talent. All you need to do is explore yourself and find out what is that talent which will make you stand out from the rest and will give you immense peace.  This will divert your attention from all the thoughts as you will explore things about yourself and your focus will be you. This is the most important of all the things you want to do in your life. Remember, it is your life and only you can set it right.

3. Focus on the present

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The past tends to overtake our minds and leads to overthinking, which is what we need to come out of. The past is going to hurt you even more if you keep trying to go back. Focus on your present, focus on what is going around. You shouldn’t keep your mind crowded with all those negative thoughts. Try to forget and you’ll heal sooner. As they say,
Present is a gift, make the most of it.

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