PMS … Arghhh !!!! Don’t Let Cramps ‘Cramp’ Your Style


While menstrual cramps, also called dysmenorrhea, are usually not a sign of a serious health condition, they can put a crimp in your lifestyle. Though, not every woman gets premenstrual syndrome, still the cramping, bloating, and general crabbiness can strike around period time. More than half of women who menstruate report some pain from period cramps for a day or two each month.

During the menstrual cycle, the uterus contracts to remove its coating or li ning. Hormone like substances, called prostaglandins, which are the cause for pain and aggravation, trigger the uterine muscle contractions. More elevated levels of prostaglandins are linked with more severe menstrual cramps.

So, that time of the month is here again, and you’ve been dreading it. Like clockwork, the menstrual cramps rack your whole body with pain, making you wish you could spend every moment curled up in bed. And even though there’s no real “cure” for PMS, many treatments and lifestyle changes are available to help you cut down on the discomfort.

To help with the pain, here are five things that may offer some relief. 


1. Apply a heating pad: 

The most common , safest, effective & eco nomical traditional method. Warmth unwinds the contracting muscles in your uterus, which is the reason for your pain. There are a number of over-the-counter warming pads and cushions, or electric, reusable heating bags that are available.


2. Improve your diet :


  • A salt-heavy diet can cause bloating,
  • Say No To Caffeine but Yes To Tea.
  • Alcohol may worsen depression, and
  • Too much sugar can destabilize your blood sugar and mood.
  • Vitamin D is vital in decreasing menstrual cramps. 
  • It is also important to consumer fibrous food– cereals, oats, grains and even salad (all the greens) & fruits as they maintain your hormone levels and reduces symptoms like- bloating, headaches and irregular periods! Aim to eat at regular intervals to avoid dips and spikes in blood sugar.
  • Getting more dietary magnesium appears to relieve the pain as well. Magnesium directs better nerve and muscle functioning, among other crucial functions.


It is worth changing your diet habits before moving on to medical therapies, because you are less likely to have side effects 



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3. Exercise: 

A regular walk or any sort of physical movement can relieve you from the abdomen and thigh pain. This discharges endorphins to balance the prostaglandins and diminish your crampsStretching and staying active keeps our muscles stretched and constantly circulates blood. Some popular activities that help to reduce menstrual cramps include – swimming, yoga, cycling and low-intensity cardio work out.




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4.Intake of Some Herbal Tea Varieties, Fish Oil and Vitamin B-12 :

This method is being used from olden times to relieve PMS as some herbs/teas acts as a natural estrogen. You might consider using black cohosh, chasteberry, evening  primrose oil, ginger, raspberry leaf, dandelion (or natural progesterone creams).



Chamomile tea is one of the most effective teas among many others. It tends to increase the hippurate element in your body, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Mitigating agents diminish the prostaglandin formation in the body, accordingly assisting in pain relief from menstrual cramps.


Women may find lasting relief from daily doses of fish oil & Vitamin B-12,according to a Danish study.

5.Focus on your stress :

It is important that you get adequate re st and plenty of sleep , so that sleep deprivation doesn’t ratchet up symptoms.Then make a conscious effort to reduce your stress level. You can try deep breathing, massage, meditation, or yoga, which can soothe the mind and body. If you know your best stress buster is a girls’ night out , then go for it!!! Find what works for you and stick with it.



In case your period cramps appear to be extreme or you do not get help even after attempting some of these choices, check with your specialist for the required medication or treatment.



After completing my Post Graduation from Symbiosis International University (Pune) & being from medical background , I have worked with reputed healthcare sectors in Mumbai, Delhi & Pune like Fortis, Max & Sancheti Hospital ,Metropolis Labs & World Health Organization (for Polio Vaccination Drive).I really like to pen down my thoughts & willing to contribute a little towards every single : safe, healthy & happy “Woman Of Our Nation”!!

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