Belly fat has indeed become the primary concern for most women, especially after crop tops and bralettes came into vogue. No woman wants to stay deprived of the privilege of wearing authentic crop tops with small waist jeggings but also no woman wants to show their stubborn belly fat bulging out of their jeans. What to do- hide your tummy or say no to crop tops? Follow these five steps to say yes to both.

#1. The morning mantra:

Remember that time, when your grandmother told you to drink warm water to get that glowing look? Finally, it’s the time to use that mantra. Drink a glass of fresh lime water every morning without sugar and honey.  Women who have acidity problem, drink a glass of warm water.

#2. Sip three cups of tea:

While many people may suggest you drink herbal tea or Chamoli tea, the best remedy to reduce the stubborn belly fat is to drink green tea thrice a day without Sugar or additives. Green tea happens to contain properties that help you to lose weight.

#3. Say yes to smoothies:

If you are someone who doesn’t get time to have nutritious breakfast, at least don’t skip it. Skipping breakfast causes bloating that makes your tummy look more bulging. Instead, make a quick smoothie with lots of fruits and sip it on your way to the office.

#4. Set your alarm:

Even if you are not an early morning person, try to sleep only 6 to 7 hours at night and wake up as soon as possible before the sun rises high up on your window. Belly fat can become stubborn if you give them more comfort than required.

#5. Sweat it off:

Lastly, start working out. Though many women don’t like to workout, you can never reduce belly fat if you don’t start to work your abs out.


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