Ending a relationship is not that easy. In case you are having an insecure week or he is too busy for even a weekend or both which eventually leads to some fight or drama, It’s time to give some attention to your shattering relationship. Maybe you have missed out on noticing him getting angry quickly or his less presence around you or if he seems to drift away or actually totally away from what is always used to be. This might be heading towards an end of a relationship. Here are some evident hints which he might have dropped and you haven’t noticed yet.

1.No more a Priority- If you keep on hearing things like how busy he is with work and friends and some other useless reasons just to not spend time with you. They cover this up with “we’ll get together soon”, “I have my life” etc, believe me, it’s just the lip service. He answers your texts and calls less frequently. Always remember when someone is actually into you, you’re on the top of their list and they’ll anyway make time for you.

2.No more surprises or Dates- In case your partner is no more surprising you with hot dates or gifts like he used to, and you are not going out at all make sure things are not wobbly. Even after being in the same city if a Saturday night is no more a date night and goes without contact, you need to talk this out.

3.It’s a group when you date- Your quality time becomes limited. He tries to limit the time you both used to spend alone by scheduling group outings with his friends. Not always group outings are appreciated. His new plans no more involve you. Sometimes once in a while, you need to stay in peace and love all around with each other.

4.He get’s defensive- Abstaining from talking about the problems you are facing or ignore your feelings. And he suddenly speaks less, avoids conversations and is defensive while you point out something. No more random kisses and cuddles. This is not a good sign.

5.Sex and Compliments Become non-existent– Sex usually has a major role in a relationship. But there comes a time when the two of you get celibate. There might be situations when he avoids getting into bed to draw you away and give “I’m tired” excuse which is unusual for him. He might have stopped giving you compliments after sex like “you were amazing while being on top” etc. He might even make excuses while you initiate.

6.He say’s you deserve better– He usually brings up discussions involving the reasons why he’s not good for you and says that you deserve someone better than him. Also, he doesn’t stop even if you disagree with it or try to convince him about this. He also starts talking about the other qualities he wants in a girl.

 “ We live together to make life less difficult for each other. And good relationships don’t just happen, it takes time, Patience and the two who truly want to be together”


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