The strong foundation of every relation is TRUST. Among all other relations that exist, one relation that is most purest and lovable is relation of  a mother and a daughter which is based on strong values of love, respect , care ,trust ,reliability  and much more than that. The mother –daughter duo share a strong bond. No doubt, a daughter may be close to her father  but her mother is one , in whom she confides her  secrets. Similarly , there are certain lessons only a mother can teach to her  to face tough times and come out stronger. While raising a girl child a mother has to play a vital role. A mother is a best person to groom a girl child to play various roles like daughter, sister, wife, mother etc; throughout her life.

The initial learning in a daughter’s life largely happens at home, and this motherly lessons, leaves its traces forever. A mother should teach such things which make a child look back at her when in need and move forward without hesitation, when she is alone .So a mother needs to be exemplary in every stage of her life and be a role model to her daughter.Let us see what a mother should teach/discuss with her daughter, to help her lead a peaceful life and enjoy every stage in her life :


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1) To Be Independent and an All-Rounder : In this competitive world and fast-running life, it is very important for a mother to teach a daughter to be independent. A lady should not be dependent on anyone else. Gone are those days when women completely rely on men for their basic needs of food , shelter and clothes also , as in earlier times, the men only were the bread-earners of the family. Today, both men and women are equal and need to be equally independent both financially and physically. At the same time, only a mothers can groom their girls  to be multi talented and an all-rounder. She should learn to excel in her academics; she must have a sport for herself. She must nourish her hobbies; she should develop passion towards social work and also fine arts. She must be good at professional work and also as a homemaker.


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2)  To Play Multiple Roles : To Be Patient and Learn to Forgive : Starting from being a good daughter, a friendly sister, a naughty cousin, a girl needs to play multiple roles in her life. She is a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law and also a saviour of this society when things turn wrong or adverse and only a mother can teach her daughter to excel in every role in her life. Girls have to be really patient, throughout their lives and achieve family goals.  They need to inculcate tolerance, as they are bound to face lot of stress during menstruation and also child birth. She needs to live for others and manage her pain and enable a family to fulfil its desires. She will face many people in her life. She needs to learn to forgive them and move forward. Sometimes, this may happen in every girl’s life that she may not find time for herself in her life.. So she should judiciously plan herself so that she can achieve her milestones in her own life.


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3) To teach her, not to lose herself in a relationship & her body deserves pleasure: Falling in love can cause a woman to fall out of sync with who she is without her other half .So, a mother must remind her daughter to keep her interests, friends and alone time. Every girl deserves to lead a happy life and continue to feel fulfilled—whether or not the relationship lasts. She must not let her own insecurity or her relationship stop her from living the life she deserve. Also, a mother must teach her daughter ti respect her own body .Girl’s bodies aren’t just objects to be pursued and desired by their partners. These bodies belong to us ,to enjoy, explore and feel experiences fully. Talking positively about sex doesn’t encourage promiscuity like silence can. So , when her body begins to change, mothers must remind her daughters  that she deserves safe, pleasurable experiences when she’s ready. Your daughter must have a strong sense of self, not try to be what the other person wants her to be. Tell her to understand her wants and convey them, so she can fix issues or move on.


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4) Breast talk: Breasts can be a sensitive topic, but when it comes to self-examination, breast health and breast changes, it’s a conversation that shouldn’t be ignored. Mothers must be bold enough to talk to their daughters about breast health, so they know how to self-examine, and which signs to look out for which could indicate breast cancer. Daughters look up to their mums; mothers are the ones they trust to provide them with guidance and the first ones who really influence them when daughters are young. It’s really important , because mums can help create the breast awareness, empowerment and connection with daughters bodies and with who they are. More women mostly have conversations with their mums about hair styles or table manners than about breast health, although menstruation was the most common topics discussed. Women whose own mothers had talked to them about breast health were more likely to pass on the knowledge to their daughters. “I think that helped guide me to this career and allows me to be the nurse and the woman and the friend that I am today. I think I always wanted to go into oncology nursing and look after patients going through cancer, and to give back what the nurses did so wonderfully for our family; to give them the support and the care that was given to us.”


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5) To Dress Appropriately & How to Talk to Boys
: Mother must teach her daughter to wear descent and comfortable clothes which will make her look more confident and beautiful. She should be taught that beauty and decency go hand in hand.They should teach her daughter that talking to boys is not wrong and a boy and a girl can always be good friends. But girls should be taught to maintain their distance and limits. Also, this can be easily demonstrated to her within the family. Mother’s dignified way of carrying herself when she is with her husband also is a good example to a daughter. Always, a mother should remember that the parent’s mannerisms give her life’s lessons.


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6) To Express Her Feelings & To Trust Parents : A daughter should be given a confidence that she will never be abandoned. She should also be told that there is every fear in life and every precaution should be observed. Girl’s physical and mental maturity is always ahead of boys. So a mother should discuss every topic with her daughter and remove her fears. A mother should give complete freedom to her daughter to express her feelings. Mother should be like a friend always and must be free to share and teach every secret of life. She should know above all else that parent’s love is unconditional. When a child has unconditional love from her parents, she will not go to develop secret relations. She will surely become confident and move ahead in life. A daughter groomed with these virtues will learn to say “No” when required and yet remain successful.

A girl focused in her life, becomes a boon to this society. She remains productive, confident, responsible, obedient and truthful. With all these qualities, she can lead a peaceful life and allow every good happen to the society. Not everything can be taught, so a mother should practice more than preaching anything for raising a powerful daughter..




Dr Dimpy Gupta

After completing my Post Graduation from Symbiosis International University (Pune) & being from medical background , I have worked with reputed healthcare sectors in Mumbai, Delhi & Pune like Fortis, Max & Sancheti Hospital ,Metropolis Labs & World Health Organization (for Polio Vaccination Drive).I really like to pen down my thoughts & willing to contribute a little towards every single : safe, healthy & happy “Woman Of Our Nation”!!

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