A woman or a girl should always look beyond a man’s look before dating him. As looks are only skin deep and one needs to go beyond that and search deeper before dating him. One should know about his work, his family background, his basic nature as well as some important facts and be friends, know each other before dating that guy.

The important facts women should be aware of before dating a man:

He wants you to need him-He wants to be useful to you no matter how proud he is about you being very independent. Allow your guy to help you out with the easy situation in life like dealing out with a rusted jar of pickles or a tight window. It’s an esteem booster to them.

“You are Beautiful If you don’t try hard to look one”-Make-up is for attraction, Natural beauty is the need. Although, sometimes men like to see her lady well dressed up but that’s not a necessity to them. It’s all about the confidence you walk with.

Yes, they still like and appreciate stone age-Its useless to think that men are broad minded and their thinking has evolved. Try to be as simple as you naturally are.Superficial personality is a short term process.

Tell them what you want-Men are definitely going to disappoint you with the gifts in case you missed out on dropping hints. You need to tell them about your likes and dislikes to avoid something unwanted and useless.

He hates your sexual past-Never feel the need to discuss your past physical relationships with anyone. No matter, how much desperately he asks about it, I’m sure, he doesn’t want to hear it.

“Once a cheater always a cheater”-In case he cheated on you and apologizes for it, do not let him get away from it no matter, how honestly he regrets it. If you let him get away with it, there are high chances of a reoccurrence.

“Men are not as complicated as women are though”.





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