Having a crush on someone make you do things that are sort of strange, maybe even a bit crazy. And when girls got a crush, their logical brains just turn off and they do things which they actually didn’t mean to do. All such things happen because they are not prepared for that moment. Here are few things which girl does when she have a crush on someone.

Stalk him everywhere – Facebook/ Instagram

No matter how much a girl deny this fact, but this is the truth that girls stalk their crush everywhere on social media to have a look on activities, likes, friend circle, previous pictures and what not. Engaging is weird stalking behaviour actually change your views and behaviour towards that person. So girls keep it simple and enjoy what you are getting.

Imaginations beyond limits

From honeymoon destinations to baby names everything is preplanned in their imaginary world and no one has control over it. They have imagined every possible scenario of how two of them could get together.

Practice conversations

Guys won’t believe but this is a fact. Girls hold full-length practice conversations with themselves in the mirror so that she will be prepared for the next time. She tried out different smiles and facial expressions so to give their best one.

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