A woman is always more inclined toward the emotional touch rather than the physical ones. She always looks for the support and attachment than attraction. In this journey of love, the attraction becomes secondary to emotions. But, there comes a phase where she starts getting jealous.

“Jealousy is love and hate at the same time, therefore it is dangerous”

While you are dating a girl, make sure she never goes through the following situations and feel jealous.

1. Replying to a girls text when you are out with her

  While you’re out with her and you get a text from any female. She might be a friend or colleague. Avoid answering the text and obviously the smile. This might make her jealous.

2. Your bonding with other females

 Do not keep describing how much connection and bonding you have with another girl. In spite of the fact that she is a super chilled-out girlfriend, believe me, she will be jealous hearing about you bonding with another girl. There are situations when you help out some really hot girl in your office this might seem like a threat and a cause of jealousy for your girl. Even though if you have honest intentions.

3. Too much of ex

In case you are spending too much time in the company of exes, this might offend her. Staying in touch with exes is okay, but spending a lot of time with your ex, or talking about her all the time, would definitely make her jealous.

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