There is usually a situation where people fail to understand your point of view, what you want to convey and what your state of mind is. The only person who comes to our mind and is actually a savior is our best friend. Because they are the ones who knows you inside out and are the only ones who appreciate even your weirdest parts. They are the only ones who understand you in the worst of your situations more than anyone else could ever and also help you get out of the shitty situations.

Things you can share with your best friend:

  1. You can easily share the amount of hatred you have for any another friend and notice that she equally hates her. This is a common discussion between best friends, where they hate the person in the same way as you do and in the same capacity. And if the case is that the person has been bad to you, then the limit of hatred exceeds.
  2. First kiss or the first make out session you had. That’s not ending, your best friend knows all the details about it and also the weirdest part of the make-out.The best part of it is you know that she won’t judge you at any point.
  3. Best friends are always aware of how you look without makeup.You don’t need to get conscious in front of her, as she has seen the worst of you and still never disclosed it to anyone.
  4. You can always feel free to discuss your sex life with her. She knows all the fantasies which you wish could have or will ever come true.
  5. You feel free to discuss even your family issues or mishaps with her and even bitch about some of them.
  6. Your best friend would never quit understanding your situation, no matter to what extent you are screwed. They know everything you have gone through and still, you have her back.

“Best friends are a single soul that dwells in two bodies”


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