As much as girls love the rainy season, the monsoon is actually bad for their hair. Humidity and hair are not good friends as in high humid climate the problems of our hair like dandruff, itchy scalp, frizziness and hair fall rises. So here are some quick solutions which will make your hair survive throughout the monsoon.

Tied up hair

The hair doesn’t dry up easily in this weather which causes dandruff and infection to the scalp. So to prevent that it’s important you tied up your hair well in a pony or in a bun so that they don’t get dirty. These simple hairstyles stay in their place for a long time despite the humidity.

Hot oil massage/ Hair Spa

Hot oil massage is a must for hair. It boosts your hair with moisture and much-needed hydration. You can also go for hair spa as it cleanses the hair and washes off any deposits on the scalp. It also helps in maintaining the PH balance of the hair.

Use natural conditioners

There is nothing best using the natural conditioners for hair rather than applying the chemical ones. Curd, aloe vera gel, milk proves to be the best for hair in all seasons. It helps in regaining shine, nourishes your hair and prevents it from looking dull and frizzy.

Pick the right shampoo

The rain water is really bad for when as its dirty and contains acids too so when you get wet in the rain, shampoo your hair. Using a mild shampoo or a sulphate free shampoo is a very good option because we wash our hair very frequently during this season and these shampoo doesn’t make our hair dry.

Avoid chemical treatments

It’s not the perfect time to go out fancy with your hair. Avoid straightening, colouring during monsoon reason being hair is more frizzy and it becomes very unmanageable, so keep your hair simple and easy.

Eat right

Diet plays a very important role when it comes to hair texture. Certain nutrients like iron, protein and vitamins are essential for hair health and growth. If you are deficient, do consult for supplements. Follow a diet which gives you all the required nutrients.

These tips will definitely help you in winning the battle against humidity. Hair is a girl’s crowning glory so protect it from all the problems and let it shine.


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