It is said men tend to love more than women but they often more inclined towards lust than love. Either they just dont know how to be a keeper or they are more comfortable being a  player. So they be like hardcore lovers but players. Lets read what could be the best possible reasons of men not being loyal towards their partners…

1. Men are Born liars!!

Well, many men are just born liars and this is equally true for women. Women cheating has a bigger stigma and is more shameful and this fear leads to women cheating less on men. Women are biologically supposed to lie as a counter to men’s muscular advantage against each other.

2. Confidence, in self and to win others

Yes, and in the process, they lose everyone’s often their own too. Women need to just get that one guy to show her worth while men need to win over more women to build their egos. Also, women tend to seek security and stability while men need adventure. All combined, men might cheat.

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