Girls are spending more time on Google search than men. Google announced that there had been significant growth in internet usage by women users who are now spending more time on search than men. The highest percentile of growth in terms of time spent on Google search has been witnessed in the middle-aged category. Here’s what they are looking for:


  1. How to Get Fairer Skin?

Girls on the web are 4 times more interested in beauty than men. They search all kinds of beauty products ranging from face products to beauty and wellness. Not only this, they can compare all products at once from various online stores.

 2. What Is The Latest Online Fashion?

Girls have 3 times higher interest in fashion. Girls buy apparels from online stores as they are comfortable with all sizes and numbers. They also have a wide selection of products while sitting at home.

3.  What ARE The Best Places To Hangout?

Girls are outspacing men on searches in food and entertainment. The most searched are the local restaurants and food recipes. Movie bookings are also done by most of the female users on a regular basis.

 4. How to Lose Weight And Stay Fit?

Girls are way more health conscious as compared to men. More than 60% of girls using the internet search for dieting tips and tricks to keep themselves in shape and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

5. How to Move On From A Breakup?

Yes, relationships. A recent study suggests that most girls search for stuff related to relationships for seeking some kind of advice or anything like that.

 6. What’s Trending Now?

Girls now-a-days are really image conscious and thus, they search for ongoing trends to stay updated and fashionable always. This helps to also stay socially more active.

7. What Are The Suitable Jobs And Careers For Girls?

It may come as a surprise but actually girls do search about career and education as compared to men. They search mostly about higher studies and courses and places to pursue them.


The Internet is playing an incredibly important role in changing the lives of girls in India. It is great to see how girls are taking to the internet in greater numbers and increasing their time spent, even outpacing the time spent by men.



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