4. Anuradha TK – As a Geosat Programme Director, she is the senior-most woman officer at ISRO

She first thought about becoming a space scientist when she was just 9 years old. That was when Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon, and Mrs. Anuradha was hooked.

As the senior-most officer, she is the inspiration for every woman scientist working in ISRO. As a student, she loved the logical subjects as compared to the subjects in which she had to memorize everything. Today, she applies the same logical brain to head one of the most important departments in ISRO.

“Sometimes I say that I forget that I’m a woman here. You’re treated as an equal here.”

5. N Valarmathi – led the launch of India’s first indigenously developed the radar imaging satellite, the RISAT-1

She was the second woman after T K Anuradha to head a satellite mission at ISRO. At 52, she has made her state of Tamil Nadu proud.

She is the first woman to head a mission that involves a remote sensing satellite.

Too cool.

6. Minal Sampath, worked 18 hours a day for the Mars Orbital Mission

She led a team of 500 scientists as a systems engineer at ISRO. For two years, she said goodbye to Sundays and even national holidays.

The sacrifice showed fruit when she was overjoyed with the success of the Mars Mission.

What’s next? She aims to become the first woman director to head a national space agency. A hardworking woman like that, fingers crossed!

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