A smile can work wonders and bring happiness to a person’s life.

Touchwood, I’ve received many compliments about my smile that I Love spreading. Everyone says that my smile makes them happy also and even the helping staff, security people give me back a smile when I smile at them. That makes the start of my day, a beautiful one 🙂
An incident:
Many people give a smile when we pass along. My daughter saw this and said, is there any person who doesn’t know you, mama? I was like, smiling doesn’t take anything my dear, so I smile and eventually they too smile 🙂 🙂 and we know each other through this Universal Language 🙂
There are many incidents when people ask me how can you smile at strangers also ?
Smile, Smile… It doesn’t cost you anything !! 🙂 😉 🙂
It just gives Happiness in other people’s lives around us. It’s so because I believe a smile is an infectious thing. It naturally spreads from one person to another. Also, a smile is something that drives away the grief, stress or any kind of worries of an individual no matter how your relations are with them.

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person.“Mother Teresa

The above quote of Mother Teresa explains how and why smile makes every person happy it comes in contact with. So, it should be our endeavor that every time we meet somebody, it should be with a smile since a smile is easy and also a valuable gift that you can give someone.
Now, talking of my personal experience, let me tell you there are several. Actually, I am a Principal at school which is up to grade 9. Here, we provide the quality basic education which is the right of every child. Let me also tell you that I have a great love for teaching. Probably, that is the reason why I enjoy being at school. There are so many children I happen to meet and interact with the whole day.
  Out of them all, the cutest and lovely are my primary kids. They enjoy every moment playing with their friends, doing some silly things out of curiosity and sheer innocence. But sometimes, they are reminded of their homes and ‘mommies’  and they end up crying. I do not like to see a kid crying.  So, whenever I see the one weeping, I go to him/her, try to distract their minds by talking of what they’d brought in their lunch boxes or offering them some toys to play, or some toffees, etc to eat. This way I am successful in making them happy. They get involved in fun activities and I just can’t explain the joy that I feel watching them smile.

I have always said that when a child enters my school with a smile in the morning and leaves with that same sweet smile in the afternoon, I have accomplished my job! I take great pride in this part of teaching and wholeheartedly believe that happiness matters; smiles go a long, long way; and acts of kindness are something we should teach AND take time to notice.

Happy students make better learners. Children who are happy, feel safe, and enjoy being at school, have a greater chance of increasing the amount of learning and understanding that can occur during the course of a school year. 


An educator, a dancer and a sports women responsible for herself and those under her care traditions and cultures are her strength

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