Libras are known to be extremely charming, calculated, fair and just people. They are romantic as movies and always look for courtship. Here are the five most interesting traits of Libras.

Quest for Justice and Balance

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Libras sign is scale, which indicate their nature of always trying to balance everything. Libras always try to make fair conduct in relationships. These people have a deep insight into their own self as the reflection of justice and equality come from within. They treat everyone with equality and speak up at the times of injustice or anything wrong happening around them.

Attractive and Romantic

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No wonder that Libras are extremely romantic people who are ruled by planet Venus which is also Roman Goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex,  and fertility. They are unknowingly charming and seductive. Libras are amazing lovers as they only indulge in long term love relations with perspective marriage in mind. It is libra people who can give you ohh so romantic relationship like movies.



When it comes to making choices, Libras indulge in extensive thought process considering pros and cons for either decision, weighing results of both choices and considering all prospects and this may last quite long and results in indecisiveness. But when they decide they know it’s the best decision.

Loves to socialize

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They love to attend parties, social gatherings, spend time with their loved ones and stimulating conversation with people with ease due to their calm and composed nature. Sometimes a Libra boyfriend may make his girlfriend jealous due to his friendly nature and can be misunderstood as flirt.

Broad minded and Inquisitive


Libras like to dig to the depth of knowing about anything as they are extremely curious and want to read whole book before making any notes. They keep an open mind and are accepting towards other’s point of view.


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