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Sexy Lingerie is a Women’s Necessity

In every woman’s wardrobe, sexy lingerie is indispensable. It not only adds passion to your memorable night, but also enriches your tricks of flirting with body language. However, some women do not realize that sexy lingerie is not designed for supermodel body. They shrink back from the plus size sexy lingerie they like very much simply because they fear it will disclose their figure defects.

If you have such an idea, then you are wrong. In fact, the large size sexy lingerie itself is a kind of enjoyment, it also adds a lot of elegance to the clothing. Plus size sexy lingerie does not mean only panties and bras over size 16, but it is now a place, where hundreds of discount and cheap online wholesalers like hip sand curves, plus size plum and Milano are competing against each other with their best ideas and Best merchandise. Therefore, if you know how to choose a design that matches your body, then after you wear a large size lingerie, you will find that your body can be so charming.

No matter where you go to pick your sexy lingerie, you need to bear a result in your mind. Not all styles are suitable for everyone. What if your figure defect mainly lies in prolapsed bosom? Don’t worry, you can also pick the underwired bra that suits you, and they usually have excellent chest lifting. Finally, remember do not have your plus size sexy and mood completely covered by the outerwear. Just peak it out partially to spice up your outfit. For example, a thong or a tee back that appears from a low waist jeans or a sexy costume can be a very sexy look!

All in all, the outerwear is wearing sexy lingerie, no matter what the shape of the woman can maintain elegance, charm, fashion. Just like a professional model, curved figure can also arise aesthetic feelings of most men. If this is the case, why don’t you show your body to your partner? After all, even if it’s not perfect, your curved image is worth celebrating.

“You might loose job or get promotion” Boss Said to Me : Confessor

Now days in social media as well as news , all you find is experiences of women facing sexual harassment or is another experience which happened with me year ago.

I am from Noida, on completing my graduation I got offer from MNC. I was happy and excited for the for my career. Everything was normal, the job became important part of my life , financially as well as socially … but after 6 months behavior of my boss was quite changed, he started pressuring me. He started giving me extra work and always used to complaint on my tasks.I was shocked , thought may be he is stressed and that is why he is acting extra strict but later i found this was happening only with me.One day he called me in his office and while he was complaining about my faults he suddenly  tried to hold me and the way he talks to me was not normal , his tone was changed from harsh to sweet. I could sense something wrong in his attitude .

Your performance may lead you out of the company or some of extra efforts might get you a promotions.

This is what he said and left me. I just ran from the situation.I kept thinking what he wanted to say… did he mean about my work or he was expecting something else.

From next few days i tried to not face him in Office so after few days he called me in his cabin. He said what you thought about our last discussion , i did not know what to say and he suddenly asked me about dinner. 

Lets go for a dinner tonight and while taking drinks decide about your future.

I could not speak anything that moment, i knew what he meant by that , i was afraid to loose my job but did not want to do any compromise with my life as well.Before i could say a word he hold my back and said this conversation should be left between us else your life will be ruined. 

I just ran from his cabin and moments after even left the office.I wanted to complaint,wanted to share this to my family ,friends but did not had guts.As we know in India in most of the cases women are blamed and faces the circumstances so i stayed quite.I was so depressed that I start skipping office most of the days. For many days I was under depression and for many nights was not able to sleep. It was tough for me to go to office , though he was not calling me again in his cabin but i was not same anymore.So left with no options I end up by leaving my job.

I never able to gain the confidence i used to have before that incident, wonder when things will be changed for women.

“I was Physically,Emotionally and S*xually Abused for 16 years”: Unforgettable Nightmare Tale

Tale of a woman who has been standing on the threshold of a new beginning for the past four years but the nightmare just doesn’t seem to end!

She was never interested in getting married rather she wanted to go in for higher studies. Tried to reason with her family but belonging to a conservative baniya family she gave up and  ended up with an arranged marriage.That is when her nightmare began.

My husband and I never really clicked. His perverse habits and uncontrollable abusive behavior gradually turned me into a nervous and unconfident, scared puppet subtly seeking my husband’s approval for everything. The feeling that it was always my fault was fed to me every day. In spite of being highly educated and from a very well-off family, I bore physical, emotional and sexual abuse for 16 years at his hands. Though there were a few moments, in which perhaps we had been happy, love had surrounded us, but not enough to bind us together.

There are times when she feels lost and discouraged, but then one look at her children’s anxious faces brings a tremulous smile on her own and she somehow gathers enough courage to go through the day with no hint of the helplessness she feels inside.

Trapped in the farce morality of an ideal marriage, societal fear, the parental pressure, I became a corpse in my so-called home but where could I run to? I had no courage to step out.

I had given up on love, on life. I would just go through the day, would do what he wanted, and sleep. I would write down my anguish, my pain because that was the only way I knew how to express myself, would cry for hours during the night. Gradually I started losing weight, gave up on myself, and went into depression,  shying away from people and myself.

Finally, one day I decided to find life again and tentatively but firmly I stepped out, for myself and for my kids. It was perhaps time to save all three of us.


There were emotional moments after she decided not to go back, intense pressure from her husband and in-laws about how she was damaging her kids’ life but as she started finding peace within herself, around her, she knew her decision to walk out had been right. She was finally breathing, living, laughing and learning to love herself again.

She has been living with her mother, brother and his wife, has taken up writing as a profession, and gradually paving her way to making a mark as a writer. She wants to give all she can to her children and make up for the lost years.

I just wish, I could live peacefully. And stop being harassed by him. His offensive court cases, false complaints against my family, dark and dirty calls, and ugly pressure to give divorce without any alimony make me lose hope in the judicial system, in God many a time but I am hanging in there, in the belief that someday I will find my own sky to fly, high as a bird!

Someday I will!


Confession: Me And My Brother Had Intimate Moments Which I Regret Now But They Do Turn Me On Sometimes.

My very own cousin brother kept establishing sexual intimacy with me not once or twice but till we attained ecstasy.



I was just  19 years old and had no idea about what it feels like to be getting into intense sexual pleasure. But i was completely taken a back when my cousin one day came to my home in Delhi, only to confess his wild side and his fondness, actually to my body more than me. He told me that whenever i think about you, my penis gets aroused and now after seeing you like this i can’t resist myself and will now get off with you anytime.       

Vineet, My cousin basically hails from the small town. He came to Delhi to pursue his graduation from a College in DU. Then, obviously, he had a very long stay to finish his studies and later applying for a job in Delhi was undecided though. But no one except me was knowing what was going in his head albeit his study. He was sharp since childhood but somehow he was deviating from his career day by day and got involved in wrong deeds only to satisfy his uncontrollable urge.      


I was preparing for medical exams and  taking coaching classes and used to commute Janakpuri daily for the same, but unfortunately, i was low on health and had an ache in my head one morning so dropped the idea of going on that particular day.


Although i was doing nothing but on that chilling winter day where i was enjoying that bright sunny in my balcony while sitting on the chair, brooding over some issue when i noticed my cousin is coming towards our home.   

I gave warm hug to him once he entered and i asked how everyone in the family is. He looked so reluctant to talk on any family affairs instead he was more hooked on something erotic conversation to initiate so sat alongside almost like any other couple does. I could sense some sexual tension cropping in his mind but before i decided to speak to the point, He was so prompt in holding my waist from behind then slowly he was whispering something in an ear and then kissed my neck to seduce me then he lifts me in his arms to lay down in bed after that he comes on the top of me in one of his sexual orientation , then he unzips my shots and tee to remove all inner wear to perform interesting foreplay where he starts  touching me on my down side with his middle finger in his own stereotype swag, and now grabbing my boobs so gently to lick it to turn me on and was not letting me space to breathe even which was yet mesmerizing feeling to me .I was so shy and shocked that whats going on but that feel was exciting me that i could not stop him.Soon that foreplay turned into sex ,which was so intense to both of us where we both felt ourselves lost in the bliss equally as nothing can detach us since I then didn’t feel like pushing him so hard against me even after sudden realization of going something obnoxious aftermath but same time I was feeling him so deep inside me yet convulsed in pain while he kept penetrating one side, I almost felt the pain of losing my self-esteem somewhere. Another hand I was screaming and moaning, but he never let me go till we almost unleash together. Though, after establishing this intense relationship, we turned                    

Addicted to each other and our desire grew intense it for a long term. It was a moment when I too forget that he is somewhere my cousin and its ramification will affect both of us in future somewhere down the line.   


Though, He has always been a playboy in his life yet secretive from family, where he is going to be a breadwinner in a family in the next few coming years. Moreover, he is the eldest of three siblings with two other sisters being one of them is married and stay in Lucknow with their two kids, a boy and a girl happily . Whereas other Sister too is growing into a beautiful and chic teen girl who is studying in school and being the youngest, she too gets influenced by anybody on some gesticulations only. On the contrary to all his incidences, his family has not a single clue about his wild playboy image. And what he is doing in Delhi other than his so-called career planning.  


Jolly, Her younger sister, when she recently came to know about his philandering attitude through one of her pal then she behaved so normal and unaffected and

Said He is a young boy and can do whatever he wants and  i will be always by his side.


So my reactions to her are not going to be even worth discussing in this situation. She is immature and yet innocent.    


Elder Sister Garima is not well educated, deliberately she is not shocked by his any of such incidents and said, he has touched me inappropriately when i was growing. But i don’t have any regrets as it happens with any male and not a big deal.  


On the contrary, she was slut-shaming those women of today. Her orthodox principle once again appears in her statement being a woman, we must be careful while dressing up. we should not party late at nightclubs blah blah.


At the end of the day, whenever I try to recollect my own incident as it becomes so hard to get over easily but yet not able to decide whether it was a nightmare or my very first sexual bliss with someone in family clandestinely. Surely, it makes me turn on at times, while I know it is disgusting and against all odds with many of common beliefs and moreover, I have kept this on the sly, till date. And still, I am still in touch with him, telephonically. But now I have moved on and kept myself away from him to learn our future outcome.                     


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Mallika Dua Joins ‘Me Too’ Social Media Campaign, Shares Her Horrifying Molestation Story

You must have seen posts of girls sharing,tweeting or commenting #MeToo on sexual harassment or molestation experiences.Who ever regardless of gender,age,country were sharing or commenting MeToo who so ever has faced any type of sexual harassment .We run that campaign or Instagram and facebook of Womenly too and came through so many girls and their experiences which they shared with us on social media.

Here is one post we came through on this campaign by Stand-Up Comedian Mallika Dua telling about her horrifying molestation story while she was just 7.

“Me Too … in my own car. My mother was driving while he sat at the back with his hand under my skirt the whole time. I was 7. My sister was 11. His hands went everywhere inside my skirt and on my sister’s back. My father who was in a different car dislocated the bastard’s jaw with his bare hands later that night.”



Me too.

A post shared by Mallika Dua (@mallikadua) on

If you are a woman reading this, we know you have been through such incidents too. Were you embarrassed and scared? We were too, but it’s time to realise that we were wronged by these men and that by putting our stories forward, it’s not us who’ll be ashamed but them who think they have an upper hand over the other gender.

This Dailymail Post About Selena Gomez Shows Bad Ethics Of Journalism Objectifying Woman

Selena Gomez has never been one to shy away from embracing her body and wears whatever she likes to wear. Recently,She was spotted wearing a very stylish black leather jacket while attending the Hillsong Church event held at the Hammerstein Ballroom.
As always she was looking beautiful well dressed but one news post in one of most popular news portal dailymail represented this news with lots of nuisance.
The post states Selena Gomez flashes cleavage as she goes hell for leather in biker jacket at church service

First we would like to ask them cleavage ? really ? where did the reporter finds cleavage in her outfits ? through his cheap eyes ?
Its well covered outfit but even if it had a deep neck its not a right way to write article for cheap publicity and getting number of clicks by such title.

Such journalist should be slammed for bad ethics of journalism objectifying women just to gain the attention.

Confessions Of Women Which Will Make Us Feel This World In Unfair To Women

These few confessions will make you realize why feminism is required in this world to bring the change towards image of women and equality.


Confession 1

“I was told ‘just touching’ me was not a crime.”

When I was walking downtown with my mother and a stranger grabbed my crotch, I was in shock. My mother called the cops and when I went to make a formal complaint I was asked what was I wearing and then I was told “just touching” me was not a crime. I was a teenager, and I didn’t know it was feminism back then, but I just knew that no one should say it’s OK to touch another person’s genitals just because they didn’t rape you, regardless of what you’re wearing.


Confession 2

“I asked my dad why I always had to wash the dishes. His only answer was, ‘Because you’re a girl.’”

Ever since I was little, I always had to wash the dishes. If I didn’t, then I would be grounded. I have three brothers who did nothing after dinner, so when I was 14 I asked my dad why I always had to wash the dishes. His only answer was, “Because you’re a girl.” I was pissed off and we got into a fight because he never made my brothers do anything around the house. My brothers and parents expect me to have a bunch of kids and become a housewife, but ever since that day I decided to start doing things for myself and myself only.


Confession 3

“I was raped … when I talked to an officer to press charges, they said that I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

I was raped when I was 19. When I talked to an officer to press charges, they said that I wouldn’t stand a chance because the court would bring up the fact I was drunk, went to his place willingly, and I’ve slept with other people. A month later, I saw the guy at the bar and he actually tried to take me home with him. That’s when I realized that I’m a feminist and I deserve the right to say no. I deserve to not have what happened to me be just one more story of a discredited woman who, instead of being taken seriously, was told that she was asking for it.


Confession 4

“I remember waking up and realizing that there were two guys engaging in sexual acts with me.”

I was sexually assaulted by two of my friends in the dorms. I had been drinking and don’t remember how I got back to my room. I just remember waking up and realizing that there were two guys engaging in sexual acts with me at the same time. The next day one of the guys told me that I liked it. My friends also told me that I was drunk and I had been with one of the guys in the past so it wasn’t a big deal. I felt so alone and like I was at fault for what happened to me. It wasn’t until I read a blog about someone that had gone through the same situation that I realized how entirely wrong it really was. It took what happened to me to have my feminist awakening. I don’t think those guys think that what they did was wrong and I want to change that.


Confession 5

“I was at a party and a close friend of mine was sexually assaulted.”

My feminist awakening was caused due to sexual harassment of my friends in which the harasser never was punished. I was at a party and a close friend of mine was sexually assaulted. It happened right in front of many people, including a few of my other close friends. I screamed and yelled and confronted the guy, and all that happened was that I was called a bitch and my friend was called slut for not saying yes to assh*les.


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She Was Waiting For Her Husband , Was Excited To Share Good News About Her Pregnancy But…

She was sleeping when the phone rang. The call was from her beloved’s assistant informing her that her husband’s car had met with an accident and he had died after succumbing to his injuries. She didn’t weep, she didn’t answer. She dropped the phone on the marbled floor and sat stoic on the bed. He was gone. Gone so quickly and suddenly. She hadn’t even informed him about their growing child inside her, being informed of the news in the morning, she planned on giving her husband a surprise. But, what now….
How will she live with a face resembling to her husband without his arms embracing her?
How will she live in a house with his memories surrounding her?
How will she lead a life without his voice firing opinions?
How will she live?
The questions shouted amongst the walls of her heart. He was gone. A futile accident had dragged him away from her. She stood up and looked around painfully. She had so much to say, so much to express and share but he had left her all alone. She thought of their last meeting, how he had kissed the top of her head in the morning and said, “I will be back home for dinner, sweetheart. Some fetish surprises in bed tonight.”
She had giggled as she bid goodbye to her husband for his meeting. She stood up and walked outside, his memories hypnotising her. Her heart screaming inside her ribs, and her soul tearing itself apart. She clutched the door and closed her eyes. His physical affection surrounding her, she smiled. It was all a lie, her husband was alive. She opened her eyes and whispered, “Love?”
But the daunting reality made her realise that she was all alone. Her beloved was lying dead on a hospital bed and there was no way she could ever gain his affection again. She fell on the floor and held her head in her palms, it was then that the tears began to fall.
The words chanting in her brain. The tears fell like rain as the reality and the loneliness embraced her and said, “He wasn’t there, but a part of his soul was still living inside her.”

While Going To Office Milk Man Ran Towards Me And Started Masturbating In Panchkula

Something’s not right here…

Hi.. Today i am going to share some incident which recently happened with me and completely change the way of life i was living earlier to now.
Well, we girls are always warned about stuff going around and being careful and aware of them all and keep ourselves safe but i always used to oppose it as why always girls have to take care , avoid shortcuts , wear fully covered cloths just so that men feelings stay in his control. However, I guess it is true that the elders know better. Just when I was starting to get too comfortable in my new flat which is located in Panchkula (Haryana) near Shimla highway, living in a well located and safe family area I thought I’ll always be safe and secured. I always thought that I was a modern girl living in a great locality with no time restraints and I’ll always be able to take care of myself and on my own but my beliefs were shattered one particular morning. I still remember every detail as clear as that very day. It started as a normal day just a little early as I had to reach my office earlier that morning due to a meeting that was being conducted in my bank. The scene in front of me looked normal as the milkman was coming to distribute the milk in the locality, just like any other normal day.

As I was heading towards the gate, I noticed something unusual. He looked at me in a really unfamiliar and offending way.  While he saw me staring at him he first ran towards the wall and turned around doing something which I couldn’t figure out at the moment and I thought he was peeing, a normal circumstance in India. He was constantly looking at me and was smiling then I noticed he was actually jerking off while looking at me. But then I noticed him staring at me and it was strange so I looked a second time and noticed that he was masturbating looking at me and to my utter horror he was smirking at me when he caught me doing what he was doing. After seeing him i was shocked and had no idea what  should i asked him directly “Sharam nhi hai kuch ” (Are you not ashamed)  and he kept smiling   so i  thought about going to him and slap him for such act and started walking towards him but then stopped as did not felt its right thing to do and could end me in a more trouble. I said to him wait here i will call police and started dialing number and walking towards near police station which is on walking distance.

I also would like to share that number of old men passed my way while that scene was happening and didn’t even care about what was going on . And they are same old people who react so much when seeing any couple hugging or holding hands in park and talk about culture, shit to those peoples when they should actually stand they act as blind.


Continue to that while i was moving towards  police station i saw  couple of policemen standing outside. I told them about the incident and asked them to go and arrest him. They asked me to come along but I was scared as well as in a hurry so didn’t. Now, I have no idea about what happened next.

Now i just keep thinking what would have happened after i went , may be the police have scolded him and now he might have hatred for me and could think of doing something more worst as he visits the society daily and must have an idea that i dont live with my family. Even in the road where this incident happened at the time when i come back from office becomes so dark and if in day time such things can happen what could have happen in night time .

I regret i have not taken his pics or video but that time my mind did not worked.

I know while reading this most people will think its not much big thing and normal in India so forget it but being a girl living far from family its not a normal thing to feel the fear of what could have happened if it was night time or might happen in future if comes again in front of me or any other girl.