Author: Dr Dimpy Gupta


12 Hilarious PMS Confessions By Girls

We girls hate periods, don’t we? Some girls confessed the weirdest things they did while they were PMSing and we can’t help but laugh and agree! While mood swings can be annoying, at least you can find comfort in knowing you are FAR from being the only person in the …
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8 Home-Remedies To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

It’s hard fact that we all like a smiling face. And it’s also true that your perfect lighter teeth without stains can further brighten your smile and bring overall glow on your face. For many, stained or yellow teeth can be a source of embarrassment, and they can indicate various …
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7 Exercises To Make Your Breast Shape Perfect

Every Woman want her breast to be nice and perky .Nobody like sagging breast!!  There are simple and effective exercises  to bring your breasts back to shape and look absolutely great every time you wear a push-up bra. These moves will accentuate your curves and get you amazing results in …