Dr Dimpy Gupta

After completing my Post Graduation from Symbiosis International University (Pune) & being from medical background , I have worked with reputed healthcare sectors in Mumbai, Delhi & Pune like Fortis, Max & Sancheti Hospital ,Metropolis Labs & World Health Organization (for Polio Vaccination Drive).I really like to pen down my thoughts & willing to contribute a little towards every single : safe, healthy & happy “Woman Of Our Nation”!!

Tips for Alone Woman to Handle Unexpected Danger


It’s a sad fact of the world we live in that women need to be more aware of self defense tactics than men.

Many women are scared every day, because they know that if a man decides to attack them, they won’t stand a chance against his enhanced strength. Women need to make self-protection a greater priority.

The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be in the event you are targeted . It’s just as important to be aware of a few simple tips and techniques that can help you escape or survive your attack unmolested.


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  • Show that you’re aware:Always be alert and act that you are aware of what’s happening around you. Potential assailants prefer women that seem distracted or preoccupied. If you look assertive and aware, they might never initiate the assault. Consequently, your best self defense strategy is to not be an easy target. Walk tall with good posture &head up. Don’t wear headphones, your ears are a valuable resource in knowing what is going on around you especially after dark.


  • Mentally Prepare Yourself : By mentally preparing yourself, you will be less likely to become frozen by fear and unable to defend yourself if the “unthinkable” were to happen. Be aware , that such an incident may happen you anytime. So, prepare yourself beforehand, to how to react in such a situation instead of just standing still & bear the worst. Use mental imagery to plan a strategy for different scenarios. By contemplating threatening situations in this way, you are training your body and mind to act from a place of power instead of weakness and paranoia.


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  • Prepare your body:If you sense danger, immediately go to a starting fighting position. Move your hands close to your chest, place your right foot a bit ahead of the left and tilt your body forward. Your body is now ready for a physical confrontation. Take a self-defense seminar, or at the very least watch some videos online. Practice the techniques you learn. Don’t let the hair get in the way. It’s better to let your hair out and tuck it into your collar. They also look for clothing that will be easy to remove quickly, like short skirts or anything with straps that can be cut. So, dress yourself properly. Avoid tight fitting clothes that will restrict your movement.




  • Stay Visible : Be conscious of the route you choose to get home. If there are busier streets with better lighting that add ten minutes to your walk but will keep you safe, take them. Take a wide path around corners to avoid being surprised. You can make yourself a harder target by controlling your accessibility, setting and circumstance


  • Be Car Smart : Predators target parking lots and cars to plan their attacks. Have your keys in your hand before you leave the building. For extra protection hold a few of them in between your fingers to use as a weapon if needed. Wait until you are close to your car to unlock it. If you unlock it from across the lot, someone can easily hop in and hide without you noticing. Once you’re in the car, lock the doors and start driving. The safest option would be to never walk to your car alone. If no one is leaving when you are, ask someone to walk you to your car.



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  • Have a weapon to reach forAn umbrella, a set of keys or a pen can make all the difference in a moment of crisis.Look for stuff that might scare him away, break a window, turn on a car alarm or let some trash cans fly. So, Carry items that will help you out if you end up in a bad situation. At the very least, a whistle will alert other people around you that something is wrong and at best it may scare away any potential attacker. Personal pepper spray canisters are a great option


  • Know Your Strengths & His Weakness : Your elbow is the strongest point on your body. If you get close enough, use it. If you end up on the ground, use your legs to kick free from your attacker. Go for his five weakest points: eyes, nose,throat, groin and knees. If you are grabbed around the waist from behind, pinch your attacker under the arm, in between the elbow and armpit or in the upper inner thigh… HARD.


  • You Have the Right to Fight :  Don’t be afraid to fight if you feel threatened in any way. The women who don’t resist are more likely to be assaulted and sustain more serious injuries than women who fight back. When under attack, always remember“Strike first! Strike hard! Strike fast! No mercy!” Direct any punches you throw at your attackers face . Your goal is not to stay and fight; it is to break away from your attacker so you can run for help.


  • Stay Alert on Vacation: People on vacation are prime targets for predators, especially women travelling alone. Use valet parking if it’s available. Keep your hotel room locked and never let anyone in your room that you don’t know. If someone says they work for the hotel, call the front desk to confirm. Never leave an extra room key lying around for someone to grab, when the maid isn’t looking. Also, never let anyone know that you are travelling alone.


  • Call for help: Calling for help may not provide it but it may scare the attacker enough to allow you to escape. Many women get confused and don’t know what to scream. Shouting ‘fire’ for instance can be better and more attention-grabbing than simply yelling ‘help’.


Facing the possibility of being the target of a violent crime is frightening, but there’s no need for women to live a paranoid-filled life. Although you can’t control every situation, you can make smarter decisions, like avoiding unnecessary risks. Learn to trust your intuition and how to defend yourself

The Story of Girl who became Mother at age of 15 after getting Raped and was sold for Prostitution

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“You’re not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor , setting the world on fire with your truth and you never know who needs your light, your warmth, and raging courage”

The above lines, rightly hold true for a braveheart lady from Nepal who was raped at a young age of 15 and being a single mother, she raised her daughter despite being sold for prostitution. This story , as narrated by the courageous lady herself adds tragic layers at each point, and makes for a heart-rending ordeal. Definitely, she can be changed by what happened to her, but she refused to be reduce by it.



Sharing her distressing story , the courageous lady told that she grew up in the temple where she was informed by the priests about her parents death, after she was born. She don’t even remember seeing them. Unfortunately, a uniformed man raped her and she became a young mother around the age of 15, when she was in Nepal. She remembered playing in the temple with no idea of what is the world and eventually, the life changed completely for her. When the unidentified man & baby’s father discovered that she was with his child, he ran away. Her life changed completely after that, and from being a carefree teenager, she began begging in the temple for herself and her daughter and lived on the crumbs and clothes people gave them. She continued living in the temple and cooking for them in exchange for shelter.

Then one day,when she was cooking on the chulha, she  was approached by a man ,who used to regularly come to the temple and told her to accompany her so that he can take her to his sister’s place in India, where she will have no tension for money anymore. As a scared and desperate girl of 16 with a baby, she eagerly nodded her head and followed him blindly to get her daughter out of the situation, they were in.

However , after she reached Pune, she realized that she wasn’t going to work as a domestic help. The ‘sister’ that person had mentioned was a brothel keeper whom she was sold for Rs. 1 lakh. She cried so much that she used to turn red. Like other normal girl, she also refused to work in that trade for the first 5 months when she was in Pune , she used to be beaten with sticks and slapped until someone bought her. He used to force her to go with a man who repelled her , dragged her and forced himself on her.


After few months, this agent sold her to a Seth in Mumbai  for Rs. 60 thousand as she was too difficult for him to manage. The Seth was a nice person. Once , she reached Mumbai, life turned different for her and she started willingly going for the kind of work which she refused earlier as, it was the only way to feed her daughter. She used to leave her with a lady nearby whom she paid Rs. 4000 every month. By that time, she was already infected with TB and HIV and she was a lost and wasted life, when she was young itself. After spending nine years in the brothels of Mumbai, numerous fights with the brothel keeper, alcohol addiction, living in deplorable conditions and entertaining drunk men; she finally chose to leave the area when hope was offered to her by Purnata.


She dream of living with her daughter together someday, who is now in a hostel. Hopefully, she will get a good employment after finishing her training. Her life is about her now — She don’t know how long she will live, but like every other mother, she want to make sure her daughter is educated and can support herself. Her life has been miserable, but she drew strength and motivation from wanting to raise her daughter well. The strength she  had these past few years have been solely because she is a  a mother…else ,she must have given up long back. But she won’t give up as she was not ready to let these men, who came night after night to break her. She is a true fighter and she won’t let evil men win.”.Rightly ,


She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear”


But, one thing I will not understand ,” Why it is more shameful to be raped than to be a rapist??” 


So, overlooking sexual assault is not okay — trying to make it disappear and knowing about it while not doing anything about it isn’t going to change anything. We are humans and all deserve to be treated with respect. We need to listen to survivors when they gather the unspeakable amount of courage it takes to speak up and say “me too”. We need to fight for the people who can’t fight for themselves. Something has to be done to make a valuable and precious change..


“Rape is not a dirty secret, it is a violent crime, Don’t be ashamed of your story it will inspire others”


Gorgeous Hairstyles For Wedding Functions

When your best pal’s wedding is around and you are busy preparing for all the events of the wedding to look your best in your bestest attire & make-up so, how you can miss having the perfect hairstyle also to complete your look. No doubt, it’s the perfect time to try something new with your hair.

Below given are a few hairstyles that will make you stand out among the crowd :

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The Natural Loose Curls: It is one of the simplest hairstyle that never goes out of fashion.when you are short of time ,of course because of hectic wedding schedule and duties to can always trust on this kind of hairdo. It’s simple : Post washing your hair, blow dry your hair straight using a round brush. Keep the brush curled inwards towards the ends of your hair for inward curls. This  pretty hairstyle will match all the outfits you have in mind for every occasion this wedding season.

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Traditional Side-parted juda : To give your face  a softer look,ask your hairstylist for a side parting. Thishairstyle works best if you have a side fringe. Give the fringe some bounce and part it the way you always do. Go all out by tying a gajra (i.e. a garland of flowers) around your bun. You may also try a low bun to look extremely elegant . Stepping away from a tight high bun, you may chose to give your hair some volume at the front and a low messy bun at the back.


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The Side-Twist Braid:. Tie a side braid from the crown and continue braiding till you create a fishtail. Secure the fishtail braid with a colorful band. To make it look classier, add some fancy pins and a fancy hair brooch to your braid. This look is perfect for a mehendi or an engagement function

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Braids, Curls and Floral Embellishments : A perfect hairstyle like this will definitely set you apart from everyone else! The twisted braids adorned with flowers will add freshness to the rest of the curled locks!Surely, Curls run the world!


Image result for Retro Beehive Look indian

The Retro Beehive Look : Going for the high beehive look at wedding or other functions can be a really interesting option for you.Extremely ease to create, this look makes you elegant, classy and makes a voluminous effect for your hair. All you need is a large bumpit and a few bobby clips or a single small clutch clip for this hairstyle. Clutch a small portion of your hair from the crown area, in the front. Take the bumpit and fix it in the middle of your head. Now open the clutch and pull the section of hair back, gently placing it over the bumpit. Cover the bumpit with the hair as neat as possible. Let the ends fall back and fix your hair by clipping it .Now lock the hair section over the bumpit either with bobby clips /clutch clip.


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Zari French Braid : You just need to add a simple gold thread to your regular French braid! It ‘s an easy updo for a wedding season & will look very beautiful. You can also add flowers to your French-braid  and a usual hairstyle can be turned into a beautiful work of hair-art for girl-gang!



Psychological Tricks To Help You Nail the Interview of Your Dream Job

When it comes to job interviews, how you act can make as much of a difference as what you say. While interviewers consciously take note of the answers you provide, your body language reveals subconscious clues to your personality and attitude.

Standing apart from other applicants hinges on making a great first impression. While meeting the job requirements, you must connect with the hiring manager, presenting yourself as likable. There are many mental tactics that help. Below given are six to use on your next job interview.

1) Warm up : When you reach early, go to the bathroom and warm your hands, under hot water / a hand dryer. It will inspire confidence. Cold, clammy hands are a big  turn-off. Putting yourself in the right mindset from the start will calm your nerves and help you focus.

2) Take your time : You might feel compelled to answer each question right away, but always take time to collect your thoughts. You will sound more articulate and confident to your interviewer. It communicates to people that you know your own value. The vibe is that of someone who knows that what they have to say is worth the extra wait.

3) Watch your body language : A nervous habit, such as cracking your knuckles or playing with your pen, can give the wrong impression to your interviewer.   Similarly, don’t fidget too much. This makes the interviewer uncomfortable, because they see how restless you are.

4) Hold your palms open or steeple your hands: Demonstrating your palms, for the most part, shows genuineness while squeezing the fingertips of your hands together  shows confidence. Again,tapping your fingers, demonstrates eagerness; collapsing your arms,  shows dissatisfaction.

5) Be Honest About Your Greatest Weakness : One of the most common interview questions of all time is, “what’s your greatest weakness?” It’s always important to provide an honest answer.

Everyone has a weakness. Maybe you’re not as organized as you’d like to be. You can acknowledge this by saying, “I’m not always as organized as I’d like to be, which is a weakness that I’m  committed to improving.” Honesty will get you much better results than trying to lie or humble brag.

6) Utilize Strong Eye Contact at the Start of the Interview, but Don’t Smile Too Much

Most interviewers will have a better impression of you if you make solid eye contact for a few seconds at the beginning of your interview. It’s also wise to make eye contact off and on throughout the entire interview.When it comes to smiling, though, you need to be cautious. Excessive smiling, is not a good way to impress your interviewer. Yes, you need to smile when you meet them ,but too much smiling will look fake..

Hopefully these tips have given you some helpful things to think about as you prepare for your next interview.

Homemade Remedies for Dry and Chapped Lips

Dry and chapped lips is the common problem faced by all men & women as lips has no oil glands. It may happen in any season: summers or winters! Dryness and peeling skin on the lips can get a bit annoying. Also, your lips are a focal point of your smiling face. Smooth, healthy lips can make you look more vibrant and attractive.

The best way to prevent this problem is by providing the lips with the hydration and nourishment . Before we get into the wonderful home remedies , for chapped lips, it’s important to know that Water is an essential part of any beauty regimen. It helps to keep your body and skin well hydrated. No matter how many remedies or lip balms you use, if you do not drink enough water, your chapped lips are going to keep coming back. So, first and foremost, drink plenty of water during the day and use the remedies given below for faster results.



  • Honey: The moisturizing property of honey is great  to heal the cracked and chapped lips. Simply apply pure honey on lips, several times a day .It has anti-bacterial properties, which treat the lips well.. Honey can also be mixed with glycerine and applied on the lips.


  • Coconut oil : . Just rub a small amount onto your lips several times a day.It is one of the best natural chapped lip remedies. It’s rich in medium-chain fatty acids that easily absorb into the skin. Best of all, it serves as a softening agent and a moisturizer.


  • Aloe Vera Gel : The healing properties of  aloe vera are well known to everyone and it also helps a person having dry and chapped lips. Aloe vera gel can be applied directly on lips, which besides healing the chapping, also relieves the pain. Though, the taste of aloe vera is unpleasant, but it has powerful remedial features.


  • Mustard Oil: Applying lukewarm mustard oil in the navel is the best cure for very dry lips.


  • Cucumber : Rub a small cucumber sliceover your chapped lips. Leave the juice on your lips for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it off.  Raw cucumber is 90 percent water and therefore acts as a great natural moisturizer for dry, chapped lips. Cucumber is also rich in vitamin C, which enhances collagen production.


  • Petroleum Jelly: Petroleum jelly is the best and easiest way of treating dry lips. Simply apply petroleum jelly over lips, several times a day, to provide them proper nourishment and protection.Before applying petroleum jelly, a thin coat of honey can also be applied. Remove the coating in the morning, after keeping it overnight, with the help of a cotton ball dipped in warm water. Repeat the remedy twice a day.


  • Green Tea bag for chapped lips : Dip the green tea bag in hot water for a few minutes. Place this tea bag on the lips. Leave it on for a few minutes. Repeat this once daily. Green tea contains antioxidants and tannins that help to heal the dry and dehydrated skin on your lips. It also relieves the burning sensation you may experience due to the dryness .


  • Lukewarm Ghee: You can apply lukewarm ghee or butter in navel or on lips to get rid of chapped and cracked lips.


  • Sugar method for chapped lips : Mix the sugar with the olive oil and honey. Do not let it dissolve. Apply this mixture on your lips and scrub gently in circular motions. Wash the scrub off with lukewarm water.Use this scrub every alternate day initially. Then, continue to use it once or twice a week to maintain soft and smooth lips. Scrubbing your lips will exfoliate and get rid of the layer of dry and flaky skin. As a result, your lips will become soft and supple. This also reveals their natural color as circulation is improved.


  • Milk Cream: The milk cream is a great natural lip moisturizer, which can be used daily by directly applying on lips and gently washing it with lukewarm water. This is an excellent treatment for severe dry lips.

12 Hilarious PMS Confessions By Girls

We girls hate periods, don’t we? Some girls confessed the weirdest things they did while they were PMSing and we can’t help but laugh and agree! While mood swings can be annoying, at least you can find comfort in knowing you are FAR from being the only person in the world who experiences them and all the other bizarre effects of premenstrual syndrome. More than 3 million women suffer from it. It’s downright cruel that you have to suffer before AND during your period.

For some people, the stage before  menstrual cycle, aka PMS, can cause weird emotions. Girls might be irrationally angry one second, and the other second, they may be crying. Maybe, you usually can’t stand the sight of mayonnaise, but suddenly start craving a mayo sandwich.

Image result for PMS Girls

Let’s have a look, what girls confessed about their PMS…

  • Sometime you know when it’s about to happen, and other times it just surprises you .Your breast start to feel tender, you get headaches, mood swings, fatigue and food cravings. It’s PMS — or your body’s way to tell you that your uterus is about to shed and bleed LITERALLY everywhere. Boys like to laugh and make fun of how emotional we get during “that time of the month,” but we really can’t help it. We’re just overfilling with hormones and emotions. If guys think it’s unpleasant for them, then they have no idea , what’s it feel like, for us.


  • Everything goes better with chocolate PMS: Today I dipped a hot cheeto in chocolate frosting. No shame.”


  • Every time I’m PMS-ing, I totally avoid my BF for “me time” and needing him to wait on me hand-and-foot. There’s no in-between. Some days (the worst days), I fully have to avoid him (pretend he doesn’t exist) because I fear that if he says or does the “wrong thing,” I might do something I’ll later regret. Other days, anytime he leaves my side, even just to go to the bathroom, I get such bad anxiety I end up in tears. To an outsider or anyone who doesn’t have ovaries, this all makes me sound like a total lunatic and the worst girlfriend in the world. But, to be frank, I’m a really sweet and endearing GF the other 27 days out of the month.


  • “I called in sick to work this morning because I was PMSing and was pissed off cause my outfits didn’t look cute enough. I calmed down and now I am like ‘WTF, me.'”


  • Personally, I think everywhere should be a no-judgement zone when you are PMS-ing or on your period. Nobody needs to comment or judge you . Even ,if you  got mad at your boyfriend for looking at some girl’s selfie for 1.7 seconds too long. Or, that you haven’t changed your underwear in two days because they are your “period panties” and you don’t want to ruin any of your non-period panties. Everything you do when your PMS-ing is 100% your business, 100% justifiable, and should never be questioned.


  • “I was PMS-ing so bad once that my microwave told me to enjoy my meal and I burst into tears coz I thought it was the only one that cared about me.”


  • I like to utilize my PMS time to grant myself permission to do the things I wouldn’t normally do. Such as ordering (and eating) an entire pizza to myself, playing hooky from work so I can stay in my PJs all day, or skipping my trip to the gym. And, I can’t be alone in this.


  • Laughed so much at nothing I vomited into my hands then looked at my boyfriend at the time and said I’m sorry and started crying hysterically.”


  • Whenever I’m PMS-ing, I react as if I’m the hungriest girl in the world. Which is why I like to do all my heavy eating in private, where no one can judge me for my supersize order. Or make inferences about my weight or body type. In fact, I would go so far as to hide my binge-eating by ordering pizza and pretending I was ordering for two people .


  • “In 7th grade, I raised my hand and asked if I could murder someone.”


  • As soon as you feel that sneeze coming on, you know it’s game over. And If you’re lucky, it’s happened to you in the privacy of your own home where you have the means to “deal” with the situation (shower and change immediately). But most of us aren’t that lucky. And a perfectly timed powerful sneeze has the ability to catalyze that unwanted gush between our legs, send us awkwardly rushing to find a bathroom “I presented a period PowerPoint for my boyfriend and some of his frat brothers to explain to them why ‘shake it off’ is not the correct response to ‘I have cramps'”.


  • Also, If I’m PMS-ing & were in a more political mood, I might comment on how society’s current ideal beauty standards portrayed by the media are having a detrimental effect on the female population’s body image and self-confidence.


Girls turn into a ‘ferocious monster’ when they are PMS-ing? The fury is real. They are like , don’t even look at me the wrong way or I might lose my mind. What if we saved all the hard stuff life throws at us ,for that time of the month when you don’t take crap from anyone.

Honestly, we females get a bad wrap for our PMS antics. I can’t tell you how many times I have wished that my husband, or any member of the opposite sex, could experience just once, the emotional, hormonal rollercoaster we endure every month so that they might lay off us a little the next time the lady in red comes a knockin’. However, in some ways, I’m glad it’s us and not them…because can you imagine the damage that might come from a swarm of men PMS-ing? I don’t think they could handle it. If there is a time you deserve more respect, it’s on that time of the month. It seems to me, we might be capable of putting our PMS to good, and winning some of life’s smaller (but still noteworthy) battles by wielding the great power of our hormones

Girls, While PMS blows, try to see the silver lining in it all as often as you can. Yes, your hormones are playing tricks on your mind, and the whole ‘shedding of your uterine lining’ thing is zero fun, but how utterly amazing is it that your body is capable of creating new life? Just try to remember that there’s always a positive side. When you are in the height of your pre-menstrual symptoms, you must use the occasion as an opportunity for self-care. Maybe you can have a hot bath or meditation/yoga to relax yourself, and just crawl into the bed well before bedtime to catch up on your favorite TV programme.

Women ,are simply expected to suffer silently through their PMS cramps? I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to suffer silently. Why should I? It’s a perfectly natural thing that happens to all  women. We literally cannot change the fact that we get our period so everybody else needs to get over it if they’r not comfortable talking or listening about it. We deserve the right to cringe a bit when it feels like someone is reaching up inside, grabbing a fistful of our fallopian tubes  and twisting, twisting, twisting. The point I’m trying to make here is that PMS- and the cramps that come with it, are really, really painful to many. And we all probably deserve a medal or an award or something for enduring them every single month.

The greatest advice I was ever given about PMS was to simply feel your feelings and then own them 100%. So, to every other girl out there- go forth and own your crazy, tumultuous, hyperbolic, sometimes insane feelings. It’s all going to be okay in a day or so.


Benefits and Issues of Marrying In Young Age !!


No doubt , the legal age for marrying girls in India is 18 years and for the boys is 21 years. There was a time in India , when child marriages were prevalent and at that age ,the couple is too young to understand the real meaning of this relationship called ,”Marriage” .Also, the girls are not biologically and physically mature & strong to bear a child at such an early age. But, as the time changed and so many social activists play a crucial role in decreasing the number of child marriages so ,that the children can get enough time to complete their studies & be totally self-dependent and girls especially be strong physically, emotionally and biologically to start their own families. Thus , the situation in India ,in this respect has shown a drastic change but still, in most of the states like Rajasthan, UP, Bihar etc child marriages (marriages at a very early age) have been a common happening

So, one- third of the girls in the developing countries are married at an early stage. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of getting married at an early age :

Positive Sides :

1) Ample time to bond & Love : Getting married young gives the opportunity for your love to blossom. You and your partner start life together, form your daily habits together and develop your likes and dislikes together unlike those couples who struggle to adopt each other’s lifestyle , when married late.

2) Finance Management : Since you both start at a young age, you learn to look after your finances like a team. Money will never be ‘mine’ and ‘yours’, it will be ‘ours’. You both learn to stick to a budget and keep aside a certain amount of money every month in the form of savings. Also, it is not an easy task to make a career and look after the family or household. Moreover, it should not be an easy thing to feed the kids even after retiring. This will indeed be self-sacrificing throughout your life. Thus, it is important that your children should be older to look after themselves as you retire from your job. As a result, you will be financially stable that should be vital for the household.

3) No pressure to have kids at the earliest : Heard of the honeymoon years of a marriage? You and your bae will have immense time to enjoy and roam the world before the biological clock starts ticking unlike the couples who marry late and hence are constantly pressurized by their families to plan a baby. When they do, it will be the end of their happy moments of not having to worry about whose turn it is to take care of the baby, especially during the night.

4) Better Understanding & responsible attitude: Marrying early gives you your share of responsibilities hence making you a more responsible person when compared to unmarried people of your age. Since you both spend so much time together, you guys develop a great tolerance and understanding level towards each other This will also give an opportunity in developing a good sense of understanding of both partners. This will likewise give them strength emotionally to bring them closer to their family. It will provide more time for women to learn the household works and make them responsible daughter-in-law and wife as well. This will also be applicable for men

5) Role of Young Parents
When couples marry early, they will likely be parents to their children at their 30s. Thus, they will still be strong and able to be the young parents of their children. More so, parents who are younger can be considered cooler parents where generation gap will not be a big issue.

6) Time Play: No worries to miss Mr. Right! : Although marriage is a huge decision to make, it doesn’t require the perfect time. Thus, it can take place anywhere as it is clueless. Couples should get into the sanctity of marriage the moment they feel they are ready to do it. However, if you wait for marriage, it might cost you the right person.

7) Less Baggage in Life: Marrying at a young age can provide less baggage compared to those who marry later in life. Also, younger couples should have lesser complexities to be untangled which can result from failed relationships in the past. For some though, it is chastity that should be a more important concept in which the marital bed is the only place they would first have sex. However, they would have thought of marrying early instead of denying themselves the love and just getting frustrated as a result.


Image result for married couple issue

Negative Sides:

1) Compatibility Issues : Compatibility between the partners  have a huge impact on couples marriage. People who marry at a younger age have no idea about the partners prefrences. Thus, you will be pushed to live under one roof (if it’s not a love marriage) which may impact you mentally and emotionally, if it’s not a blissful marriage, which will eventually ruin your life..Though the time that you get to spend together after marriage more than makes up for the lost time before marriage. So,sometimes not knowing each other before tying the knot could unfortunately result in lack of compatibility and a failed relationship

2) Immaturity : Sometimes , in a case of love marriage at very young age when both partners are not mature enough and they fail to understand the commitments that marriage life demands. In India, it’s just not bonding of two hearts but bonding of two families.. Before marriage, couple fall in love with each other and feel the other person is best for them..And without, even settling their careers they decide to get married..But ,they get to know the bitter truth after marriage. In many cases of love and early marriages ,couples are not able to adjust with families or with each other as responsibilities in a relationship grows. Eventually, resulting in divorces!

3) Financial Security Issues : Most men who marry at a very young age are not settled well in life yet and not even ladies. Thus, when it comes at handling family responsibilities, it put lot of financial pressure on the men of house. Likewise, there will be difficulties that would arise in terms of financial insecurity when they will not have sufficient knowledge or qualification and definitely job opportunities will also be less. So, if both of the partners would not be financially stable, when they decided to take the plunge. It will result in drifts if things don’t work out as planned post marriage

4) Education & Fun : It’s not necessary that your education remains incomplete because of an early marriage. People do complete their studies even after getting hitched but in that case, they eventually miss out on the trademark fun of college days. Since you will always have to rush home after your classes, you won’t have the opportunity to hang out with your friends. Your partner will always be your priority. Also, it’s little difficult to maintain balance when you have kids and have exams, at the same time. Also, women can face the dilemma of having incomplete education. Indeed, it is basic education that is required early in life. For this reason, children must be properly educated at a very young age in order to avoid the complications of married life.

5) Higher Risk of Miscarriages or Abortions : Women who get pregnant early in life are more prone to abortions or miscarriages. This is because , they are not aware about things like bodily changes, proper diet and how to take care of themselves during pregnancy or they are not so mindful of things to avoid. Lack of proper diet can also be a cause of miscarriage.

6) Tendency to Make Compromises
When people marry young, especially the women, they tend to deviate from their chosen career. They would experience the worst as they would be compelled to become a dropout in order to give way for their babies and family. Likewise, husbands can be forced to compromise on rewarding opportunities for a job and training when they are required at home to take care of the family and the baby or the wife who can’t manage all alone.

Needless to say, life necessitates marriage to make a person complete. The choice may be done at an early stage in life or at a later age. However, the most important thing is to get married when there is stability of emotions and financial security. Now , as you all know about the pros and cons of marrying at an early age, take out time and ponder over it before you decide to get married at an early age. The right time to get married is one of the most critical elements in a successful relationship and you definitely don’t wanna go wrong with this one.


8 Home-Remedies To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

It’s hard fact that we all like a smiling face. And it’s also true that your perfect lighter teeth without stains can further brighten your smile and bring overall glow on your face. For many, stained or yellow teeth can be a source of embarrassment, and they can indicate various types of dental problems. Teeth sometimes develop stains as a result of consuming particular foods or drinks. Plaque buildup can also make your teeth look dull or yellow In some cases, infections and diseases can cause discolored teeth.

Whatever the cause of your tooth discoloration, you may wonder how to get your natural tooth color, without an expensive professional treatment. Few people esp. the celebrities spend lakhs of rupees per year on professional teeth whitening, which is a treatment that uses bleach to remove stains .But, if you don’t want to spend the time or money at the dentist, you can try out some natural remedies. Also, some people are uncomfortable with the idea of having bleach or other chemicals on their teeth as they may find it expensive or full of artificial ingredients and man-made chemicals or even find it irritating to teeth and gums.

Most home remedies work by gently scrubbing away the stains on the surface of the teeth. Some provide an immediate brightening effect, and others will gradually restore your natural teeth color. Depending on the cause and severity of your tooth discoloration, you may find that some remedies work better than others:

1) Baking Soda : Baking soda is one of the best natural ways to restore your natural tooth color. Baking soda is a mild abrasive, so it gently scrubs away stains on your teeth. You can mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 2 or 3 teaspoons of water and use the paste to brush your teeth. However, baking soda can be abrasive on your gums, so you shouldn’t use it every single day. You can also mix a couple teaspoons of baking soda with lemon juice. Use your toothbrush to evenly apply the paste over all surfaces of your teeth. After a minute, rinse the paste off. Make sure you don’t leave the paste on your teeth for longer than a minute and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Lemon juice is very acidic, and it can affect the enamel ,if left on your teeth for more than a minute.

2) Apple cider vinegar and water : Dilute half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Rinse your mouth with this solution every morning before brushing your teeth. You can use it every day.

3) Activated charcoal : Activated charcoal is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to naturally restore your teeth color. Crush up one charcoal tablet into a powder. Dip your clean wet toothbrush into it, and brush your teeth as you normally do.

4) Sea salt, lemon juice, and toothpaste : Mix half a teaspoon of sea salt and some freshly squeezed lemon juice with a small amount of toothpaste in a bowl. Apply the mixture to your teeth, and leave it on for a minute before rinsing your mouth thoroughly. Use it 1-2 times a week.

5) Hydrogen peroxide swish : Brush teeth with regular toothpaste. Mix ½ cup of water with 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, swish in your mouth for 1 minute. Brush and rinse with water to remove hydrogen peroxide. Repeat daily until you see lighter teeth.The peroxide bleaches stains from teeth to restore their natural color.

6) Powdered milk and toothpaste : Powdered milk will help to make your teeth pearly white and keep them healthy. Put some toothpaste on your toothbrush, add a bit of powdered milk on top of it, and brush your teeth. Use it1-2 times a week

7) Coconut oil pulling : Place a tablespoon of organic coconut oil in your mouth and swish/swirl it around your mouth (the way you’d use a mouthwash) for 5-20 minutes. Rise then sprinkle clean, damp toothbrush with baking soda and brush your teeth. Rinse.Oil pulling is an ancient technique that removes plaque and bacteria exposing whiter, brighter teeth. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and can also help to reduce gum disease. Baking soda is mildly abrasive which helps gently buff away surface stains.

8) Include Calcium in the diet : Yellowing or discoloration is sometimes caused by the erosion of tooth enamel, which exposes the yellow dentin underneath .Keeping the enamel strong will prevent the dentin from showing through, and calcium is one of the best nutrients for strong teeth. Foods with high amounts of calcium include:
• Milk
• Cheese
• Kale
• Broccoli
• Watercress
• Sardines
• Almonds

7 Exercises To Make Your Breast Shape Perfect

Every Woman want her breast to be nice and perky .Nobody like sagging breast!!  There are simple and effective exercises  to bring your breasts back to shape and look absolutely great every time you wear a push-up bra. These moves will accentuate your curves and get you amazing results in a short span of time! Although , the market is flooded with many creams and lotions that promise to help regain firmness and shape to saggy breasts, it is advisable to stay away from them and rather involve yourself in exercises. Do not use any cream or lotion unless your doctor gives a green signal, as some of them may cause serious side effects.


Image result for Breast exercise

  • Push Ups : It is a great way to tone your body and get into shape. They are not just great for your abs and biceps but also the chest. Do push-ups daily and see your breasts tone up!Get into a plank position and Make sure your body is straight. Now, lower yourself till you can feel your chest touching the floor. Keep the upper arms at a 45-degree angle. Push it back to the first position. Do around 10-15 reps.

Image result for Dumbbell Bench Press woman

  • Dumbbell Bench Press : It is one of the easiest breast lift exercises to do. Lie faceup on a bench with your arms straight, a dumbbell in each hand .Lower the dumbbells until they’re close to the sides of your chest , then press them back up to the starting position. That’s one rep. Do 10-15 reps,.

Image result for Elbow Squeeze exercise women

  • Elbow Squeezes: This work your chest muscles and make them firm and smooth. You will need dumbbells for this exercise. Stand up slightly bent forward and hold a dumbbell in each hand.Bring your elbows straight up until they make a 90-degree angle.Now bring the elbows close to one another.Do not allow the weights to drop.Squeeze them for a few seconds and open your arms wide again.Come back to the first position. Continue  for 10-15 times

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  • Wall Press: This is a much simpler exercise as it does not require any special equipment. This helps strengthen the pectoral muscles which in turn supports the breasts. Stand tall facing a wall. Now keep both your palms on the wall in front of your shoulders. Lean on to the wall, applying as much pressure as possible with your hands. Do this for 10-15 seconds. Then relax. Repeat 10 times


  • Swimming : It is an another workout you could try to lift your breasts. Not only does it burn a lot of calories within an hour, but also brings more beauty and shape to your chest.


Image result for Rear Lateral Raise woman

  • Rear Lateral Raise: The Rear Lateral Raise promises to sculpt your arms in no time. It is also a great chest workout. Stand straight and keep your feet close. Hold dumbbells in each hand and stretch your hands forward. Bend your knees and move those hips backwards until your torso is parallel to the floor. Raise your arms straight out towards the sides. Pause and then come back to the first position.

Image result for Dumbbell Fly women

  • Dumbbell Fly: The Dumbbell Fly is a super easy exercise to lift breasts and ensures great results. It is simple and very effective. Lie down on a medicine ball, and balance your torso on .Keep both the elbows bent gently. Lower the weights until they become even with your chest.Now bring the weights back up again. Do 10-15 reps.Rest for a minute and do another set.