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Fashion Tips & Hacks

10 Things About Your Looks That Can Make You Look Ugly

Here are  10 small things about your appearance that can make a bad impression. Christian Dior once said: “Simplicity, good taste, and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.” Some of us tend to forget about the third one, which undermines the value of the first two. Many can …
Fashion Tips & Hacks

10 Best Outfit Ideas for Shorter Women

Beautiful things often come in small packages.So,there’s nothing wrong about being on the shorter end of the scale. You have the freedom to wear whatever you like.However, in all honesty, short women often feel the need to create an illusion to look taller with their dressing . The idea is …
Fashion Tips & Hacks

5 Hairstyles You Can Do In Few Mins

A good hairstyle can make any women more confidant but when you have to rush to a meeting, a class or a flight in no time and clock is ticking against you, doing complicated hair style could weigh you down. Here is the solution to your problem, a list of …