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10 Traits of Toxic Parents Who Ruin Their Children’s Lives Without Realizing It

Psychologists and child behavior specialists can help us tell the difference between ungrateful children from those who have been victims of a toxic influence. For example, clinical psychologists Seth Meyers and Preston Ni explain how the actions of the parents can ruin the lives of their children. On the other hand, raising children is very difficult and no one has the right to be judgemental when it comes to someone’s particular parenting style. But there’s a very fine line between mistakes that parents make and the inappropriate behavior of toxic parents. This article can help determine and handle toxic situations that are harmful to our health.

Bright Side wants to find out what actually affects a сhild’s psyche and how to handle issues between parents and children.

10. “Be afraid of me but love me.”

For toxic parents, an emotional attack is synonymous with love and attention. In such families, kids know how to find out what mood their parents are in by the sound of dropped keys or by the scrape of footsteps. Such children live in constant fear and apprehension. These types of toxic parents often get offended if their kind actions are treated with suspicion. They claim,”I’ve done everything for you and you’re still so ungrateful.”

9. “You must deal with adult problems but you still have no rights.”

In toxic families, parents share their responsibility with their children. For example, a child believes that it’s specifically their bad behavior that makes their father consume alcohol to calm himself down.

Later, children will get dragged into adult scandals. Teenagers will be forced to listen to their parents’ complaints, adjust to a “complicated situation,” put themselves in their parents’ shoes, help, tolerate, and console. Unfortunately, in these cases, children have no right to express their opinion.

8. “Be the best but don’t forget that you’re not special.”

Narcissistic parents expect their children to perform at the highest level. However, all of the child’s achievements are taken for granted. Disparaging comments can truly ruin the lives of children because it makes them grow up believing that they’re always a disappointment to their parents.

7. “Open up to me but don’t be surprised at ridicule.”

Toxic parents force their children to be sincere and sometimes even make them feel guilty if they don’t want to share their feelings. Later, that same information is used against their children. There are 2 ways this can happen:

  • Relatives, neighbors, and other people are all aware of whatever the child has shared with their parents. And the parents really don’t see anything wrong with that.
  • A child gives their parents an opportunity to scold them or to add sarcastic comments.

6. “You’re bad so don’t even try to become better.”

The lower a child’s self-esteem is, the easier it is to control them. Toxic parents discuss their child’s failures and flaws and, in most cases, they comment on their child’s appearance because it’s one of the touchiest subjects. If there are no “obvious flaws,” they just make them up.

Such parents instill an inferiority complex in their children and they don’t want to see their child try new things and succeed. Toxic people don’t want to have a successful child who demonstrates their willpower.

5. “Improve yourself and forget about your plans for the future.”

Parents want their children to succeed but they don’t care how they’re going to do it. For example, they can expect their child to build a successful career just as long as they never leave the house.

A narcissistic parent will get excited about their child’s achievements for only 2 reasons:

  • They enjoy boasting about their success so that others envy them.
  • Successful children guarantee a better life for the parents.

Sometimes parents just remind children that there’s a huge distance between them and their cherished goals.

In this case, parents treat their child like an object: they make their own plans and expect their children to follow along. By the way, they don’t care about the consequences of having such total control all the time. If something goes wrong, it’s not their fault.

3. “Go away but don’t leave me alone.”

In healthy families, parents help their kids move out and live their own life. Toxic parents never want to let their children go but they always point out that the house, the money, and the food belongs to them. Any options or objections from the children is ignored in such cases.

What do such parents really want? They want their obedient children to stay by their side!

2. “Accept our help but stop exploiting us.”

These parents offer something that their children can actually do without but any refusal causes resentment. A child starts thinking, “My parents probably just want some company and want to feel needed.” So they accept the help, thank the parents, and offer something in return. But there’s no happy ending because the parents will always remind their children of that “favor” they did for them.

Kids turn into prisoners:

  • If they refuse their parents’ help. Children feel that it’s rude to decline a relative’s offer to help.
  • In case they accept their parents’ help. Children feel that they should be grateful to their parents for their support and must be ready to help at any moment.

1. “Trust me but always keep an eye out.”

Private life? Personal space? Neither exist for children of toxic parents.

If you try to restrict access to your personal territory, parents accuse you of distrust. Even your own apartment or house won’t protect a grown child since these types of parents just use emergency spare keys. And their children must always answer all the questions — “Why didn’t you wash that cup?” or “Why did you waste money on that rubbish?” Such parents have no respect for the lives and the personal decisions of their children.

How to handle a toxic parent?

It’s rather difficult to get rid of a toxic atmosphere — even for adults! Nevertheless, specialists have come up with some tips that can help us protect our personal boundaries and save a relationship. First, we have to realize the following facts:

  • We can’t change the past.
  • A toxic relationship is like a chronic disease — it’s almost impossible to cure it so you have to try to avoid any complication.

Recommendations are based on the understanding that each person has their own rights and needs that they shouldn’t be ashamed of. You have the right to:

  • Live in your own house and have your own rules.
  • Take no part in resolving issues of other relatives.
  • Limit access to your territory.
  • Gain your own experience and ignore your parents when they say “I know better.”
  • Manage your resources: money, time, and effort.
  • Choose your personal interests over those of your parents.

7 Curious Facts Your Appearance Says About You

Scientists have declared that physiognomy, the art of reading character from faces, is a fake science. However some researchers have proven that a face can deliver very important information about our personality. Carmen E. Lefevre from the University College London assures us that appearance is the product of genes, hormones, and lifestyle. This is why a human’s face can really be a mirror into our soul.

Bright Side put together 7 scientific studies for you which prove that a human’s face can say something really interesting about their personality. Even the way people pose for the camera can say a lot about their character. You will find a bonus in the end that will show that appearances can be very deceiving.

1. The face shape

Scientists have proven the connection between face shape and dominance. When studying the 2010 World Cup, Keith Welker, from the University of Colorado Boulder, confirmed that the ratio between the width and height of the soccer players’ faces could predict how many goals they would score.

The average ratio is usually around 2. Abraham Lincoln’s ratio was 1.93.

  • To figure out the calculations with your own face, measure the distance between your ears and the distance between the upper line of your eyes and your upper lip. The ratio between these two figures will show how high your chances for success are. According to scientists, the lower the figure, the higher the chances.

2. The prominent cheekbones

A study conducted by scientists from the University College London showed that men with a high level of testosterone have broad faces and thick cheekbones. The level of this hormone has a direct connection with aggressiveness, dominance, and a rebellious spirit. By the way, women subconsciously feel it.

  • This trick is regularly used by movie directors who choose men with rough facial features for the parts of alpha-males, rebels, and villains.

3. Wrinkles

Wrinkles betray not only a human’s age but also their character. A person uses different face muscles to smile, cry, frown, or raise an eyebrow. In time, these wrinkles show the most used emotion on a person’s face, even when they are calm and thinking about nothing.

  • Crow’s feet at the corners of lips and eyes say optimistic things about your personality. You sincerely love to laugh and are very emotional. At the same time, a crease of the forehead between the eyebrows says you’re a serious person who has gone through a lot in life.

4. A person’s profession, in just one shot

Many of us turn our face to a certain side when taking photos, thinking that we look more attractive this way. A study by scientists from the University of South Australia showed that the reasons for this action are much deeper. It turns out that engineers, mathematicians, and chemists turn their right cheek to the camera more often, while artists and psychologists turn the left side of their face to the camera.

  • There was also a difference between genders. Women turn their head to the right more often, showing their left cheek. Researchers believe that the left side of the face is considered more attractive because it is controlled by the right side of the brain which is responsible for emotions.

5. Your selfie is your short autobiography.

Lin Kee, from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, analyzed 123 selfies taken from Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter. She found a curious connection between selfie types and a person’s personal traits. Friendly people prefer to take photos of themselves from below. Those people who are open to new experiences demonstrate positive emotions more often and are not afraid to look funny in their photos. While neurotic people tend to make the infamous ’duck face’ in their selfies.

  • Still scientists could not clearly define the personal traits of the people in the photos. This is because people tend to look better on their selfies than in real life, which complicates the task.

6. The size of your nose and your ambitions

The study of 1,700 photos of faces, actually of their noses, was published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery in 2013. The researchers examined 14 different shapes of nose and connected them with different personality types. It turns out that the bigger a nose is, the more ambitious its owner is.These people are more inclined to be perfectionists.

  • Scientists even researched the tip of the nose and concluded that if it’s big and meaty then this person will be an excellent investor and financier, and if the tip is small and delicate then its owner doesn’t care much about saving money.

7. The effect of Dorian Gray

Even two identical twins who are impossible to distinguish from each other gain more and more differences with age. It’s not even about genes, but about the lifestyle a certain person leads. Bad habits print their pattern on faces over time and help to immediately show what kind of life this person leads and what should be expected from them.

  • Of course, an alcoholic can easily be identified at first glance. But on the other hand, a human’s evils are not always reflected on their face. For example, serial killers and criminals have angelic faces sometimes.

Bonus: beauty = kindness?

Alexander Todorov, professor of psychology at Princeton University, is sure that we immediately form our impression about new people, but these judgements can often be very deceiving. They are based on something called the halo effect, a stereotype which connects behavior with appearance where beautiful people seem to be smart and kind.

To demonstrate his theory, Todorov asked students to assess the appearance of different composite portraits. People with child-like facial features, like round faces and big eyes, seemed to be fragile, naive, obedient, sincere, and kind. While gloomy, ugly, asymmetric faces were associated with unfriendly personalities.

  • Just remember how many times your first impression about a person was deceiving. Sometimes, positive and nice people turn out to be disappointing in the end, while those who made a bad first impression turn out to be wonderful people. This is because many people are more inclined to judge a book by its cover than to dive a little deeper and figure out who the person really is and what they are like.

We showed 3 photos of well-known criminals in this article. Have you managed to find them? Lindsay Lohan is not one of them.

These seemingly nice and regular people are real criminals: Ted Bundy is a murderer and a rapist, Rosemary West is known as one of the cruelest female serial killers, and Jeremy Meeks is a convicted felon, who was noted to be the handsomest criminal in the USA. It’s worth mentioning that after Jeremy was released from prison, he’s made a very successful career in the fashion industry. We hope, that he will set the example that people can change for the better.

16 Unexpected Movie Facts That Can Make You Watch Again

When we re-watch our favorite movies, we always find something new. You can only catch the small details, that are sometimes the key to the entire plot, if you’re really paying attention. In this article, you’ll find out facts from the world of movies that might come as a complete surprise to you.

Bright Side put together 17 facts from the world of movies which might make you want to watch a couple of your favorites again.

  • Both actresses played the part of Sarah Connor: Lena Headey in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series, and Emilia Clarke in Terminator Genisys.

  • Sean Connery acted as Harrison Ford’s father in the Indiana Jones movies. In reality, the difference between the actors’ ages is only 12 years.

  • The famous words of Sonny Corleone ’badabing’ in The Godfather were actually James Caan’s improvisation.

  • In both movies directed by Guillermo del Toro — Blade II and Hellboy II: The Golden Army — the main villains were played by Luke Goss. Both characters look as if they came from the same universe.

  • In the director’s cut of Aliens, Ellen Ripley’s daughter was acted by Sigourney Weaver’s mother — Elizabeth Inglis.

  • Carrie Henn who played Newt in Aliens is 42 years old now.

  • The stomach and hand from the poster of American Beauty belong to American model Chloe Hunter and not to actress Mena Suvari.

  • The prototype of the pit in The Dark Knight Rises is an ancient stepwell in Chand Baori.

  • Disney refused to produce Back to the Future because they thought that the relationship between Marty and his mother would offend the audience.

  • During the production of The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan was very much impressed with Tom Hardy, whose face was covered with a mask. After that the director decided that the actor just needed his eyes to be seen to deliver the character. That’s why, we can mostly only see only Tom’s eyes in Dunkirk.

  • In the last Bruce Lee movie, Game of Death, there is a scene when a villain changes blank bullets to actual ones to get rid of Bruce Lee’s character. In 1993, Bruce Lee’s son Brandon was shot by Michael Massee from a 44 caliber revolver during the production of The Crow. The real bullet in the barrel was unnoticed by the shooting crew and was released with a shot striking Lee in his stomach.

  • There is a small after credits scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl with Barbossa’s monkey.

Woman uses 2 lifelines to answer ‘Where is Great Wall of China’ in a show

A 26-year-old Economics graduate used two lifelines to answer ‘Where Is The Great Wall of China‘ in the Turkish version of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’. Su Ayhan first used the audience poll for her fourth question, which was worth 3,000 Turkish liras (₹38,000). After 51% people said China, she used ‘phone a friend’, following which she answered correctly.


Video got viral on YouTube, watch your self.

All Zodiac Signs: Personality Traits and Sign Dates


Most of us , are in habit to pick up the newspaper ,as the first thing in the morning ,just to check our horoscope! Your zodiac sign shows the constellation in which the Sun was located at the time of your birth. Each zodiac Sign may be symbolized by an animal (Fish, Cancer, Scorpio, …) or a mythical figure (Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius …), which express the nature of this sign. There are 12 signs in the Zodiac belt.

We all know the zodiac holds a lot of information about our personalities, including some of our positive and negative traits. Each sign has its own unique qualities and personality traits. It’s that mix that makes you human, so you should definitely appreciate every facet of your personality — even if it’s a so-called negative.

Let’s have a look your personality traits, depending on your Zodiac Sign:



1)Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Your friends can always count on your brutal honesty. You care for people— not just the ones in your life, but in general. They are always the ones to produce creative ideas. They are creative, different and rebellious at times since their childhood.

Positive characteristics: humane, visionary, progressive, objective, rational and scientific, good at socializing

 Negative or weak aspects: rejects tradition, tries to be different, restless and rebellious

Aquarius is humane, works for humanity, is involved in social matters, progressive and idealistic. You’re always ready to help out people in need. So, you are  honest, fair, and have a humanitarian streak.They not only dream because they are rational but they also prefer to be members of organizations that will turn their ideals into reality.



2) Pisces (February 19 – March 20):Your compassion and overly-trusting nature leaves you open for being taken advantage of and getting your heart broken. Tries to help less fortunate  people because of its good heart and compassion. Feels  indecisive often because it is a member of the changing group of signs. This makes them go into a state of seeking often, become undecided about what they want and feel disappointed.


Positive characteristics: sensitive, compassionate, strong imagination, artistic inspiration, creative, good at heart, faith in God

Negative or weak aspects: lack of will power, indecisive, lacking in self confidence, dreamy, avoids reality, feels sorry for himself.

So , Pisces can be effected by outer influences easily because of its sensitivity and can get hurt. Retreats into a dream world often due to strong  imagination.  Tends to avoid reality by doing so. So, You are compassionate, trusting, and intuitive .You tend to place your trust with the right people (most of the time, anyway). You always try to find the good in people.Sweet and sacrificing.



3) Aries (March 21 – April 19): Your drive will serve you well in your career.  Your spontaneity can sometimes read as recklessness, but it’s really just because you always believe things will work out. They are both productive in their fields of interest and are pleased when their efforts are acknowledged well by others.. They have warrior qualities that can withstand even the toughest conditions.. They do not hold grudges and can give anything to win back hearts when they realize their mistakes.

Positive characteristics: brave, sincere, dynamic, freedom-lovin spontaneous, adventurous and able to take initiatives, inspires others, childlike enthusiasm

Negative or weak aspects: hurrying to do things, egoism, demanding things instantly, reacting fast

They move fast and are practical people due to their excited nature . You’re optimistic sometimes to a fault, but it keeps your life exciting. Your intense drive serves you well in your career, which you probably know, as you’re already planning your move up the ladder.They like to learn new things and have a creative curiosity.



4) Taurus (April 20 – May 20): You truly are the definition of a good friend. Physically strong. Productive and creative in partnerships.Its weak points are its stubbornness and unlogical insistence. This could lead to stalemates in its relationships if jealousy is also involved. People know they can count on you whether that’s at work, in school, or in your relationships. While they may occasionally take advantage of that ,you don’t really mind being responsiblefor the bulk of the work.

Positive characteristics: friendly, high bearing capacity, strong willpower, developed sense of aesthetics, strong instincts, patient

Negative or weak aspects: stubborn, comfort loving, lazy, greedy, not flexible, possessive

Taurus needs security and stability in its relationships. It thinks for the long term and believes in loyalty. It has a soothing, peace giving nature. However it is also very possessive and could show strong jealousy if it feels insecure. It benefits from long term and profitable results in its relationships thanks to its constructive and determined nature. It is determined and gives a feeling of security. Its best qualities are its sense of aesthetics and the importance it gives to peace and harmony.



5) Gemini (May 21 – June 20):  Symbolized by a pair of twins, Geminis are known for having two distinct sides to their personality. One of those sides is highlighted by your knack for humour and fun.You’re an intellectual too, which makes you the perfect conversationalist.  Your kindness is contagious.

Positive characteristics: intellectual, logical, quick grasping, talented in writing and communication, talkative, joyful, full of knowledge

 Negative or weak aspects: changing, indecisive, two-faced, artificial, greedy, emotionally insufficient, gossiping, critical

Has a multi-dimensional and colourful personality. Learning is like breathing for Gemini people. Gets bored easily. Thinks and acts fast. Likes  to be knowledgable about every topic. They can appear to know a lot about a topic just by the way they present it even though they may not be masters of it. Influential speakers because of the way they use words.



6) Cancer (June 21 – July 22):  The people in your life know you as a loyal and Sensitive friend, who wears their heart on their sleeve. Can become depressed easily due to its constantly changing emotions. Will take a long time to save itself from negative feelings and to build trust.

Positive characteristics: empathy, motherhood, protective, sacrificing and receptive to other people’s needs, strong intuition

 Negative or weak aspects: over emotional, offended easily, changing, worries a lot, restless

Natives of this sign are soft like children, giving and receiving emotionally. They act with their emotions and protect their loved ones, giving them a special place in their heart. Very protective. But that sensitivity shouldn’t be confused with being a pushover, because you’re also surprisingly tenacious. Sometimes that tenacity can come across as overly-aggressive, but the truth is, you just won’t give up until you get what you want. Displays a tough portrait outside but actually has a sensitive and protective nature..They need a happy home and security to stay in balance.



7) Leo (July 23 – August 22): Leos, you’re the life of the party. But you already knew that. You’re friendly and approachable, which draws people to you. It’s not that you never get sad, of course. But your sense of humour and ability to laugh at yourself helps keep you positive even through rough patches.

Positive characteristics: noble, expanded thinking, generous, self confident, inspiring, artistic

Negative or weak aspects: egoistical, intolerant, vain

Leo is bright and proud ruler. Leos are smart enough not to waste energy on useless projects. Leos nature is to advise and manage others. They have a natural authority and they often do not even hide their own sense of superiority. Every true Leo likes to hear how good he is .They can sometimes be tactless and painfully honest. Leos would not like intentionally hurt anyone, but they are straightforward and do not like intrigues.Leo is the one on which others rely. Try to offer him help, definitely he rejects it.



8) Virgo (August 23 – September 22): You’re a perfectionist.  You are a hardworking perfectionist, who tends not to get caught up in unrealistic expectations. . Virgo speaks their truth, often with tact. Virgo may be tactful, but that doesn’t mean they can’t crack a joke. ”

Positive characteristics: brave, sincere, dynamic, freedom loving, spontaneous, adventurous, takes initiatives, inspiring, childlike enthusiasm

Negative or weak aspects: rushing into things, ego, demanding everything immediately, reacting

Your shyness can make you seem uptight, but you’re probably just focused on your latest project. You may be picky about who you bring into your life, but the ones that make it know you’re a reliable friend to have around. Virgo loves to serve those who need it.



9) Libra (September 23 – October 22): This sign is known for its balance and justice. Are good at creating harmonious and peaceful surroundings. Believe they can obtain positive results from their relationships. Cannot stand injustice and react to such things immediately. Many become activists and lawyers.

Positive characteristics: brave, sincere, dynamic, freedom loving, spontaneous, adventurous, takes initiatives, inspiring, childlike enthusiasm

Negative or weak aspects: rushing into things, ego, demanding everything immediately, reacting

They are able to create beauty in their surrounding.. They can bring a refined beauty and harmony to everything they touch. Good at decorating.Can focus on others before themselves. Always open to cooperation and partnerships. Ideal spouse and partner. Not fit to be alone.Good hearted and trustworthy. Their weakness is indecisiveness and inability to attain constant balance. Easily influenced by the views of others.



10) Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):  There’s a reason people are warned not to make a Scorpio mad. Your temper can get the best of you, but that comes from your passion for love and life. You’re fiercely brave, which can be intimidating to those less-confident, but your fearlessness will get you where you want to be.

Positive characteristics: power to transform themselves, deep perception, intuition, bearing and determined, ability to influence others

 Negative or weak aspects: jealousy, possessiveness, holding grudges, doubtfullness, indulgence in power

A difficult sign to understand that can live in the extremes. Enjoys both physical and deep inner power. Has strong magnetism, depth and desire to be powerful. Forces all limits. Has the capacity to heal itself under every circumstance.. Likes to work alone, loneliness never bores them. Work with patience and diligence. Has infinite energy. Can be possessive in relationships. Could make life difficult both for themselves and for the people around them by displaying dominating and jealous behaviour.



11) Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Sagittarius is known to be optimistic and open to new things. They are enthusiastic about life and are idealistic. Strong intuition makes them successful in philosophy. They enjoy travelling, visiting different places and meeting new people.

Positive characteristics: open to new things, understanding, generous, philosophical, optimistic, faithful in God, freedom loving and enthusiastic

Negative or weak aspects: dogmatic, fanatic, not careful in speech, exaggerating

Your friends may worry that you don’t have both feet on the ground, but that’s just because your optimism combines with your idealism to create some wild schemes. But you always seem to know — even when no one else does — that things are going to work out for you. That’s also in part to your huge heart and generosity. They like to make changes and cannot stay put in one place for long. It is a changing sign and this could make their behaviour unpredictable. Can feel indecisive easily. They try to learn, practice what they have learned and improve themselves. However, they can become bored easily and start following a new route. Sagittarians strengthen friendships with those who deserve it. They often don’t grow lasting relationships and family ties that should outlast the centuries.



12) Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): You’re disciplined, hardworking, and pragmatic. Capricors and Virgos get along well because you’re both very similar. Your hardworking and disciplined nature which will take your far in your career.Another thing that helps you achieve your goals is that you’re pragmatic and realistic when you set them.

Positive characteristics: withstands difficulties, trustworthy, patient, determined, organized


Negative or weak aspects: stubborn, pessimistic, doesn’t like to spend money, materialistic, likes being in high positions

This sign is known to be serious, trustworthy, responsible and hardworking. Has a strong sense of duty. They might taken on a lot of responsibility and start working at a small age. Might become very good business people. Developed sense of management. Very disciplined. Works relentlessly to reach its goals. Doesn’t relax easily. Can become insecure and pessimistic easily. Could be sulking and serious people due to the grown up life that starts at an early age. Does not reveal its emotions much, lives in deep areas and attaches importance to material security. They can worry easily and lose their self confidence if they are not financially ok.

5 Things All Boys Wonder Why Girls Do

It’s a funny how difficult men find to understand women. Women associate emotions with work, work with love, love with society, society with money, money with work, work with family and list goes on. Here is a list of five things men don’t understand about women.


Why Girls like bad boys

Related image

If you rephrase it: girls end up being with bad boy in a want of good boy. Shy good boys can’t express their love and expect us to get a signal from universe about it. Why can’t good boys be straight forward while approaching, rightly dominating, romantic and funny like bad boys.


Why it takes forever for girls to get ready

being a girl can be a tough gig... but oh how i LOVE it. <3

We are not always camera ready. Going out for a purpose requires dressing up. You must have adored your girlfriend’s beautiful dress, beautiful hair, glowing face!!! Well, she didn’t wake up like this, it requires time.


Why girls Gossip

Image result for drinking wine with friends

Source: Pinterest

Most of girls indulge in gossips for sharing of information, entertainment stuff and stories. Gossiping is beneficial too, in building trust between friends, knowing them better and as stress buster. I think reason for gossiping is subjective. Wait, did I hear boys gossiping too!!


Why girls have to remember everything

Men forget everything; women remember everything. - John Wayne


Studies have shown that women are excellent in remembering things and it comes from handling dual responsibilities at work and home, estrogen level and brain structure.


Why they love to watch sentimental romantic comedies

Image result for dilwale dulhania le jayenge 2

Women are emotional. Research has found that people relate to these movies in context of desired relationships. Well there is no harm in believing and visualizing a beautiful relationship through these movies, it may actualize someday!!!!



What’s with a handbag full of things

A survey has found 34.5 per cent of Aastralian women spend 81 days over their lifetime searching for things in their handbags (stock image)

Well, we as planners and care takers we like to be equipped always. Keeping things in our handbag is a part of pre-planning for emergencies.



5 Experiences You Will Have With June Born People

Everyone in this world is different and owns a unique set of traits. People who are born in June have some exclusive personality traits. Let’s know them more.

It’s a pleasure to be around them

Top 10 Actresses in the World

June born are caring, easy going, adjustable and inquisitive, so it’s always pleasurable to be in their company. They are so good with people around them that it makes them very attractive. June born care for you like moms and who doesn’t like to be cared for.

Awesome Friend makers

They have this unbelievable quality of making friends with anyone. They are very good in maintaining long lasting friendships.  They talk in a way to make anyone tear open their hearts to them and make an emotional bond resulting in friends forever type of thing. Love you Bestie….

Tranquil until Triggered

They are mostly peaceful, always smiling, not making fuss over little things and spreading happiness. But if you mistakenly touched those provoking strings, then nothing can stop them from getting you in right place.

They have no enemies

Being great friend makers, they never hate their enemies, in fact they can even turn them into friends. Despite of getting hurt they are nice to their enemies. I always wonder why my Bestie is never rude enough to her enemies or someone who have hurt her. Sometimes she can even step in to help them. Should I blame it on her birthday month?

Conscious Folks


June born people are conscious about their reputation and the way they look. They are very peculiar about their choice of cloths, make up etc.

Now you can spot a June born easily and impress them.

10 Real Life Things That Are Actually Milestones For Indian Women

Welcome to India!  Woman of a middle class family in India is always in the chance to get permission once from her mother,  being it the making of eyebrows or staying at friend’s house at night.  TRUE…??  We always get to listen “abi tumhari age nhi hui”.

Well, we can’t get over our parents. While these things might not be the big wheel anywhere else in the world but here we do have these big milestones.

So, here are some of the milestones that we women have finally achieved once we reach ‘that’ age.


1. There’s always a jolly feeling when mother allows you to stay the night at friend’s homeAlthough staying whole day together in school, tuition, we friends still want to stay together and chit- chat the whole night.


2.Another big milestone is to get your eyebrows and upper lips done first time for the school farewell. Thank God, its a farewell else mother’s would have made us grown more hairs for two more years.




3.   Finally getting to buy your own bra but it’s quite uncomfortable. This one is what we silently wanted to have but finds uncomfortable till we get used to it.



4. And then convincing your mother to let you get waxed after many attempts. Very difficult the first time, actually every another time but then we feel always very pleased.



5.From our mother’s makeup kit, the most liked cosmetic of our’s were the lip colors from the very childhood. Since you’re 20 now, you can finally use something that’s not kajal…and that’s lipstick.


6.Now you go for shopping very excited for it’s time to buy your first  matching lingerie because you can.


7.It’s really a task  to get permission to go on a trip. Begging on your knees and finally getting permission for that long pending trip is always amazing.


8.After years of shopping with your mom, you finally get to buy yourself  some ‘not-so sanskari’ kapde. You can go for the fashionable and decent clothes.


9.College is finally happening and you now have the permission to go all out with your long locks and explore the new world on your own.


10.And when you finally have the courage to introduce your boyfriend to your parents. You really have no idea about what their reaction would be.