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5 Bikini Wax Confessions That Will Make You Giggle

Have you ever tried bikini wax? Of course, you must have if you are someone who is very particular about certain things like hygiene and cleanliness. Often we have waxed our body parts like legs, hands, underarms and even back and shoulder but many of us have still not experienced something that these 5 women have experienced. YEs! bikini area waxing it is. So, here is what they said about their first experience.


#1  – I kicked the waxing lady:

It was my first time in the salon that I asked for a bikini wax service. I was already embarrassed about asking for a bikini wax. But that wasn’t the end of my embarrassment. When the waxing lady came near my clitoris with a waxing strip, I was so scared that I  kicked her off.


#2 – I jumped out of the waxing bed:

When the salon lady spread the wax on my clitoris, I literally jumped out of the waxing bed and fell off the ground. I was actually scared of someone touching my clitoris. And to my surprise, the lady was laughing out of horror and told me, “It happens in the first time. You will gradually get used to it”.

10 Weird Habits Of Women

Women are spectacular creatures,  but behind every curtain lies some secrets, well-kept at that. We’re talking about some pretty standard habits of woman’s routine which are quite weird. Here is the list of habits made by women for women and thus speaks directly to the woman’s heart and sense of humor.

Popping out pimples

Popping pimples and squeezing out blackheads gives a satisfying feeling to a woman. They feel so proud and clean by doing this weird thing.

Eating from the floor

Eating from the floor is completely okay in our own home where we feel safe and we can do trust our floor. Women feel that germs are not the bad thing and wasting food is, especially chocolate and cheese.

Making faces while applying makeup

We always apply mascara with an open mouth and, if we ever attempt to shut it up, we always mess up and get that mascara stain.

Carry extra stuff

When we go on a 3-day trip, usually, pack over 7 outfits, just in case we will hesitate about what to wear.

Afraid from the insects

We are not afraid of husbands that are afraid of bugs, spiders, and mouse.

Never throw useless stuff

We never throw out our stuff because we always think that one day we might need it right here and that day unfortunately never comes.

Always have nothing to wear

We always have nothing to wear, even if our closet is overloaded with stuff.

Disposing used tampoom in her bag

Smuggling out a used tampon or floater wrapped in loo roll in your clutch because there were only one loo and no bin at the job interview / your new boyfriend’s parents’ house.

Eat without getting fat

Every girl’s true dream is to eat and don’t get fat. Now that we have already established that we love eating, it’s our dream to stay in shape.

Wasting time on checking shopping websites

Scroll down online shopping websites for hours and end up with buying nothing.

Really, women are a fascinating creatures and we can easily connect such habits to ourselves. And even after that man can’t go without a woman, this is what our beauty is.

7 Things Which Girls Search the Most on Internet and Why?

Girls are spending more time on Google search than men. Google announced that there had been significant growth in internet usage by women users who are now spending more time on search than men. The highest percentile of growth in terms of time spent on Google search has been witnessed in the middle-aged category. Here’s what they are looking for:


  1. How to Get Fairer Skin?

Girls on the web are 4 times more interested in beauty than men. They search all kinds of beauty products ranging from face products to beauty and wellness. Not only this, they can compare all products at once from various online stores.

 2. What Is The Latest Online Fashion?

Girls have 3 times higher interest in fashion. Girls buy apparels from online stores as they are comfortable with all sizes and numbers. They also have a wide selection of products while sitting at home.

3.  What ARE The Best Places To Hangout?

Girls are outspacing men on searches in food and entertainment. The most searched are the local restaurants and food recipes. Movie bookings are also done by most of the female users on a regular basis.

 4. How to Lose Weight And Stay Fit?

Girls are way more health conscious as compared to men. More than 60% of girls using the internet search for dieting tips and tricks to keep themselves in shape and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

5. How to Move On From A Breakup?

Yes, relationships. A recent study suggests that most girls search for stuff related to relationships for seeking some kind of advice or anything like that.

 6. What’s Trending Now?

Girls now-a-days are really image conscious and thus, they search for ongoing trends to stay updated and fashionable always. This helps to also stay socially more active.

7. What Are The Suitable Jobs And Careers For Girls?

It may come as a surprise but actually girls do search about career and education as compared to men. They search mostly about higher studies and courses and places to pursue them.


The Internet is playing an incredibly important role in changing the lives of girls in India. It is great to see how girls are taking to the internet in greater numbers and increasing their time spent, even outpacing the time spent by men.


Commitments We Girls Do To Ourself

Someone has said correctly that girls cannot stick to their commitments and when the thing comes up to commit something to herself, she follows the same path in going to opposite direction to her words.

Girls usually seem to promise herself for her betterment but how far she can match her words with actions is still unanswerable. Here are some promises girls do but end up breaking them.

Commitments Girls do to herself

Get Fit

Breaking the gym routine and hanging out with girlies is as easy as tearing a packet of chocolate and having it. No matter how much a girl plans to get fit and a workout for atleast an hour in a day, she will break her commitment so easily with no regrets.

No Makeup

Deciding going out without makeup and just being natural also doesn’t stay for a longer time period. Even girls are also not aware when they shifted from moisturizers to foundations and break their promise and start applying layers of makeup.

10 Winter Struggles Every Girl Can Relate To

Even though winter is that time of the year when you can come up with your different styles, your fashion sense of layering and vamp up your make up to look your best.But all you wanna do is stay in you blanket and have coffee.

Every girl will be able to relate to these struggles we are bound to face every year.

1. Trying not to wear all black from top to toe..

Urghhh.. so difficult to dress up without black clothes.. gone those days when pink was all time favourite for girls.. black has perfectly replaced pink these days…

2. Gathering all the guts together and get motivated to step out of the house..

Thinking twice whether to go out or stay at home? isn’t it a big decision to make? and yes of course mosty we choose staying at home..

Expectation of New Year Evening V/s Reality

The New Year Eve is just a few steps away and the same story is going to repeat.
There is no less difference between New Year Eve’s expectations and what actually happens in reality, more similar to Valentine’s day of singles’.
As we grow up, we wish for a fancy New Year Eve with crazy parties, boozing, and many exciting stuff to make it the best night of the year.
Everyone would be so excited to jazz up this party season and have a bomb blast time with family and friends.


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