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Tips for Alone Woman to Handle Unexpected Danger


It’s a sad fact of the world we live in that women need to be more aware of self defense tactics than men.

Many women are scared every day, because they know that if a man decides to attack them, they won’t stand a chance against his enhanced strength. Women need to make self-protection a greater priority.

The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be in the event you are targeted . It’s just as important to be aware of a few simple tips and techniques that can help you escape or survive your attack unmolested.


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  • Show that you’re aware:Always be alert and act that you are aware of what’s happening around you. Potential assailants prefer women that seem distracted or preoccupied. If you look assertive and aware, they might never initiate the assault. Consequently, your best self defense strategy is to not be an easy target. Walk tall with good posture &head up. Don’t wear headphones, your ears are a valuable resource in knowing what is going on around you especially after dark.


  • Mentally Prepare Yourself : By mentally preparing yourself, you will be less likely to become frozen by fear and unable to defend yourself if the “unthinkable” were to happen. Be aware , that such an incident may happen you anytime. So, prepare yourself beforehand, to how to react in such a situation instead of just standing still & bear the worst. Use mental imagery to plan a strategy for different scenarios. By contemplating threatening situations in this way, you are training your body and mind to act from a place of power instead of weakness and paranoia.


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  • Prepare your body:If you sense danger, immediately go to a starting fighting position. Move your hands close to your chest, place your right foot a bit ahead of the left and tilt your body forward. Your body is now ready for a physical confrontation. Take a self-defense seminar, or at the very least watch some videos online. Practice the techniques you learn. Don’t let the hair get in the way. It’s better to let your hair out and tuck it into your collar. They also look for clothing that will be easy to remove quickly, like short skirts or anything with straps that can be cut. So, dress yourself properly. Avoid tight fitting clothes that will restrict your movement.




  • Stay Visible : Be conscious of the route you choose to get home. If there are busier streets with better lighting that add ten minutes to your walk but will keep you safe, take them. Take a wide path around corners to avoid being surprised. You can make yourself a harder target by controlling your accessibility, setting and circumstance


  • Be Car Smart : Predators target parking lots and cars to plan their attacks. Have your keys in your hand before you leave the building. For extra protection hold a few of them in between your fingers to use as a weapon if needed. Wait until you are close to your car to unlock it. If you unlock it from across the lot, someone can easily hop in and hide without you noticing. Once you’re in the car, lock the doors and start driving. The safest option would be to never walk to your car alone. If no one is leaving when you are, ask someone to walk you to your car.



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  • Have a weapon to reach forAn umbrella, a set of keys or a pen can make all the difference in a moment of crisis.Look for stuff that might scare him away, break a window, turn on a car alarm or let some trash cans fly. So, Carry items that will help you out if you end up in a bad situation. At the very least, a whistle will alert other people around you that something is wrong and at best it may scare away any potential attacker. Personal pepper spray canisters are a great option


  • Know Your Strengths & His Weakness : Your elbow is the strongest point on your body. If you get close enough, use it. If you end up on the ground, use your legs to kick free from your attacker. Go for his five weakest points: eyes, nose,throat, groin and knees. If you are grabbed around the waist from behind, pinch your attacker under the arm, in between the elbow and armpit or in the upper inner thigh… HARD.


  • You Have the Right to Fight :  Don’t be afraid to fight if you feel threatened in any way. The women who don’t resist are more likely to be assaulted and sustain more serious injuries than women who fight back. When under attack, always remember“Strike first! Strike hard! Strike fast! No mercy!” Direct any punches you throw at your attackers face . Your goal is not to stay and fight; it is to break away from your attacker so you can run for help.


  • Stay Alert on Vacation: People on vacation are prime targets for predators, especially women travelling alone. Use valet parking if it’s available. Keep your hotel room locked and never let anyone in your room that you don’t know. If someone says they work for the hotel, call the front desk to confirm. Never leave an extra room key lying around for someone to grab, when the maid isn’t looking. Also, never let anyone know that you are travelling alone.


  • Call for help: Calling for help may not provide it but it may scare the attacker enough to allow you to escape. Many women get confused and don’t know what to scream. Shouting ‘fire’ for instance can be better and more attention-grabbing than simply yelling ‘help’.


Facing the possibility of being the target of a violent crime is frightening, but there’s no need for women to live a paranoid-filled life. Although you can’t control every situation, you can make smarter decisions, like avoiding unnecessary risks. Learn to trust your intuition and how to defend yourself

13 Unexpected but Amazing Uses for Toothpaste You Never Knew Existed

Some of these ideas might seem a little strange, but they work — try them yourselves!

  1. Faded silver items can once again be made to shine if you rub them with a small amount of toothpaste.

  1. With the help of toothpaste, you can get car headlights looking slick and clean. Modern toothpaste contains an abrasive material which works wonders for cleaning them.

  1. The keys on a piano can become dirty very fast due to constant contact with human fingers. Put a small amount of toothpaste on a wet cloth and carefully clean the keys — you’ll be surprised at how effectively it works!

  1. Footwear with white soles, such as Converse shoes, can easily be cleaned with toothpaste.

  1. If you cover the insides of swimming goggles in a very thin layer of toothpaste, then wash it off, they won’t get steamed up anymore when you’re swimming. I never would have guessed!

  1. You can get rid of stains on wooden surfaces in just a couple of minutes by wiping them with a little toothpaste. No need for harmful bleaching chemicals!

  1. Toothpaste is also great for getting rid of various kinds of stains on clothing, from lipstick on a shirt to spaghetti sauce on a tablecloth. Just cover the offending stain with a small amount of toothpaste, rub it in slightly, and leave for a small amount of time before washing it off. But remember that for colored clothing it’s best not to use whitening toothpaste.

  1. You can give taps their old shine back if you cover them in a little toothpaste and rub with a cloth. In fact, it works great on any chrome-plated surface.

  1. You can also use it to clean the bottom of an iron!

  1. The screen and back side of your smartphone can become scratched very quickly if you don’t cover them with a protective film. Put a little toothpaste on a cloth, then carefully rub it on any scratches. Remove any remaining toothpaste, and wipe the screen dry.

  1. Toothpaste can even clean your fingernails. Just cover them in a small amount, leave for a couple of minutes, and wash off with water.

  1. Certain odors, such as that of garlic, onion and fish, can be very difficult to remove from your hands. But if you wash your hands with a small amount of toothpaste, the smell will disappear in no time.

  1. If you fill a condom with toothpaste and tie its end firmly, you’ll get a stress reliever ball that will serve you for a long time due to the endurance of latex, of which condoms are made. Squeeze all you like and let the stress evaporate!

12 Ways to Survive a Deadly Battle With an Animal

In order to be ready for anything,we collected techniques that will save your life if you meet a wild animal.


The good news is that there are 150 types of sharks on our planet, and only 20 of them can attack a human. That is because the majority don’t treat us as food. The bad news is that if a shark gets interested in you, it will be very difficult to get away from it.

  • In order not to attract sharks, avoid getting blood or urine in the water. Sharks can sense the smell from several kilometers away.
  • If you meet a shark face-to-face, don’t turn your back and don’t try to run away in panic. By doing this, you will look like prey. Move slowly.
  • If you are caught, aim at the eyes and gills. Those zones are sensitive.


Kangaroos attack only if you invade their territory. In this case, the animal will feel a threat. To avoid conflict, follow the next steps:

  • Cough. Short and quiet coughing is perceived as a sign of illness, and you are likely to avoid an attack.
  • Slowly move back. You will look smaller and, therefore, less dangerous.
  • Don’t turn around, and don’t run. If you do, you will provoke an animal that can jump really far and reach you in a moment.


If you meet a lion, look into his eyes. Don’t turn your back, and don’t look away because discontinuity in eye contact will give the predator time to attack.

  • Try to look bigger. Lift up your arms or a jacket. If you look big and dangerous, the predator will try to avoid contact.
  • Talk to the lion in a moderately loud and confident voice. Also, make sounds and gesticulate. This kind of behavior is not typical for a victim. It will mislead the animal, and he will perceive you as an irritation that it is better to stay away from.


Elephants are clever and friendly animals. Nevertheless, they can attack, especially female elephants who assume you are a danger to their cubs.

  • If you meet an elephant, pay attention to its body language. A twisted trunk and ears looking back mean that he is going to trample you.
  • If the animal is attacking you, don’t run away. Instead, try to find something that will serve as a barrier between you and the elephant. It can be a rock or a tree.


Rhinos have very bad eyesight. That is why it is easy to frighten them, making them attack. Rhinos can develop a speed of 60 km per hour, and it is very difficult to run away from them. However, it is still possible.

  • The only way to hide from a rhino is to stand behind a tree — it is a significant obstacle for him. This animal will not follow you through bushes or high grass.


These animals seem nice. However, more people die from them than from crocodiles. Despite their weight, hippos can run at 30 km per hour. Moreover, it’s easy to make them angry.

  • If the weather is hot, try not to go into brushwoods. During a drought, the level of water goes down, and hippos hide in the tall grass.
  • To make a hippo leave you alone, climb up a tree, a big rock, or a sharp hill. Wait there until the animal leaves.


Despite common opinion, bulls react to motion, not to a red (or any other) color.

  • That is why if a bull is running to you, stand straight and still. Use your hat, T-shirt, or any other clothes as bait. Once the bull comes close enough, throw this item of clothing aside — the bull will run after it.


The sting of a jellyfish brings incredibly long and dull pain. You could follow the common recommendation and pee on the sting. However, that is a myth.

  • Right after getting the sting, wash it with salt water. Freshwater will only worsen the situation. Then, using a stick or tweezers, remove the leftovers of the tentacles. If you have an antihistamine cream, apply it to the sting.

Alligators or crocodiles

The jaws of these animals are one of the strongest on the planet. If you get caught by an alligator or a crocodile, it will not be easy to free yourself.

  • If you are caught, hit the animal’s eyes. The eyes and throat of these animals are the most sensitive areas. So aim right there to free yourself.
  • If you notice this predator crawling to you by ground, make as much noise as you can and run in a zigzag. This is a case where running and shouting are the best solutions.
  • If you see a crocodile while swimming, don’t make splashes and don’t shout — it will attract his attention. Try to swim away as quietly as possible.


Most snakes are not dangerous and not poisonous. 80% of snake bites are received when people are trying to catch them.

  • If you notice that you are being followed by a snake, stomp. The vibration will mislead the snake, and it will leave you.
  • If you are bitten, don’t try to suck the poison out of the wound as we often see in movies. It’s better to wash the wound with tap water, fix a tourniquet, and call the rescue service.


Gorillas are called the kings of jungles, and there is a reason for it. They are real leaders who protect their families and space. They will not attack you if you behave well.

  • Sit down so as not to look bigger or taller than a gorilla. Try to whisper, and avoid looking straight into its eyes.
  • In case of an attack, roll into a ball. Gorillas are proud animals, and, as a rule, they will not attack the weak and defenseless.


Bees will protect their hive and can sting you even if you are simply passing by.

  • Dark colors attract the attention of bees. So if you are wearing a dark T-shirt, the chance of getting stung by a bee is much higher.
  • If there is a swarm or just a couple of bees chasing you, hide in a dark place. The lack of light will mislead them.

How to make a smart impression in short conversation

We prepared some tips for you on how to avoid this situation and instead seriously impress your conversation partner.


seriously impress your conversation partner.

A well-formulated question can make a person tell you a story. There’s no way they can answer it in the standard way.

Break the mirror

When a conversation is going badly, an amusing situation often develops which is sometimes referred to as “the mirror.” In order to seem polite, we often ask our conversation partner standard questions, repeat the words they use, or just agree with everything they say. As a result, we lose any enjoyment we might get from the conversation.

When we “break the mirror,” something special appears in the conversation, and it immediately ceases to be boring.

Play around with the expected answer

Another great way to break out of a boring conversation is to avoid giving the expected answer.

A non-standard answer to a question won’t drive people away from you. In fact, it will draw them in because you’ll seem different to others. Push the conversation forward, pose unusual questions, and offer unusual answers. That way, everyone around you will be fascinated.

12 Things That Will Help You in a Emergency Situation

In an critical situation, even the most everyday items become extremely valuable. It’s very important to know what to do in such situations and how to use these things to save your life.

№ 12. To start a fire quickly, put branches or coals into an empty egg carton.

Cartons light up very quickly, and the temperature is high enough to light up coals or wet branches even in windy weather.

№ 11. Use a T-shirt to filter water.

Put a container with dirty water on a raised surface and another one (empty) below and next to it. Tear off a piece of cloth, and put one end of it into the dirty water. The other end should be in the empty container. It’s better to boil the filtered water just in case.

№ 10. Light up a wax crayon.

A wax crayon can be used for starting a fire or instead of a candle. It consists of combustible material. One wax crayon can burn for 30 minutes.

№ 9. To get warm, put grass and branches under your clothes.

Leaves and grass can help you keep warm and protect you from hypothermia in a critical situation.

№ 8. Mosquitos, flies, and other insects don’t like the smell of burning herbs.

To protect yourself from being bitten by insects, throw a branch of thyme or some mint onto a fire. This smell can also scare wild animals.

№ 7. Use toothpaste to get rid of the itch from insect bites.

Toothpaste contains anti-inflammatory components that decrease swelling and redness. Menthol will cool down the bitten spot and reduce the itching.

№ 6. If you get scratched, put ChapStick on it.

ChapStick will help you avoid bacteria in the cut. You can also put some on your face to protect yourself from low temperatures and dehydration.

№ 5. Use a tampon to stop bleeding.

A tampon is sterile. It will absorb the blood and stop even a serious bleeding.

№ 4. A condom is a great reservoir for pure water.

A condom is sterile and strong. In a critical situation, it can be used for storing pure water. Attach a small tube to the neck, pour some water into the condom, and put it into a sock. You will have a reservoir that you can store a liter of water in.

№ 3. Scrape off a little bit of plastic from a pick, and light it to start a fire quickly.

Picks consist of celluloid that burns extremely well even in wet weather.

№ 2. To make a compass, put a leaf on water, and put a needle on the leaf.

If you are lost, making a compass is easy. Take a needle or a pin, and rub one end of it on your jeans or any other dense fabric. Put the needle on a leaf in water. The end that you rubbed will point to the north.

№ 1. How to tell a deadly snake from a safe one.

If you were bitten by a snake, don’t panic. It might not have been poisonous.

  • A poisonous snake leaves large clear holes made by the front teeth. Non-poisonous snakes usually have 2 rows of teeth.
  • Poisonous snakes’ pupils look similar to cats’. Non-poisonous snakes have round pupils.
  • Poisonous snakes have solid scales on the ventral side of the body. Non-poisonous snakes have forked scales.

Apple Officials Tells 11 Mistakes Every iPhone Users Make

Here are 11 pieces of advice from Apple staff that can help you prolong the life of your favorite smartphone. Please count how many rules you have broken!

1. Use only the original charger.

Charging your iPhone with a fake charger is a very simple thing that can lead to very sad results. You should be very careful about it. Even when you are at your friend’s place, always ask them if they have the original charger. Otherwise, you might end up with a crazy phone that you won’t be able to control. According to some sources, a fake charger can even set your phone on fire or make it explode. So don’t be cheap — you might have to pay much more later.

2. Always have access to the phone number your iCloud is connected to.

Tap to see the answer.

When you have a normally functioning phone in your hands, it’s very hard to imagine how hard it is to live without it. However, if you are not careful enough, you might have such an experience. Don’t install any updates if you don’t have access to the associated phone number. After the reboot, you will have to type in the code sent to the phone number. And if you can’t do that, you will have to go through a very long procedure of restoring your account. You will have to do it in the Apple store. It might take so long that you will have to use some other phone. If you don’t want to have such trouble, take care of the phone number. Maybe you should link a few numbers just in case.

3. Don’t clear all applications in multitasking.

Tap to see the answer.

Among people who use Apple products, there are some who are always trying to close all their apps, which is supposed to save energy. In fact, it’s the wrong thing to do because background applications are paused and don’t need any extra energy. However, when you turn them on again, they take much more energy to launch. So this habit does more harm than good.

4. Choose a protective case that covers all the important ports.

When it comes to protective cases, you should be practical. A case that covers important ports will save you from having to clean your iPhone and decrease the risk of burning your charger because the port was full of trash. Yes, it might sometimes be a problem to take a case off to get to a port, but think about the advantages a case can give you!

5. Turn off your phone in very hot weather, and don’t take it out of your pocket in cold weather.

You have to get used to the idea that your iPhone is not as strong as you: officially, you can only use your phone in the temperature range of 32ºF to 95ºF. Using the phone at all other temperatures can lead to very bad consequences. So if you are planning a trip to Everest or the Gobi Desert, don’t take your iPhone with you; you are going to need a stronger friend. Hopefully, by the time the iPhone 19S is released, it will be a little more resistant to the cold.

6. Don’t charge your phone for the entire night.

This topic can be quite controversial, but many professional magazines write that if you leave your phone charging for the entire night, the battery life will decrease. Of course, it’s very tempting to leave your phone charging in the evening and be able to use a fully charged phone in the morning. However, if you disconnect the iPhone charger before the battery level reaches 100%, the battery will live a longer and happier life. Besides, many experts claim that the phone works the best when the battery level is between 20% and 80%.

7. Don’t leave the battery uncharged for a long time.

It’s hard to imagine how it is possible to forget about your phone for a long time, but you should avoid such situations. The battery might break down if you don’t use it for a long time. And the next time you try to use it, you will see only the black screen. Also, if you buy a newer model of the phone, don’t just put the old one aside and say, “I’ll use it when I need it.” We recommend that you find a way to use it even though you have a new phone.

8. Don’t let too many apps send you push notifications.

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Constantly appearing push notifications will chain you to your phone. They will also drain the battery(they keep the phone working all the time because they need a constant internet connection). The notifications can also make the people talking to you pretty angry.

So next time you install a new app, think whether you need notifications from it. No annoying notifications = no stress.

9. Don’t use location services all the time.

Tap to see the answer.

One of the things that really affects the battery life of an iOS device is Location Services. This technology is used by both important applications, such as “Find my iPhone” or maps, and by those that don’t really need the location services all the time. Go to Settings — Privacy — Location Services, and disable the feature for all insignificant apps. Your battery will thank you. Besides, you will be just a little bit harder to track. Not that you need to hide from someone! Just saying!

10. Reboot your iPhone from time to time.

A probable reason why your phone will turn off one day and none of the buttons will react is that you haven’t rebooted it for a long time. This is actually very logical: imagine that someone made you work without having any rest. Besides, even Apple support says that to solve most problems with an iOS device, all you need to do is reboot it once a week. It’s like meditation for your iPhone!

11. Don’t leave Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on all the time.

Tap to see the answer.

When Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled and not in use, the battery energy is wasted. It’s like you turned a tap on but didn’t wash the dishes. Or you washed them but didn’t stop the water. Your device always has something to send to the servers or download from them. To save the battery energy and to extend the life of your phone, turn off these features when you are not using them.

10 Most Richest Women in India

Women in India are slowly, yet surely raising their women power .The Indians are frequently talking about terms,” women empowerment” and “ feminism”. Women has shown their talent in almost every field ranging from medical & engineering to aviation & nautical and even they have joined Army, Navy and Air force.


Time definitely changes and yes it changes for the better always! The same implies to women entrepreneurs in India, who has entered the business arena and their no. is  increasing day by day , due to changing Socio-economic conditions in the country. If given an opportunity, the women always excel in this sector.

So, below given is the list of  ten women who have no competition ,when it comes to their net worth.

Billionaire Savitri Jindal leads the pack.

Image result for SAVITRI JINDAL


  • SAVITRI JINDAL : Billionaire Savitri Jindal leads the pack. The Chairperson of O.P. Jindal Group, she has a net worth of USD 5.2 billion. In India, she is the 16th richest person and also possess a global rank of 453. Although , this ranking was 283  in 2015 but ,she made an improvement in India ,from being 23rd, last year. Her wealth has declined by close to $10 billion , in last 5 years ,due to a downward slide in shares of her O.P. Jindal group companies.

The most notable fall has been that of Jindal Steel & Power, run by younger son Naveen, which saw its shares halve in the past year. JSW Steel, which Mumbai-based son Sajjan runs, is faring better after the government imposed import duties to protect domestic producers against cheap Chinese imports.

His son Parth leads JSW Venture Fund, a new VC firm to invest in technology startups.


Image result for INDU JAIN


  • INDU JAIN : Indu is the Chairperson of the media conglomerate Bennett Coleman & Co ,which publishes the largest daily newspapers, The Times Of India, The Economic Times and the world’s biggest financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal. She also owns popular TV channels Times Now and ET Now.

Jain was conferred the Padma Bhushan, the nation’s third highest civilian honor, this year.
She has a global rank of 549 and a net worth of $3.1 billion.

Indu’s sons Samir and Vineet run the $1.3 billion (revenues) group, which reported a 44% jump in net profits in 2015 in advertising revenues. They are setting up Bennett University near Delhi to offer entrepreneurship education in collaboration with Babson College.

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  • SMITA CRISHNA GODREJ : She stands at the 810th position in the world with a net worth of $2.2 billion. She is making her maiden appearance on the billionaires’ list by virtue of a one-fifth stake in family assets.

Her brother Jamshyd runs consumer goods firm Godrej & Boyce. Her husband Vijay Crishna, a well-known theatre actor, and daughter Nyrika, work in the group. Two years ago, she was in the news when she bought a heritage home worth $60 million which once belonged to India’s atomic energy pioneer Homi Bhabha.


Image result for LEENA TEWARI

  • LEENA TEWARI : The fourth Indian woman billionaire in the list is Leena Tewari and she is the chairperson of privately owned Indian generics maker USV, known for its drugs for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases . . She is also making her debut on the billionaires’ list. She is now ranked as the 46th richest Indian. The firm has its roots in a small venture started by her grandfather, Vithal Balkrishna Gandhi, a noted social reformer and politician, to import medicines. It expanded into manufacturing in a joint venture with Revlon in 1961. Her husband Prashant is the MD of USV. She is also the author of “Pipes and Dreams” which is a biography of her grandfather .



  • ANURADHA VINOD GUPTA : She is the 74th richest person in the India and 1577th in the world. She has assets worth $1.1 billion. She is founder & CEO of “Vows for Eternity”,a New York based matrimonial search. It has established its presence in Mumbai, Delhi  ,Singapore & Dubai also.


Image result for KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW

  • KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW : She is the Chairperson and Managing Director of Bengaluru based company Biocon. Her net worth is $994 million. She is the 85th most powerful women in India according to Forbes.She founded Biocon at the age of 25 and with her leadership skills, the company has grown as one of the biggest biotechnology firms in India. The current chairperson of Indian Institute of management (IIM) Bangalore, and has received Othmer Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to the progress of science and chemistry.

Image result for ANU AGA

  • ANU AGA : Anu is the Chairperson of Thermax Ltd , an energy and environment engineering company from 1996 to 2004. After retirement, she is now focusing on social work. Her net worth is around $790 million. She is ranked 94th as the richest person in India.She joined the company, which was run by her husband, in 1985, and took charge as chairperson in 1996 after the death of her husband. She is also a co-founder of Teach for India, a not-for-profit organization that recruits people to teach in schools for low-income kids.

Image result for SHOBHANA BHARTIA

  • SHOBHANA BHARTIA : Bhartia is the Chairperson and Editorial Director of The Hindustan Times Media Group. The group runs an English daily and a Hindi daily of the same name and a business paper, Mint. She is the granddaughter of industrialist KK Birla. She joined Hindustan Times in 1986 as the chief executive. She holds a net worth of $645 million and is ranked 93rd in India. The group also owns four Fm radio stations across the country and many prominent websites, including the job portal, She is the pro-chancellor of the renowned Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences – Pilani.


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  • VIDYA MURKUMBI : Vidya and her son Narendra Murkumbi together have assets worth $490 million. They own Shree Renuka Sugars, which is the fastest growing sugar company in the country in the country based in Belgaum, Karnataka. It has a refining capacity of 4000 tonnes a day. Vidya was also ranked 97th richest person in India.Shree Renuka Sugars has 21% market share in India’s fuel ethanol market. The company founded in 1998 had bought a Brazilian sugar company for $82 million.

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  • Kaveri Kalanithi : She is the Managing Director of Sun TV Network. Kaveri is one of the highest paid business women in India as she takes away a compensation package of around $11 million.She is the wife of the media tycoon Kalanithi Maran. Sun TV network is a Tamil satellite television station launched on April 14, 1993. Founded by Kalanithi Maran, Sun TV is one of the most viewed entertainment channels in India.




8 Movies Which Can Inspire Every Women

It’s an undeniable truth that movies which feature a strong, independent female lead aren’t exactly in abundance. So ,when we do get treated to movies of the like, we cherish them, we watch them over and over again, and we tend to never forget the indelible characters which  have shaped our own decisions as women. These girls aren’t perfect by any standards—but the reason we look up to them as our role models is because rather than give up or rely on a man to solve their problems, they choose to pull from their inner strength and in the end they come out on top of the world because they did things their way.

Below given is the  list of  greatest movies with fearless female leads :

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1)Mary Kom

When one makes a movie about five-time world boxing champion Mary Kom, you ought to watch it. Priyanka Chopra puts life into Kom’s role and is just as energetic and hardworking as Kom is in real life. A wife, a mother and a fighter, she is the modern wonder woman. Priyanka has, quite literally, given her blood and sweat to the movie and thus, it deserves to be watched.

Image result for Bend It Like Beckham

2) Bend It Like Beckham (2002): Gurinder Chadha’s magnum opus is all about girl power. Beg, lie, fight but do not let go of your dreams because of gender stereotypes. And a more befitting ode to women football fans might not be found.


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3) Baby Boom(1987) : It is for all the workaholic women. We all know that life never fails to surprise us with something or the other. J.C Wiatt’s life too surprised her when she had to take up the responsibility of a toddler from a deceased cousin. A woman who is passionate about her work gets fired due to the baby. But for Wiatt, life had just begun. She figured out something even more powerful and interesting which actually resolved all her issues. After a rough start, she succeeded in selling “Country Baby”, her gourmet baby food, and her business boomed just like her life. So all you working mothers, here’s all the tricks and treat for your work-life balance.

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4) Fargo(1996) : The lead of this Coen brothers neo-noir comedy thriller is a pregnant detective investigating the case of two homicidal maniacs. For every time there is a movie of a macho man punching and making cars fly, there is Fargo, depicting a woman at her most vulnerable and yet her strongest time.

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5) Thelma and Louise :If there is one movie that shows the power of female friendship and support, it is Thelma and Louise. It is the story of two women who take a break from their usual lives and go on a seemingly harmless road trip. But things soon get out of hand and they are pitted against the entire world for their survival and they only have each other for help.


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6) Erin Brockovich(2000)

Erin Brockovich is the woman who single-handedly brought down the energy corporation Pacific Gas and Electric Company to their knees and saved a lot of lives from chromium poisoning. It is quite a feat for an individual to fight against such a giant. She shows us not to back away from a fight if it is for the right reasons.


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7) Queen

The simple girl next door from Dilli wins our hearts with the little things that she does. From not needing a man to go on a honeymoon, to choosing freedom over marriage, her journey from a shy girl to someone who doesn’t take anybody’s shit is both touching and entertaining. Another masterpiece from Kangana, this one!


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8) Winter’s Bone(2010) : This movie just sets to prove that age is never a hurdle when you set your mind to something. Seventeen year old Ree takes care of the entire family, destitute and abandoned by the father. She sets out to look for her father, but that is when things turn for the worse. But then Ree is not one to give up so easily.

Sometimes, even the tiniest thing can bring a lot of inspiration. The movies mentioned above have characters that definitely defines one of us. Movies can be life-changing if we try to implement the right message.


Amazing Things You Must Know About Libras


Libras are known to be extremely charming, calculated, fair and just people. They are romantic as movies and always look for courtship. Here are the five most interesting traits of Libras.

Quest for Justice and Balance

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Libras sign is scale, which indicate their nature of always trying to balance everything. Libras always try to make fair conduct in relationships. These people have a deep insight into their own self as the reflection of justice and equality come from within. They treat everyone with equality and speak up at the times of injustice or anything wrong happening around them.

Attractive and Romantic

Image result for ranbir kapoor smiling


No wonder that Libras are extremely romantic people who are ruled by planet Venus which is also Roman Goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex,  and fertility. They are unknowingly charming and seductive. Libras are amazing lovers as they only indulge in long term love relations with perspective marriage in mind. It is libra people who can give you ohh so romantic relationship like movies.



When it comes to making choices, Libras indulge in extensive thought process considering pros and cons for either decision, weighing results of both choices and considering all prospects and this may last quite long and results in indecisiveness. But when they decide they know it’s the best decision.

Loves to socialize

how to socialize without feeling burnt out


They love to attend parties, social gatherings, spend time with their loved ones and stimulating conversation with people with ease due to their calm and composed nature. Sometimes a Libra boyfriend may make his girlfriend jealous due to his friendly nature and can be misunderstood as flirt.

Broad minded and Inquisitive


Libras like to dig to the depth of knowing about anything as they are extremely curious and want to read whole book before making any notes. They keep an open mind and are accepting towards other’s point of view.