Read About Inspiring Bangladesh’s Only Female Rickshaw Puller

Jasmine’s husband, Mosammat (45) abandoned her for another woman, leaving her to fend for herself and her three kids. She resorted to working as a domestic help and then as a garment factory worker.

However, the jobs weren’t satisfying her. She told to The Hindu, “A maid’s job is good if you only have to worry about yourself but not if you’ve got children. And the factory work is really back-breaking and the pay is really poor.”

Once her neighbour lent her a rickshaw for some days. Thereafter, Jasmine decided to earn her bread through rickshaw pulling in Chittagong where she stays. Her rather unusual career option, given that she is a woman, she was called “Crazy Auntie” by her pessangers.

She told The Hindu, “I do it to make sure my sons don’t go hungry and they get a decent education at a good school.”

However, initially she got a lot of taunts from people. She added, “Initially, many simply refused to get on board and some taunted me, saying I was doing a man’s job.”

Some people even tried to teach her unsolicited Islamic lessons against her occupation. Moreover, they contributed to gender inequality by denying her “the same fare as a male driver.”

Being a strong woman, Jasmine does not let people’s shrewdness affect her in any way. She says, “Allah has given me a pair of hands and legs to work with. I don’t beg — instead I earn a living by using his gifts.”

“I stuck to my guns as who else pays my bills, who is else is going to cover the cost of educating my sons?” she added while asserting how determined she is for her work.

Well, her dedication has led to her acceptance among her counterparts and passengers. Jasmine makes 600 taka per day on an average.

5 Things Which Makes Every Woman A Super Human

The woman is always referred to be the finest of the creation of the Almighty. Indeed, they are. Perfectly blended with all the best characteristics of mankind, a woman has been the nurturer for humans since the inception of the civilization. Be it any front personal or professional, a woman has tended to show her impeccability every time. Capacitating all the awesome qualities in one body, indeed make a woman a Super Human. If you too are a woman underrating your capabilities, here are some reasons, Why being a woman makes you Super Human?

1.The ability to give birth


No words are effective in explaining this god-like power of a woman. The ability to give birth to a child is the biggest proof of woman being Super Human.

2. Caring & Nurturing

It is an unsung duty of a woman to take care and nurture everyone around her. Right from her childhood till the time she dies, she nurtures and cares for everyone. Isn’t it a quality to applaud?

3.The selflessness

A woman is the reflection of selflessness. She never complains of her pain and runs on her toes to fetch everyone whatever is the need of time. She would rather stay hungry to feed her family with love and compassion.

5 Facts About International Women’s Day Which You Should Know

8th March is here and we are all set to celebrate the International Women’s Day, a day that landmarks the celebration of the integrity and divinity of women. The day marks a tribute to the Super Humans born with incredible powers.  But, before we celebrate women’s day this year, here are some facts that we must know

Who organizes the International Women’s Day?

There is no single organization that takes care of the celebration of this great day. There are many governments, NGO, Authorities, Organizations, and Groups that collectively marks the celebration of the International Women’s Day.

When did it start?

It was a simple March by 1500 women in late 1900. The women were demanding better pay and voting rights. Officially it was declared as International Women’s Day on 1911.

What is the theme of International Women’s Day?

The IWD asks people to #BeBoldForChange. It demands all stand together to make a better today and prosper tomorrow.

Should I take part in the celebrations?

No matter you are a man or woman, you must be a part of the International Women’s Day celebrations. It is a cause for change and you will feel how good it is to be the reason of change and see the world go on a better path.

So, How do they celebrate it?

There are some countries like Armenia, China, Cuba, Russia, Ukraine and Zambia, International Women’s day is celebrated as an official holiday. Other celebrates it by gifting and wishing the women.

The world seems to come up together to celebrate the fabulous day. You too must be a part of it, Wish & Thanks every woman you meet today for being such an incredible person.

Jennifer Winget, Mandira Bedi , Womenly & Many More Take A Stand Against Body Shaming On Women’s Day

Once upon a time Bollywood female actors were under pressure to maintain their looks off-screen as well. Often, they came under the public scanner for their weight, their clothes and their fashion sense. Recently, the leading ladies of Bollywood like Disha Patani, Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan and Deepika Padukone among others took an inspiring stand against body shamers. And now it is our television actresses who have come out in support of their Bollywood counterparts.

The viral social media campaign #ShaveYourOpinion creates an awareness in the society that a woman can wear whatever she likes and nobody has the right to judge or stop her. Joining the campaign, television actors like Jennifer Winget, Anita Hassanandani, Mandira Bedi, Ragini Khanna and Shruti Seth have posted a picture with a bold & strong caption on their Instagram account holding a razor in their hand.

Beyhadh star Jennifer Winget wrote a strong message for all those who judge a woman by her physical appearance, “Remember, when you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn’t define her, it defines you. Let nothing and nobody dull your sparkle. So to those who judge us, Go #ShaveYourOpinion,” wrote Jennifer while posting her photo with a razor.

To all those who judge us women on our choice of clothes. #shaveyouropinion

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For all those who have a problem with what I wear.. why don’t you just #shaveyouropinion !

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To all those who judge us for our choice of clothes, #ShaveYourOpinion

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Speak responsibly, don’t judge. #ShaveYourOpinion

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Happy Women’s Day But…

In a couple of hours, women’s day would be celebrated around the world with seminars, events, discussions, social media status updates focusing on empowering women, and explaining how important they are in an individual’s life etc… etc…


  • Do all these things really make a difference?
  • Does this indicate that all the women in a man’s life starting as mother’s, sisters, aunt, girlfriend and wife need to be appreciated only for 24 hours and the rest of the days to be implicated just slaves, downsized, dumb and ill-treated throughout the year?

On the contrary, it portrays rapists to be the most civilised men as they try to respect women’s on their day and return to their original a form of being a jackass and cheap person. Men & Women’s contributions, the sacrifices and their losses cannot be celebrated in a single day.

Behind every woman’s success is her efforts, with a support from her man & vice-versa, Therefore, instead of arguing over a dominance of a specific gender, let’s create an “Equal Gender Society” in which no man or woman is inferior or superior but is equal in his/her choices.

8 Hardworking ISRO Women Scientists

India has successfully launched satellites into space, put an orbiter around the Moon and Mars. That too with a frugality even the developed nations admire.

But behind the scenes, away from the public eye, quiet, unassuming and positively brilliant women spearhead many important missions of the Indian Space Research Organisation. These women have not only broken the glass ceilings but have not even thought of the sky as their limit – quite literally.

They are passionate, strong and independent women of science that look like our neighborhood aunties, but pack a scientific punch that would impress the likes of Tony Stark and Elon Musk. Today, let’s take a look at the women in ISRO.

1. Ritu Karidhal, mother of two worked on most weekends, brainstorming with ISRO engineers

As a kid, Mrs. Ritu Karidhal used to wonder why the moon becomes bigger and smaller. She also wondered what lay in the dark side of the moon.

And decades later, she became the Deputy Operations Director of the Mars Orbiter Mission. After reading each and everything related to space science as a kid, she now heads one of the most well-known missions of ISRO.

2. Moumita Dutta – read about the Chandrayaan mission as a student, now works as a Project Manager for the Mars Mission

She is the project manager for payloads for the Mars Mission. She completed her M. Tech in Applied Physics from the University of Kolkata.

Today, she leads a team to make indigenous progress in optical sciences as a part of ‘Make in India’ initiative.

3. Nandini Harinath – her first job was at ISRO and 20 years later there is no looking back

She became inspired to study science after she saw the Star Trek series. Coming from a family of teachers and engineers, she was naturally drawn to science and technology.

Today as a Deputy Director, she feels proud to see the Mars Orbiter Mission on the new 2000 rupee notes. She works extremely hard, and despite having children, she did not go home for days just before the launch.

That’s called commitment.

5 Things Which Makes Woman A Best Creation of God

Women are only helpless till their nail polish dries…She bleeds for a week and not die.”Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend  woman plays many crucial roles” this statement proves that Women are the best creation of the God.Women indeed God’s most incredible genesis on the Earth. God’s every creation is momentous,God created ample great things for nature woman is one of them. In India people worship females with the whole spirit. But still why our male dominating society always be desirous and carve for males(baby boy) and ebullient to kill the baby girl in the womb?Even then, when women are also playing the same role in every field ( sports, business,education etc).At this point of time we can say women are the best thing on the earth.
There are 5 major and motivating point which will encourage every woman.

7 Simple Ways To Increase Positive Vibes Around You




Since the time we are up from the bed, to we tucking back in it; there are incredible activities that gauge us. This causes our aura to be surrounded by fluctuating energy levels. The universe has magnanimous energy webbing individuals. Following is what you can do to increase the propinquity of positive vibs!

5 Things Women Should Stop Being Sorry For!

Women have the brain to think intellectually. As Indian women, we have been raised to value others more than we do ourselves. Too often, women fell sorry/guilty for things they do and sometimes for things they didn’t. But enough is enough. You are not put on this earth to please everyone.. so stop being sorry! Here are 5 things women should stop being sorry for: