Life is a Series of Baby Steps…

Life brings us as many joyful moments and experiences as it does downfalls, and although there are days we wish there was a manual to follow, it simply wouldn’t be the same without the spontaneity. The journey of life may not become easier as we grow older, but we do seem to understand it better as our perspectives evolve. Whether you’re embarking new adventure right out of school or you want to explore different paths in your personal life, it’s never too late to change what the future looks like is what you do today…..It is rightly said

There’s always sunshine after the rain. There’s always happiness after the pain. There’s always courage after the fear. There’s always a smile after the tears. There’s always light after the dark. There’s always a flame after the spark. There’s always honesty after the lies. There’s always laughter after the cries. There’s always tomorrow after yesterday & there’s always forever after today.♥

A Smile :)

A smile can work wonders and bring happiness to a person’s life.

Touchwood, I’ve received many compliments about my smile that I Love spreading. Everyone says that my smile makes them happy also and even the helping staff, security people give me back a smile when I smile at them. That makes the start of my day, a beautiful one 🙂
An incident:
Many people give a smile when we pass along. My daughter saw this and said, is there any person who doesn’t know you, mama? I was like, smiling doesn’t take anything my dear, so I smile and eventually they too smile 🙂 🙂 and we know each other through this Universal Language 🙂
There are many incidents when people ask me how can you smile at strangers also ?
Smile, Smile… It doesn’t cost you anything !! 🙂 😉 🙂
It just gives Happiness in other people’s lives around us. It’s so because I believe a smile is an infectious thing. It naturally spreads from one person to another. Also, a smile is something that drives away the grief, stress or any kind of worries of an individual no matter how your relations are with them.

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person.“Mother Teresa

The above quote of Mother Teresa explains how and why smile makes every person happy it comes in contact with. So, it should be our endeavor that every time we meet somebody, it should be with a smile since a smile is easy and also a valuable gift that you can give someone.
Now, talking of my personal experience, let me tell you there are several. Actually, I am a Principal at school which is up to grade 9. Here, we provide the quality basic education which is the right of every child. Let me also tell you that I have a great love for teaching. Probably, that is the reason why I enjoy being at school. There are so many children I happen to meet and interact with the whole day.
  Out of them all, the cutest and lovely are my primary kids. They enjoy every moment playing with their friends, doing some silly things out of curiosity and sheer innocence. But sometimes, they are reminded of their homes and ‘mommies’  and they end up crying. I do not like to see a kid crying.  So, whenever I see the one weeping, I go to him/her, try to distract their minds by talking of what they’d brought in their lunch boxes or offering them some toys to play, or some toffees, etc to eat. This way I am successful in making them happy. They get involved in fun activities and I just can’t explain the joy that I feel watching them smile.

I have always said that when a child enters my school with a smile in the morning and leaves with that same sweet smile in the afternoon, I have accomplished my job! I take great pride in this part of teaching and wholeheartedly believe that happiness matters; smiles go a long, long way; and acts of kindness are something we should teach AND take time to notice.

Happy students make better learners. Children who are happy, feel safe, and enjoy being at school, have a greater chance of increasing the amount of learning and understanding that can occur during the course of a school year. 

Life will keep going, accept what ever happens and move on

LIFE goes on and it gets heavy. We have to accept the defeat and move on.  The best thing I learnt from my life experience till today ,till the moment of me typing about my experience is that we always learn from our mistakes and that is the best thing learning and improving. Winning is not always that matters. Losing teaches u a lot, I have learnt a lot no. Of times I lost.

Most importantly I learnt that people come and go , not everyone accompanies you in the journey of life. There are only few who stand by till the end. So I try to keep it simple, happy most of times. Also, being emotional is a good thing that I have learnt recently. It is okay to cry  in front of your loved ones, your boss,your colleagues ,your friends don’t suppress your feelings and your basic nature be true to yourself , tears are not sign of weakness it shows your softness ,your kindness and your purity.


Express your feelings,share your experiences and  knowledge.There are so many great lessons we all learn from life. I personally made a list with some of the most important ones so far, lessons that had a great impact in my life. These lessons have helped me become the person I am today. I know there are more to come and I am ready, opened and receptive to them all.


1.People will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. Respect and love yourself and others will do the same.

2. Every problem you have is your responsibility, regardless of who caused it. Its your life and you have to deal with whatever comes on the way .

3. Managing one’s wants is the most powerful skill a person can learn. Whole life we want want and want, you must learn how to manage your wants.

4. Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself, to be at peace, to be happy and to be able to sleep at night. You don’t forgive because you are weak but because you are strong enough to realize that only by giving up on resentment will you be happy. If you hold on hate, anger, and resentment toward someone, you will end up poisoning yourself more than you poison the other person, and you will be very unhappy. 

5. A lot of times we get so focused on our big dreams and goals, that we forget to enjoy this journey called life. Always remember that life is all about this moment. Life is all about the journey and less about the destination. So take a deep cleansing breath and allow yourself to be present in everything you do. Allow yourself to enjoy each second of your life – to observe the world around you, the people present in your life and the beauty that is present within and all around you…

6. The moment you forgive somebody, chances are that you will also give them a second chance, a chance to be near you, without trying to remind them of what they did to you, treating them not as they are, or as they once were, but rather as you want them to be. By doing this, you are also allowing them to grow and to become better and better every day. Your ego might tell you to “let these people go” but what does your heart tell you? We are all humans, we all make mistakes, and we all deserve a second chance, and why not, maybe a third, fourth, a sixth and a seventh…

7. Don’t expect others to see gold where you can only see dust. If you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t believe that you are capable, a worthy human being, chances are that nobody will. You will act on that belief and people will treat you based on what you think about yourself, based on how you treat yourself and based on how you act and behave in the world.

8. “Kisi Bhi Chej Ko Shedat Se Chaho toh Pure Kaynat Ushko Milane Mein Juth Jayege”

Hence proved in my case. If you think life is unfair, and that bad thing always happen to you, chances are that life will treat you unfairly, and you will always have many reasons to complain about.  Because just how there is a law of gravity, there is also a law of attraction, and based on this law, you attract in your life that which you think about all day long, you attract that which you are, because you see, like attracts like. The law of attraction works in all that is good and also in all that is bad, and it’s only up to us whether we choose to focus our attention on the negative or on the positive. Focus your attention on the many great things you have and you are grateful for, and you will see that the more you do that, the more reasons you will have to express your gratitude for.


Most importantly I feel

Great things take time and we need to learn how to give time, time.Life is unpredictable, full of surprises and gifts. Some may be charming and some will be lethal. It is only you who is the writer, director and actor of your life. It depends on you if u want to be a part of the history or to make the history.”

Who is a Good Teacher ? Find Out

Children are like clay in a potters hand just as a potter gives a desired shape to clay in his hands so do the children become what their teachers make them. Childs life in a school is the most crucial phase during the foundation years for developing their nature personally by nurturing them.

We all are aware of one of the incident in Mahabharata wherein Eklavya considered Dronacharya as his Guru and as a guru he had asked Eklavya’s thumb, he without any hesitation willingly gave it. Later on when he asked did he ever repent giving his thumb, he replied yes only when he was helpless in the war as he could save him. Some people will say what a great student he was but I would say what a Great Guru Dronacharya was. In teacher student relation both the aspects are important.

Some of you may say that no more such relation exists, do such students exist. Many of us will say a big no, but as per my belief if the teacher commands respect rather than demanding it through self discipline & a friendly nature it is very much possible in today’s generation.

A child when comes in the world he knows nothing. He learns many things from the environment and the society. From mother he learns to stand, from father he learns to walk, from friends how to be social, and from a teacher the knowledge and the education which is not possible if no guidance is provided. He learns everything from the guidance of others.

To Guide means to help or to assistance by more experienced person to a less experienced person. The world is full of problems and at every step of life we have to face various problems. Sometimes we are so disgusted and stressed that we want some guidance and a moral support from someone who is experienced.

In Education field, when a child enters in a college he is not at all aware of his future but everyone has to choose a right profession. Due to lack of knowledge and guidance one may not choose a right profession and the entire career he or she may have to be the sufferer so there is a great need of the guidance for an individual for a future development and it is not possible without a proper teacher or a guru.

Teaching in its true sense, is not only to communicate or to give any instruction but influence. The teachers or Guru’s duty is not merely to communicate knowledge, but also help the children to grow, develop suitable attitude, values and their personality. The teacher with her knowledge not only expertise to teach but also inspire and guide the student to gain success at the height of excellence.

The teachers teaching in the school  influence maximum over the student as the teacher herself has to act as friend, philosopher and also a counselor giving proper guidance in all areas of activity whether it is academic, co-curricular or related to the behaviour.

The teachers’ role and the atmosphere which he or she creates in the classroom are the critical factors in the child life and the education. We all remember our good teachers more than anything else in the school. Teachers are not the source of all knowledge and order or just focussing on completion of curriculum, rather she establishes an environment and encourage student to use it Children learn best when they have creative partners with them allow the child to do mistakes as, mistakes gives opportunities to learn more and more in a better way through all possible options they make them good learners. The child should never say I can’t do it .one must appreciate the performers if he has done well. Award the child for its efforts taken for it. It always motivates the child by saying he can do it best.

That is why it is always said that a
Average teacher — teaches
Good teacher —- explains
Outstanding teacher —– always inspires throughout your life

So a special teacher always gives a turning point in the child life.
It is always said when a child comes on this earth they are empty. Then the parents come in their life adding shapes and later teachers come in and add colours to their life.

A teacher should try to find the attitude of student and try to develop students who can create their own image rather than to create student his or her own image. A good teacher is one who not only demonstrates & explains but be a role model the great teachers always go further and inspire the students The teacher should teach from the heart and not from the book, and it can only come when the teacher has done her homework properly. Teachers should also be well prepared to the answer and doubts of the students in right direction as today students are smart enough to know what teacher will reply. It is necessary for the teacher to follow the time management as she has to observe time management as one has to complete syllabus within a particular time limit.

It is therefore said, Teaching is the art/profession that teaches and creates all the other profession
Teachers are of all kinds and shades. But an idealist portrait of the teacher suggests that good teachers have some common qualities which may call upon all the other teachers to emulate these qualities of head and heart and thus leave an impact.

A good teacher has a natural talent for leading students towards learning. He/she is able to dream up fascinating learning activities for his students to engage in. He/she looks for the best in students and communicates clearly that each one has untold potential. The most expressive of all the types, a teacher is remarkably good with language, especially when communicating in speech, face to face. He likes things organised and is especially when trustworthy in honouring commitments. He is extraordinary tolerant of others and is easy to get along with. A typically ideal teacher is highly sensitive and intuitive. His insight into himself and others is unparalleled. He also identifies with others quite easily and slips almost unconsciously into other people skin. He feels connected with those around and thus shows interest in the joys and problems of their colleagues, students and loved ones.

A perfect teacher will always challenge their students to go the extra mile. The reason being is the students can’t stay on the same level all the time. They have to gradually move up to advance levels. Students these days have so much problems going on with their personal life, and there school work. It’s very important for teachers to be very patient towards their students, and give them time to think and relax. The teachers is the one who teaches students about making the right decisions in life. Teachers needs to start enhancing students creativity.


Different Shades Of Life Makes Life More Beautiful

Look around a observe the many colors, shades and hues of God’s creation.
Planet Earth is full of natural wonders.

Nature gives us so much beauty, joy and colors.
People come in so many different packages and personalities.

Life is anything but boring.
Make sure that you allow yourself to enjoy all of life’s colors and distinctions.

It is easy to judge others, especially if they are different than you.
It is easy to judge yourself, too.
See if you can suspend your judgment and simply observe….take in all in.
Allow yourself to just experience the moment.

It is the different colors and people that make life so interesting and unpredictable.
Variety adds spice to life.

Sometimes we meet people in personal and professional life and it starts out very promising.

One should discover the lesson in it for oneself and not judge yourself or the other person. You always have free choice of what you want to do or who you want to be with. You are never at the effect of anyone else unless you choose to give up your power and freedom of choice.

Keep and open heart and mind and stay positive.
Even a “bad” experience teach you something important with a silver lining.

So drop the loss and take the gain!
Take the best and leave the rest!


Enshrouded Aspirations

Impeccable her grades were
Placement promise college gave her,
She adored her degree
And wanted to flee
All days of hard work she well remembered
Thought that her parents would be enraptured

Returning home she witnessed air of melancholy
She’s crossed twenty and had none to marry
Not so fair and too curvy
Aforesaid was the reason of agony

She asked what they wanted
She asked what she lacked
“Get married” they replied
Hearing which she felt that old familiar ache again
Judgment and rejection gave her pain

But To make her parents proud
She made her aspirations enshroud

So , You Wouldn’t Marry A Girl Who…… WAIT ! You Shouldn’t Marry At All


So, You wouldn’t marry a girl who was trapped in an MMS obloquy.

Well, In that case, she shouldn’t marry a guy who watches porn. .

So, you wouldn’t marry a girl who is not a VIRGIN,
In that case, She shouldn’t marry a guy who has slept around with a handful or more.

You wouldn’t marry a rape victim.
In that case, she shouldn’t marry a person as ‘dirty’ as you. .

We live in a place where criminals who should be deported from the world are left free on paroles but
victims who should be uplifted n given moral support are deported from schools, neighbourhood and even their own country, their world shatters YET they pay the price and are considered a ‘bad influence’- A KALANK ! .

So , you wouldn’t marry a …
WAIT ! You shouldn’t marry at all, because your daughter will have the worst influence around her in form a chauvinist father. – (the real kalank)
She will be brought up by someone who will only ask her to return home before 8, ask her not talk to boys(but grow up and marry one, particularly of his choice), who will teach her to sit properly, stand properly, speak properly until she finds a PROPER groom.

What’s with this ‘proper’ ?
.. May be, in real sense, She must be properly taught about her rights. ‘Properly’ taught to utilise her freedom as a woman to learn life and properly taught to STAND UP against men like you!
Properly be EDUCATED because that’s the most overriding need of the hour.

Being A Girl It Was A Monticule

Being a girl
It was a monticule
She juxtaposed herself to

A call from the shofar
Would rattle the windows of her sensorium
Her dreams were clandestine
From the one she always wanted to masscult

She treasured the contrivance
To fabricate her hallucinations
Into palpability

Owing to the unfortunate concatenations
She never opted
Cessation, vamoose or decamping
At no time she occulted her head trip

She lived each day
To anticipate amelioration
Being so close to her fantasy
She did not clandestine

Being a woman
She now metamorphisised
From a monticule to a bluff

She Was Waiting For Her Husband , Was Excited To Share Good News About Her Pregnancy But…

She was sleeping when the phone rang. The call was from her beloved’s assistant informing her that her husband’s car had met with an accident and he had died after succumbing to his injuries. She didn’t weep, she didn’t answer. She dropped the phone on the marbled floor and sat stoic on the bed. He was gone. Gone so quickly and suddenly. She hadn’t even informed him about their growing child inside her, being informed of the news in the morning, she planned on giving her husband a surprise. But, what now….
How will she live with a face resembling to her husband without his arms embracing her?
How will she live in a house with his memories surrounding her?
How will she lead a life without his voice firing opinions?
How will she live?
The questions shouted amongst the walls of her heart. He was gone. A futile accident had dragged him away from her. She stood up and looked around painfully. She had so much to say, so much to express and share but he had left her all alone. She thought of their last meeting, how he had kissed the top of her head in the morning and said, “I will be back home for dinner, sweetheart. Some fetish surprises in bed tonight.”
She had giggled as she bid goodbye to her husband for his meeting. She stood up and walked outside, his memories hypnotising her. Her heart screaming inside her ribs, and her soul tearing itself apart. She clutched the door and closed her eyes. His physical affection surrounding her, she smiled. It was all a lie, her husband was alive. She opened her eyes and whispered, “Love?”
But the daunting reality made her realise that she was all alone. Her beloved was lying dead on a hospital bed and there was no way she could ever gain his affection again. She fell on the floor and held her head in her palms, it was then that the tears began to fall.
The words chanting in her brain. The tears fell like rain as the reality and the loneliness embraced her and said, “He wasn’t there, but a part of his soul was still living inside her.”