She’s Broken. She Doesn’t Know Who To Trust Now. Are You Happy? You Changed Her

Is this the thing she was waiting for all these years, Are you happy? Are you satisfied that you hurt her?
You turned a girl who was so head over heels for you, to a girl who cries and sleep every night just thinking about you.

You turned an innocent girl who wanted to love someone and be happy, to a girl who’s scared to love someone because she’s afraid to get heartbroken again. She’s broken. She doesn’t know who to trust now. Are you happy? You changed her.

I don’t understand how could a person be so heartless. How could not we expect things from the one who says he/she loves us.

Does it make sense after few  years of being in relationship that “I love u but i dont want to marry u, so dont expect things from me, i m with you till i can and after that we will just be friends .”

How many of u did this same thing to that person who loved u with all his/her heart? I dont understand how humans can become so unkind when we were taught to be kind, honest and equal.

Love is a gift from god, not everyone has the fate to get it… Value it, care it…

Happy Women’s Day But…

In a couple of hours, women’s day would be celebrated around the world with seminars, events, discussions, social media status updates focusing on empowering women, and explaining how important they are in an individual’s life etc… etc…


  • Do all these things really make a difference?
  • Does this indicate that all the women in a man’s life starting as mother’s, sisters, aunt, girlfriend and wife need to be appreciated only for 24 hours and the rest of the days to be implicated just slaves, downsized, dumb and ill-treated throughout the year?

On the contrary, it portrays rapists to be the most civilised men as they try to respect women’s on their day and return to their original a form of being a jackass and cheap person. Men & Women’s contributions, the sacrifices and their losses cannot be celebrated in a single day.

Behind every woman’s success is her efforts, with a support from her man & vice-versa, Therefore, instead of arguing over a dominance of a specific gender, let’s create an “Equal Gender Society” in which no man or woman is inferior or superior but is equal in his/her choices.

4 Reasons that Makes Marriage Life Heaven for Women

A woman’s status is measured by a couple of things including her status in the
society, the level of education, looks, intellect, etc… but one of the keynotes of her status
also, includes her level of happiness in her marriage isn’t?

The level of efforts a couple put in making a marriage successful does not depend solely on one gender in fact it is worked as a team.

We always have been reading about unsuccessful marriages, hurdles, tortures and what not, but let’s curiously explore the things which make marriage life a heaven for girls.

Support: Just like every human beings cling onto the support. A husband acts as a
moral fibre for her from boosting her morale to making a stronger person
emotionally and physically. In helping to fight her demons not alone but as a

Expression of love: In finding tenderness from one heartbreak to another, she finally
feels rejoiced and mends her heart from loving the one person she can have for
her entire life and can love her with all her heart without the fear of losing him

Chain of relations: She goes through a series of different relations she gets
accepted through, that helps her in practising the importance of raising a family
just like her mother did and turns it into a happy blooming family.

Love of her life: She learns the prospects of sharing her love with her own
bloodline, who is more precious more than her life. She learns the essence of being a mother
from being a bubbly person to a strong, firm and an idealistic figure to her child.

Marriages are not made in heaven, into the are created heavenly relationship with consistent efforts, love & care and an understanding factor between the partners. As it’s said “Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other, and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together”

It is not necessary to argue over something so insignificant, our journey together is so short….

It is not necessary to argue over something so insignificant, our journey together is so short.
If each one of us could realize that our passage down here has such a short duration; to darken it with quarrels, futile arguments, not forgiving others, ingratitude and bad attitudes would be a waste of time and energy.

Did someone break your heart?Did someone betray, bully, cheat or humiliate you? Be calm, forgive, the journey is short

Let us therefore be filled with gratitude and sweetness. Sweetness is a virtue never likened to bad character nor cowardice.
what will happen in the future just forget that, just because of the uncertain future dont ruin your present. Live the moments because the journey down here is so short.

No one knows if he will have to alight at the next stop..

*Let us therefore cherish and hold on to friends and family! Let us be calm, respectful, kind, thankful and forgiving to each other. If I’ve hurt you, I ask your forgiveness. But please remember: The journey down here is so short…*

You Never Told Me The Reason For Leaving Me But May Be…



It’s been 2 year since the day you last met me. The day you confessed that I deserved something better, the day you finally got the guts to tell me it’s time to let go, the day you went out to chase your dreams.

Maybe I should have not let you go. I should have stopped you. But would you stay back for me?

You never told me the reason. And if you still believe that I don’t deserve to know why you left me, then it’s okay. It’s okay because I’ll still try to live with it for the rest of my life, waking up everyday asking myself the same question.

“Because after you left, I found pieces of you in everything.”

For the past one year, I have been waiting to just hear your voice, to hear you laugh and talk about your day, to hear you hum to your favorite song. I hope you have grown your beard you’ve always to.

I miss you so much, but I promise I’ll never let you know. I’ll be strong just like you wanted me to. Your words of hope still ring in my ears.

Love Hugs

You’re my inspiration. You made me what I am today. You loved me enough, guided me, stood by me, protected me, held me strong, encouraged me.

You showed me things I had never seen, took me to places I’ve never been, looked into me when I gave up, taught me lessons I’ve never learned, listened to me when there was no one and finally gave me an eternity of love.

No matter where I go and whom I meet, I’ll always chose you. It’ll always be you.

Girl is a Feeling Not a Gender – Poem

Fall in love
With a girl
Not a lady..
Coz Girl is a feeling
Not a gender..

She is a feather
Who flies with you
And falls without..

She is a moon..
Sometimes full by herself..
Sometimes a half..
Or invisible other times..
She is not a lady
Who dies Forever..
But dies many a times
And lives the same life
Again and again..

Fall in love with a girl..
She is a mother
By birth .
And a child till

Lust cannot touch her
Nor touch her with love
Nothing can touch her..
Coz..girl is not a gender.
But she is everything..

She never wishes
To be queen..
A princess always!!
Is her pride..

She trusts..
She realises and
Again she trusts..

Sensitive is she..
Strongest otherwise.
She is cunning
But gets wounded always..

You can trust her
Who is a girl..
Whatever her name be
Wherever her land be..
She is the same
A girl is always
A girl..

Girlishness isn’t a fault
Neither a shame
Nor a crime ..
She is jealous..
Cares with possessiveness
Smiles with tears
And cries without it..
Girl can’t be fake..
It’s an inner feeling..

Don’t be her tagline
But hashtag her
Care with you..
Nothing is more
Valuable than her
‘how are you’.

Fall in love with a girl
And not a lady…
Girl is a feeling..
not a gender..

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Unsuccessful Attempts To Persuade Him

One time i motivate myself, i tell myself that this is not the end here, life will give me much more opportunities, one time i  feel so numb and demotivated. I try to call him 100s of time each day. I texted him every hour. Sometimes i feel i don’t need him and one time, without him my life goes colourless. When some one gives you so much love and care and all of sudden when they changed our life shattered into millions pieces and become so hard to pick all of them again and move on. I still don’t understand why we become a lifeless creature. We cant force somebody to stay in our lives just because we need them or we cannot live without them or we dont know what to do without them. U cannot make someone realize his fault if he has made his mind that he is not guilty and he had cleared the things already in his mind. He will not consider you no matter how much you try girls. People say, “understanding a girl is difficult”, but in my opinion “Understanding a boy is much more difficult.”

I called him today with courage and hope, my hands were shaking and i was trying to hold my emotions i called to hear his voice, i called him because i was not feeling concentrated. I thought i would say that Thank you for all the good memories and sorry for all the times i have ever hurt you. I thought, i would say that lets start it over again.

HE PICKED MY CALL AND SAID, Why r u calling me, r u mad or what don’t you understand that i m at home i cant talk to you and there is nothing to talk on don’t bug me off i m sleeping.

And i just said “okey” in a crying voice. And he disconnected the call.
( Whatever U r doing girls/boys do it with full efforts, But dont torcher someone if He/She is not willing to be with u )