Someone has said correctly that girls cannot stick to their commitments and when the thing comes up to commit something to herself, she follows the same path in going to opposite direction to her words.

Girls usually seem to promise herself for her betterment but how far she can match her words with actions is still unanswerable. Here are some promises girls do but end up breaking them.

Commitments Girls do to herself

Get Fit

Breaking the gym routine and hanging out with girlies is as easy as tearing a packet of chocolate and having it. No matter how much a girl plans to get fit and a workout for atleast an hour in a day, she will break her commitment so easily with no regrets.

No Makeup

Deciding going out without makeup and just being natural also doesn’t stay for a longer time period. Even girls are also not aware when they shifted from moisturizers to foundations and break their promise and start applying layers of makeup.

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