We all are born in a country where we have different shades of skin. Amongst us are people who are proud of their brown skin and some feel that it is a disgrace in their life. There are people out there who are racists and do not leave any chance of bringing a dark color woman down without realizing the fact that everyone belongs to the same nation and are the same. We are in a century where the most renowned pageants are won by women of dark skin. This discrimination still prevails in the society at a very large scale. The victim of racial discrimination find it hard to speak their heart out but here is a confession of a brown skin girl and how she learned to ignore such racist comments.

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“I am just like another brown girl who goes through a bad day, every day. Why? Just because I was born with a skin different from most of you. Am I different than someone you label as a human being? Don’t I breathe in the same air as you? Then why, why do you discriminate me on the basis of something I have no control over? You all appreciate people with black heart because it isn’t visible to the world but because my skin color is, I am cut down from most of the things.
I am Tanupriya (Name changed on request), a girl next door from Delhi, one of the most modern cities, as they say, but modern in thinking? I don’t think so. Being one of the two sisters and the one with dark skin than my elder one, I have gone through every possible comment be it my relatives, friends or even strangers. Even if my friends and relatives say it in a way they think is funny, it pinches the same. I am thankful that I have my parents and sister who are always standing in my support. This society commits a lot of sins and this being one of them rips the heart out. To top it are these Bollywood songs which leave no chance of mocking us, the dark skin girls. This industry promotes advertisements and different products which challenge to change the skin color in few weeks. These creams are nothing but misguiding leads and mockery of skin shades. Why everyone wants to have fair complexion? Why is it that if you want a good job, or you want to impress your opposite gender, you need these creams and facewashes? What are these advertisements trying to promote? These questions remain unanswered. Also if you have followed this season of Bigg Boss, Season 10, you will know how Lopa Mudra was discriminated and called out names by Priyanka Jagga, who herself was a girl and educated, just because Lopa is born with a dusky colour. I still remember, one of my senior told me how groom’s family asked her mother on the phone about the complexion of the girl. It was so shocking to know how dowry is also associated with girl’s skin tone, if you are not that fair, then you need to bring a lot of materialistic show offs so that your skin colour can be compromised with? How shameful. This kind of mindset needs to change if the society actually claims equality. There are certain names people call us by and it took a lot of time and courage for me to ignore or revert back to such comments. All I would like to say to my fellow victims of racism is that never lose your confidence. You are just like any other fair girl for whom people go head over heels, you have everything in you, take a stand for yourself and never take this kind of racism, and you are no less. Love yourself and you will be loved by all!”

While reading this confession, I realized how our society is so judgmental and insensitive towards certain things which are not even in our control. We all need to respect every individual because everyone is important. Color, gender, caste & creed do not matter.
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