In this article you will know how to get  naturally beautiful and healthy skin without any expensive treatment and without using any harmful chemical containing cosmetic. So all the boys and girls working hard to get a perfect skin, I have got some simple ways you should follow in your daily life to get a healthy skin. I will be telling you how to deal with the major skin problems like pimples, acne, dark circles, blackheads etc. Which mask and scrub is good for your skin type? How to protect delicate areas of your face? Why sunscreen is compulsory?

You will get answers of all these questions but first of all you should know that which is your skin type?

Know your skin type

Worldwide people mainly have four type of skin-

1. Oily skin red alert for all those having oily skin! Friends you have to be very careful as this skin type is most prone to pimples, blackheads etc

2. Dry skin – this skin type is mostly rough and not so pleasant to touch, moisturization can do real good to this skin type.

3. Normal skinthe happiest skin type!  People with this skin type are really blessed this skin is not too oily neither too dry it has the finest texture.

4. Sensitive skinmost troubling skin type! People having this skin type should be very careful while choosing any cream or before applying anything on their face because it may react and cause allergy.

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