Most women either don’t recognize or tend to brush off the symptoms of a heart attack, may be due to anxiety over the possibility of being a “false alarm”. While taking that extra step to get immediate medical attention might seem scary, it could very literally be the difference between life and death. So, not all heart problems come with clear warning signs. Generally ,the more risk factors you have, the more you should be concerned about anything that might be heart-related.

An irregular or rapid pulse – especially when paired with shortness of breath, dizziness or weakness – can be a sign of cardiac arrhythmia, heart failure, or heart attack. If you feel winded while at rest or with minimal exertion, it may be an indication of a cardiac problem.


Chest Discomfort : It’s the most common sign of heart danger. Not always pain. Approximately 40% of heart attacks in women occur with no chest symptoms. If you have a blocked artery or are having a heart attack, you may feel pain, tightness, or pressure in your chest.


Radiating Pain/Discomfort : Discomfort or pain can start in the chest and then spread to the abdomen, throat, jaw, neck, upper back, elbows, arms and shoulders. That chest pain may not always be felt in the center of the chest either—it can be on the left or right sides, or even in the upper abdomen or back. So, remember that anything above the waist could be the heart.


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Swelling : Your Legs, Feet, and Ankles Are Swollen : When a person is suffering heart failure it can result in fluids beginning to accumulate in their body. This may result in swelling – usually in the abdomen, legs, ankles, or fee – and sudden weight gain.This could be a sign that your heart doesn’t pump blood as effectively as it should.When the heart can’t pump fast enough, blood backs up in the veins and causes bloating.Heart failure can also make it harder for the kidneys to remove extra water and sodium from the body, which can further adds up to bloating.

Nausea, Indigestion, Heartburn, or Stomach Pain : Women are more likely to have these symptoms than men ,during a heart attack..Of course, you can have an upset stomach for many reasons that have nothing to do with your heart. It could just be something you ate, after all. But you need to be aware that it can also happen during a heart attack. So if you feel this way and you’re at risk for heart problems, let a doctor find out what’s going on, especially if you also have any of the other symptoms on this list.

Sweating that comes on suddenly : Unusual sweating that comes on suddenly is another surprising—and easily missed—symptom. But, it can be easily confused with night sweats or hot flashes, which become more common with age. But those events tend to be pretty short (they’re usually over within a minute or two). So, if your sweating is particularly extreme, doesn’t go away, or makes it difficult for you to get back to sleep, it may be a sign of a heart attack.

A Cough That Won’t Quit : In most cases, this isn’t a sign of heart trouble. But if you have heart disease or know you’re at risk, pay special attention to the possibility.If you have a long-lasting cough that produces a white or pink mucus, it could be a sign of heart failure. This happens when the heart can’t keep up with the body’s demands, causing blood to leak back into the lungs.


So, above given symptom list from person to person but , whenever you feel ,there is something, “Not Normal” with your body, you must immediately report to the doctor without any delay. Your prompt response to the situation will be life saving for you , as well the people around you.


After completing my Post Graduation from Symbiosis International University (Pune) & being from medical background , I have worked with reputed healthcare sectors in Mumbai, Delhi & Pune like Fortis, Max & Sancheti Hospital ,Metropolis Labs & World Health Organization (for Polio Vaccination Drive).I really like to pen down my thoughts & willing to contribute a little towards every single : safe, healthy & happy “Woman Of Our Nation”!!

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