It was the time when we were starting with a new chapter of life, “The college”. Everybody’s excitement seemed to be at a different level and so was mine. The freshers seemed like a one-time event in life where we need to present ourselves in the best possible way. Girls were all about ” what am I going to wear”, ” how would  I look”, and “if I’d be able to stand out of the crowd”, etc.

Finally, the day came…The Freshers 2k14, event named “Convivium2k14”.  And it all started from there.

The cool seniors and the hot juniors of course. There our eyes met. Yeah yeah a lot more than that typical melodramatic stuff it was!! Those irky talks. Those stupid fights. Bike rides. And yeah the never ending “sharing talks!” Lead to a beautiful love story.

Beautiful??? Really??
Days passed by…eventually I fell head over heels in love with this person. His charisma and the charm seemed to cover my eyes like the misty fog. True love, it was for me then. The butterflies fluttering around. Those “tum mile” background tuning songs.
Those urges of meeting again seemed so glittery and goody good.

Yeah it was true love
I thought then !!!

Four months it has been now for my break up. That 3year relationship was just like a black color. No no..dont mistake it to be a dark one. The color black in my life was much like a charm and glamor, but then with lots of mysteries and secrets.

With every passing day, the mystery unfolded, secrets revealed and relation broke. Broke? and how??

It was one fine day when I was doing my regular check on his phone. There came a message flashing. A message from his ex- girlfriend. The msg read “Baby come home soon. I m waiting for my dinner date”. I was taken aback. Then came a series of explanations from the prodigal boyfriend.

That instance was forgotten.
Because as I said,

I was in true love.

It is said that anger kills a relationship, but in my case it was murdered. Yes, murdered with lies, hatred, and yes “slangs”. Series of fights were followed by the never ending rain of slangs. That instance was forgotten.

Because as I said,

I was in true love.

One fine evening I was having a stroll near my house. And saw my bf taking a big bunch of flowers. Happy and excited I behaved as if I saw nothing. Later in the evening, I got ready, put up my finest perfume and the most elegant dress.  All set to receive the gift.

But alas! Later I found out that the flowers were for his ex -girlfriend, the reason being “She’s not well”.

Hard to digest. Hard to confront. Hard to control. I had to gulp the pain. In order to forget this incident

I was in love with him.

There came a blast!

Sunday it was!! Off from work, Lazing around the house doing my daily work. Suddenly rang the bell. To my utter surprise, it was none other than my so-called bf’s ex-girlfriend. She came up to meet him, unaware of the fact that I was there. Sooner I realized that they both were committed all this while and I was just a different object in his life!!!

Shattered into pieces. Trying to clear that misty fog from my eyes, with the blur site finding a way out. This incident was also forgotten

This time, Because
I was no more in love with him…



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