Fall in love
With a girl
Not a lady..
Coz Girl is a feeling
Not a gender..

She is a feather
Who flies with you
And falls without..

She is a moon..
Sometimes full by herself..
Sometimes a half..
Or invisible other times..
She is not a lady
Who dies Forever..
But dies many a times
And lives the same life
Again and again..

Fall in love with a girl..
She is a mother
By birth .
And a child till

Lust cannot touch her
Nor touch her with love
Nothing can touch her..
Coz..girl is not a gender.
But she is everything..

She never wishes
To be queen..
A princess always!!
Is her pride..

She trusts..
She realises and
Again she trusts..

Sensitive is she..
Strongest otherwise.
She is cunning
But gets wounded always..

You can trust her
Who is a girl..
Whatever her name be
Wherever her land be..
She is the same
A girl is always
A girl..

Girlishness isn’t a fault
Neither a shame
Nor a crime ..
She is jealous..
Cares with possessiveness
Smiles with tears
And cries without it..
Girl can’t be fake..
It’s an inner feeling..

Don’t be her tagline
But hashtag her
Care with you..
Nothing is more
Valuable than her
‘how are you’.

Fall in love with a girl
And not a lady…
Girl is a feeling..
not a gender..

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