When your best pal’s wedding is around and you are busy preparing for all the events of the wedding to look your best in your bestest attire & make-up so, how you can miss having the perfect hairstyle also to complete your look. No doubt, it’s the perfect time to try something new with your hair.

Below given are a few hairstyles that will make you stand out among the crowd :

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The Natural Loose Curls: It is one of the simplest hairstyle that never goes out of fashion.when you are short of time ,of course because of hectic wedding schedule and duties to perform..you can always trust on this kind of hairdo. It’s simple : Post washing your hair, blow dry your hair straight using a round brush. Keep the brush curled inwards towards the ends of your hair for inward curls. This  pretty hairstyle will match all the outfits you have in mind for every occasion this wedding season.

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Traditional Side-parted juda : To give your face  a softer look,ask your hairstylist for a side parting. Thishairstyle works best if you have a side fringe. Give the fringe some bounce and part it the way you always do. Go all out by tying a gajra (i.e. a garland of flowers) around your bun. You may also try a low bun to look extremely elegant . Stepping away from a tight high bun, you may chose to give your hair some volume at the front and a low messy bun at the back.


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The Side-Twist Braid:. Tie a side braid from the crown and continue braiding till you create a fishtail. Secure the fishtail braid with a colorful band. To make it look classier, add some fancy pins and a fancy hair brooch to your braid. This look is perfect for a mehendi or an engagement function

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Braids, Curls and Floral Embellishments : A perfect hairstyle like this will definitely set you apart from everyone else! The twisted braids adorned with flowers will add freshness to the rest of the curled locks!Surely, Curls run the world!


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The Retro Beehive Look : Going for the high beehive look at wedding or other functions can be a really interesting option for you.Extremely ease to create, this look makes you elegant, classy and makes a voluminous effect for your hair. All you need is a large bumpit and a few bobby clips or a single small clutch clip for this hairstyle. Clutch a small portion of your hair from the crown area, in the front. Take the bumpit and fix it in the middle of your head. Now open the clutch and pull the section of hair back, gently placing it over the bumpit. Cover the bumpit with the hair as neat as possible. Let the ends fall back and fix your hair by clipping it .Now lock the hair section over the bumpit either with bobby clips /clutch clip.


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Zari French Braid : You just need to add a simple gold thread to your regular French braid! It ‘s an easy updo for a wedding season & will look very beautiful. You can also add flowers to your French-braid  and a usual hairstyle can be turned into a beautiful work of hair-art for girl-gang!




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