In a couple of hours, women’s day would be celebrated around the world with seminars, events, discussions, social media status updates focusing on empowering women, and explaining how important they are in an individual’s life etc… etc…


  • Do all these things really make a difference?
  • Does this indicate that all the women in a man’s life starting as mother’s, sisters, aunt, girlfriend and wife need to be appreciated only for 24 hours and the rest of the days to be implicated just slaves, downsized, dumb and ill-treated throughout the year?

On the contrary, it portrays rapists to be the most civilised men as they try to respect women’s on their day and return to their original a form of being a jackass and cheap person. Men & Women’s contributions, the sacrifices and their losses cannot be celebrated in a single day.

Behind every woman’s success is her efforts, with a support from her man & vice-versa, Therefore, instead of arguing over a dominance of a specific gender, let’s create an “Equal Gender Society” in which no man or woman is inferior or superior but is equal in his/her choices.

Let’s embrace the 21st Century not only with the advanced technology & gadgets but also in our level of thinking and in our thought process.

We all keep blubbering about nations growth, development of economy and women empowerment, but do we all know that the preliminary steps to these are promoting “GENDER EQUALITY.”

On a conclusion: All through life there were distinctions “toilets for men & women, clothes for men women.” Then at the end, the graves are identical.


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